Taking a leaf out of the US neighbours’ book, homeowners, particularly those in the UK, are turning to seasoned summer houses to furnish their gardens, which is a very cost effective way to increase living space, and if you are considering such an investment, there are many factors to consider. The actual construction of a summer house can vary greatly, as can the species of timber used, and in order to procure a summer house that will stand the test of time, look for Nordic Pine, which is very dense timber that is more than a match for the inclement climate.

Sourcing a Supplier

Once you have made the decision to join the many other families that have their own summer house, the next step is to source a reputable supplier, and the Internet can certainly help with this. An online search with the right keywords will bring up a list of websites, which is the basis for your selection, as you can choose from garden summer houses for sale, and once you have narrowed down your search, it is time to pay the supplier a visit.

Experience the Summer House First

While it is possible to order directly from the website, it is advisable to actually pay the supplier a visit, as they would have a wide range of units available and each would be fully erected in a quiet garden atmosphere, and just like a show home, you want to be able to experience the unit prior to making a decision. The scope of design choices is indeed wide and there will be something that is ideal for that quiet corner that you have designated as the perfect site. You might feel that a few minor alterations to the standard design is called for, and the supplier should have no problems with such a request.

Free Installation

Unless you happen to be a builder, it is best to have the supplier assemble the unit, and most would do this without charge. They will even create the concrete base, should you require this, although your local handyman can do this in a few hours. Make sure you run the utility connections into the base, leaving the connections in a suitable position, and then you are ready for the unit to be delivered. Typically, a timber summer house would come in ready made sections, which are then bolted together on site, making for a simple installation, and with a slightly larger base, you have the ideal platform. If you would like some help with creating the base, there is an easy to follow guide that you can refer to.

Look for a solid product warranty, which will ensure that the summer house will stand the test of time, and the species of timber that is ideal for a summer house is Nordic Pine, and to be honest, one should not settle for anything else! There are established online suppliers of top notch summer houses, and after a little browsing, you should find exactly what you’re looking for.

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