When your child has a passion you go all out and support as best you can. Kianna’s love for dancing has gone beyond just joining school clubs. She’s always improving and learning the latest dance moves so when she told me about the Dana Alexa Dance Workshop I was happy to support.

We had reserved her slot as early as July. The months flew by though and we found ourselves already in October and Kianna ready to learn and dance.

Any time out with my kids is a date and equals to quality time. We took the MRT to the SMX Convention Center where the workshop would be held. At Php1000 Kianna would get to attend 2 classes and meet and greet Dana Alexa.

Despite a one hour long delay in starting the workshop, Kianna enjoyed the session. She learned how to do some new moves which she’ll use for future dance programs.

In case you’re not familiar, Dana Alexa is a¬†professional dancer and choreographer from Brooklyn, NY. She travels all over the world conducting workshops.

Check out one of her dance videos:

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