Sip and Gogh: Paint, Sip and Laugh

When I was much younger I was more creative and loved anything having to do with arts and crafts. Sadly, my creativity today, aside from blogging will go as far as Pinterest and looking at all the DIYs I’d love to do someday. When my dear friend Jenan invited me to Sip and Gogh for a painting session, my young inner artistic self was excited. Aside from the fact that I would get to spend time with one of my favorite people in the world we would be painting!

We went to their Eastwood shop and had the place all to ourselves. It’s a very airy, fresh and relaxing area to paint in. Sip and Gogh is a paint sip studio putting together famous artist Vincent Van Gogh and drinking wine, juice or soft drinks.

There’s a schedule each month of the paintings that are available for you to copy but they also have open sessions where you can choose any painting you want.

sip n gogh painting lifestyle mommy blogger 09

There are many paintings on display which you can choose from and will serve as your inspiration or guide.

For first timers like me, I asked Erica who assisted us with our paintings what would be alright for beginners. I didn’t want anything too hard but I wanted something fun and light. After looking at the various paintings I finally chose one that I thought would be great to hang up in my corner office at home if it was halfway decent!

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We were served a plate of fruits, cheese and ham along with our chosen beverage. Jenan and I both got Four Seasons which I liked being that it was freshly made.

sip n gogh painting lifestyle mommy blogger 01

My chosen painting to copy is this landscape with colorful hues. I was thinking that since the painting was more abstract it wouldn’t show as much if I messed up. I also liked the brightness of the colors.

sip n gogh painting lifestyle mommy blogger 02

At the beginning I was really nervous because I didn’t want to make a mistake. I was given a  totally blank canvas to start with and it was a bit intimidating. Erica sketched out a bit of the base of the painting and from there I tried my best to fill in the gaps.

As I went on, with very helpful direction from Erica, I got more comfortable and more confident. I could feel my artistic juices flowing! The idea of painting, munching on snacks and sipping a drink is very relaxing. It’s a great activity to do with friends but also on your own.

sip n gogh painting lifestyle mommy blogger 12

Photo Credit: Jenan

My painting was coming along and I was thankful that there was a semblance to the painting I was copying.

sip n gogh painting lifestyle mommy blogger 03

Jenan has been painting for awhile now and she’s incredibly good at it. The painting she chose was complex but very mysterious. I loved it and it looked like it could be a cover of a book.

sip n gogh painting lifestyle mommy blogger 11

The final result! I think I was able to copy it alright being a beginner. This baby is going up on my wall soon!

sip n gogh painting lifestyle mommy blogger 04

A little feature I love is that you get to sign it like a real artist. It’s tough to write though and Erica suggested I do it a stroke at a time and not continuously as you would normally write. I was so happy with my “L” that I just left it at that!

sip n gogh painting lifestyle mommy blogger 08

Cheers to new experiences and great friendships! Look at how great our paintings turned out! I’m lucky because Jenan gifted me with her painting which I love!

sip n gogh painting lifestyle mommy blogger 10

If you’re looking for something new to try on your own or with friends I highly recommend Sip and Gogh. A session will set you back Php1000 but you get all the materials you’ll need for the session, food, a drink and you get to take home your masterpiece. You also get your picture taken!

Sip and Gogh also has branches at Ayala Heights, Kapitolyo and Alabang.

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15 thoughts on “Sip and Gogh: Paint, Sip and Laugh

  1. I am a fan of anything Van Gogh so when i learned about Sip and Gogh, i invited my dear friend and husband. Unfortunately though, they arent that enthusiastist. Im still waiting for them to nod and im hoping to be able to visit the place soonest. I so envy you!

  2. oh wow! This is a nice place for moms group date or a me time with friends. lol. A bit pricey for me though, but if you’re into painting, I bet you’ll love this! I don’t even know if I can ever paint! haha!
    Nilyn Matugas recently posted…BLOG MAKE OVERMy Profile

  3. Yay! I remember the only decent painting I ever made was way back when I was in 2nd year high school. In an oslo paper for our art subject. I painted a girl overlooking a sunset by the seashore. It seems a depressing painting. It’s like saying goodbye. I guess I was that sad when I painted it. Such a melodramatic teenager. I know right? Lol. Reading your post on this makes me want to try painting once again. Specially that it has a branch in Alabang! It’s in the south! Hooray! 🙂

  4. You know Iv always wanted to try this out since it’s just a door away from my son’s swimming class in Ace. Your post just reminded me! Mommies need a little break from time to time. Aside from the learning and new craft, this kind of stuff really give us breather! Thanks for sharing this!
    Arlene recently posted…Generosity Is Not All About The MoneyMy Profile

  5. Woah there. I’m already insecure with your skills! HAHAHA But seriously, you are so talented! I hope to see more of your paintings in the future. Also, I hop you could be given a chance to have an exhibit with your artworks.

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