As we all know, a new born baby is the delicate of things and every effort must be taken to ensure that baby is suitably protected as he or she explores their new world. When it comes to changing babys clothes, great care must be taken and with that in mind, here are some important points to bear in mind.

  • Easy To Remove Garments – There are a few reasons why you should avoid clothing that is buttoned, which include the level of difficulty when taking them off. Slip-on items are ideal and if you would like to see a great range of slip-on baby clothing, check out Baby Gift Box, a leading online retailer of great baby gift sets, allowing you to make a one-stop shop for all your baby needs. Slip-on pants are ideal and if combined with a snap shut bodysuit, it makes for a great outfit and dressing is quick and easy with slip-on garments.
  • Horizontal Soft Surface – The secret to dressing or undressing a baby is to have a soft changing mat on a firm horizontal base, such as a table. Placing the mat on a bed is fine and baby will not be uncomfortable in any way. While this can be done on the floor, ideally, you want baby at waist-height or thereabouts, which gives you the best access to baby. If you’re looking for that ideal baby shower gift, there are gifts centred on baby changing that includes the perfect changing mat. It is a matter of preference and some mothers like to kneel in front of the baby when changing.
  • Suitable Room Temperature – It is important that the room temperature is just right. If baby is either cold or hot, this will make the cloth changing all the more difficult. Aside from changing times, the temperature should always be monitored and should you take baby outside, make sure they are suitably dressed, particularly in the winter. There are some great tips you can get from articles available online on how to dress a baby that should ensure a trouble-free experience.
  • Make Haste – A new born baby is still trying to master arm and leg movements and any exterior force is usually rejected, making for a trying experience. It is perfectly normal for a baby to keep thrashing their legs, albeit slowly, and when you are trying to manoeuvre a hand or foot into a very small opening, it becomes even harder.
  • Soft Toys – A baby has a very short attention span, yet the right soft toy will amuse him long enough to forget about movement, which is all you need for a quick change. Anything that can hold the baby’s attention for a while is a good idea, you could even have your partner doing some strange moves and making faces.

Changing a baby can be challenging at the best of times and if you are well-equipped and know what you have to do, it can be mastered. Some children simply lay back and smile as they are being clothed, while others see it as a challenge. Mum will soon learn what works best and with all the necessary accessories, the new mum will very quickly discover hidden talents that Mother Nature gave her.

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