Enjoy the Warmth of the Filipino Christmas Season with Red Ribbon

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For Filipinos, December is unmistakably associated with the Christmas season. It is a time marked by longer nights and shorter days, as well as that all-too-familiar chill in the air. While the cooling climate signals the start of the holidays, the Filipino Christmas season has always been the warmest for families. It is a time when we all come together to celebrate the spirit of love and giving in every home.

Photo credit: Flickr- michael_swan

Photo credit: Flickr- michael_swan

Christmas will not be complete without the many colorful ornaments like parols, dancing lights, and Christmas trees all adding color to the already festive and joyous time of the year. Church bells peal as early as dawn to signal the start of the midnight Mass where many of the faithful come together in prayer.

Of course, the season will not be complete without the company of family and friends meeting once again over Noche Buena before gifts are exchanged and wishes of good tidings and prosperity whispered to each other.  Indeed, we celebrate Christmas like no other country can.

“Out of all the Red Letter Days, Christmas is seen as the time for the biggest family gatherings. It is when we share special moments with our families and loved ones. It reminds us of the blessings that we have received throughout the year and at the same time reminds us that it is time to give back,” said Ned Bandojo, Head of Marketing of Red Ribbon.

In this time of giving, Red Ribbon, one of the largest bakeshop chains in the country, becomes an important part in making Christmas more special for every family. “We are one with the Filipinos in keeping the tradition of sharing this holiday season,” added Bandojo.

With its great-tasting cakes, breads, and pastries, Red Ribbon has long been committed to making the season of giving sweeter and more memorable. Each of these delights is made to perfection worthy to be shared with the people you love.


Red Ribbon Black Forest, for instance, has always been a staple on every Noche Buena table. With its delicious layers of cream and cherry chocolate indulgence, it never fails to make big celebrations, like Christmas, worth looking back to with a smile.

Aside from this, Red Ribbon also offers other refreshing goodness like the Peach Mango Symphony Cake. It has the perfect blend of melt-in-your-mouth vanilla cake with the sweet goodness of mango mousse filling infused with hints of cheese for that explosion of sweet and salty flavors in every slice. It is also topped with peach slices and chocolate embellishments for a feast for the eyes and the taste buds alike.

Finally, Bandojo said that “this yuletide, may we all be reminded that sharing is not just about giving gifts to your loved ones, rather, it is more meaningful when we also share our blessings with others. That is the warmth of a Filipino Christmas and the true meaning of this season.”

Red Ribbon started in Quezon City in 1979, with the objective of offering great-tasting food that brings feelings of joy to every Filipino family. As it grows to be one of the leading bakeshops in the country, Red Ribbon takes part in the Filipino family’s celebratory occasions, especially during the holiday season.

To know more about Red Ribbon’s many delights, visit www.redribbonbakeshop.com


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Join OPPO’s #NationalSelfieDay Contest and win an OPPO F1s!

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OPPO’s #NationalSelfieDay is on every #SelfieExpert’s Holiday Wishlist! December is indeed a season of giving. As a way of extending gratitude, mobile technology brand OPPO is giving away 100 units of OPPO F1s to lucky Facebook users who will participate in the National Selfie Day Contest.


“The National Selfie Day Contest is OPPO’s way of giving back after all the milestones we made this year. It’s also our way of rewarding netizens for creatively expressing their most unforgettable holiday moments in selfies,” said OPPO Philippines Brand Marketing Manager Stephen Cheng.

Participants can start posting their selfie entries on Facebook beginning December 5 midnight. The contest closes on December 26 at 11:59PM. The winners will be announced on December 28 via OPPO’s Facebook page. They will also be notified through e-mail.

For more details about the contest mechanics, please visit https://www.facebook.com/OPPOPH/.

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Why the OPPO F1s Selfie Expert Phone is Perfect For You

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Are you wanting to take better selfies? Well, let me share about the OPPO F1s Selfie Expert Holiday Limited Edition I’ve gotten for review. I am NOT a selfie person or I wasn’t one until I received this phone. Today I can confidently take selfies and don’t feel shy sharing them on my social media accounts. I noticed I got more likes for those shots than any other posts I had. That boosted my confidence all the more!

So how can you take better selfies? First off get yourself an OPPO F1s Selfie Expert phone! I’m sharing shots I took with this phone; selfies, outdoor, indoor and more. I’m sure I’ll have you convinced by the end of this post.


You can finally take excellent selfies.

Coming from someone who does not take selfies this is a saying a lot. I could never manage to get over feeling shy offline and online when taking selfies. It always just came out terrible. Case in point.


Taken with another phone

However, I finally overcame the shyness and felt confident even posting my selfies because of the front beauty camera. Technically speaking the 1/3.1 inch sensor and F/2.0 aperture allows for more light giving you brighter and clearer images. Even at night your images are clear. As you can see below.


(Shot indoors night time)

Admittedly, the front beauty camera has a blemish reduction feature BUT it’s just the same as if you were wearing a ton of make up to cover it. Either way it balances out and presents a fresh and young look that I think anyone would want. It’s also an adjustable feature so you can go for the really flawless look or a more realistic representation.


There are many different filters to choose from but honestly, I haven’t had the need to use one. I’m not a Selfie Expert just yet but I’m definitely on my way.


Thought the OPPO F1s is touted as the Selfie Expert phone it in no way diminishes the capabilities of the rear camera.

Magnified shots

Zooming in on shots you usually get a very pixelated image but as you can see it’s still well defined here.



Crisp and clear shots



Indoor night shots


This was shot during a blackout with just 1 candle lit. Got a good shot here!


Night outdoor shot

The 13MP rear camera works great even at night. You get vivid, clear and detailed shots. Like this one here.


Capture panoramic shots with defined picture quality

The OPPO F1s Selfie Expert Phone is not the only phone capable of doing this but it’s surely the only one able to give you the brightest and clearest result.

Since OPPO is focused on giving you the best quality image experience panoramic shots are easier to take. Even your selfies can be panoramic. Perfect for large group shots.



Moving shots still come out clear

The difficult thing about camera phones are that moving shots are difficult to capture. On a DSLR you won’t have a problem but not everyone has one. Here’s Bastian goofing off going round and round yet still capturing himself without any blur.


Double layered protection

With just a press of my thumb I can unlock the OPPO F1s Selfie Expert phone using the Touch Access feature. This comes in handy when I’m rushing to post on social media or shoot off a quick text. It shaves off seconds and that’s plenty of time in the digital world. It’s also reassuring to know that your phone can’t easily be accessed. Whether it be a thief or your nosy partner (!)

Not only can you use your fingerprint to unlock the phone, you can also assign different fingers for different apps. For example my forefinger can open Facebook and my pinkie can open Instagram.


Taken with another phone

What’s in the box


Taken with another phone

OPPO F1s Selfie Expert phone
In-ear type earphones
Micro USB cable
SIM ejector tool
Protective film (applied)


Taken with another phone


Taken with another phone


Taken with another phone


Operating System: ColorOS 3.0, based on Android 5.1
Processor: MT6750 Octa-core 64-bit
Storage: 32GB (Expandable up to 128GB)
Battery: Typical Capacity: 3075 mAh (Non-removable)
Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n
16-megapixel front facing camera
13-megapixel rear camera
Flash LED Flash
Aperture Rear: f/2.2 Sec: f/2.0
Colors 16 million colors
Display Size 5.5 inches
2.4/5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n
Height 154.5 mm
Width 76 mm
Thickness 7.38 mm
Weight 160 g
Touchscreen Multi-touch, Capacitive Screen, Gorilla Glass 4
Support for Gloved and Wet Touch Input
SIM Card Type Dual Nano-SIM Cards
GPS Supported
Bluetooth 4.0


Taken with another phone

*All shots taken with OPPO F1s Selfie Expert unless otherwise stated

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