Preserve Mother’s Day Memories with Original HP Inks

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Gift-giving is most special when done for loved ones. For children, it’s when they give their parents heart-felt presents—not only on birthdays and Christmas, but on special occasions like Mother’s Day. However, finding the perfect token of appreciation can sometimes be difficult, especially when usual gift ideas become less exciting.

Of course, moms will surely appreciate any form of present. From everyday things to wonderful gestures like spending time with them, moms are mostly easy to please. But for those looking for fresh gift ideas—ones that are original, creatively personalized and can last for years—HP printers and Original HP ink cartridges can definitely help make Mother’s Day gifts even more memorable.

From simply printing out mom’s personal recipes into a DIY book, to designing and ironing-on pictures and decals onto her kitchen apron, HP printers and Original HP ink cartridges assure kids of visually-stunning personalized gifts. And with more than 500 years of combined experience, HP’s ink cartridges deliver 36,000 drops of ink per second to produce lasting prints that reinvent memories, especially when used on HP Photo Paper.

For special moments captured in digital images, creating a personalized photo album is made easy—photographs printed using Original HP ink cartridges remain accurate, vibrant, and fade-resistant, to let mom’s most memorable moments stand out even years after. Original HP inks fast-drying and anti-curling properties also make it the ideal tool in creating such personalized gifts that involve high volumes of printing.

So whether it’s crafting a simple graphic greeting card or a hardworking picture collage, gifts for Mother’s Day are always made extra special when printed using reliable HP printers and Original HP ink cartridges, as they are built to work the first time, every time. With equal or minimal effort, compared to searching for the perfect present in stores, using Original HP Ink also makes for low-cost, superior-quality prints for such important occasions.

Indeed, when it comes to a unique way of creating do-it-your-own, personalized gifts that will reinvent memories on Mother’s Day, the HP printer and Original HP Inks are truly the best tools to make each gift-giving moment an unforgettable feat.

Want to reinvent memories today? Head on over to the nearest HP printer reseller to get an HP DeskJet printer and Original HP Inks that can produce print-outs that will last a lifetime.

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Midea Gas Ranges: Withstanding the Test of Filipino-Style Cooking

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Whenever Filipinos are preparing for a big celebration, whether it is for birthdays, fiestas or family reunions, the kitchen sure gets so busy with all the cooking that needs to be done. All hands are on deck as all available chopping boards are brought out and batches of ingredients go through knives before getting them in the pots. While some ingredients are boiled or steamed before they are combined with the other ingredients to complete the dish, there are some that gets the heat treatment by frying, grilling, or roasting. This is how Filipinos do their feasts as one big community or one big family, helping each other, and then finally bonding over the dishes that they labored for.

A lot of kitchen appliances get battered every time there is a big feast coming up, especially the gas stoves and ranges, because they catch all the mess from pots dripping with sauces that usually get caked on the surfaces. This could rust the body or some other parts of the stove and eventually affect its performance and eventually cause it to become unusable. The world’s leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, Midea understands the nature of how serious Filipinos are when it comes to cooking meals for their feasts. The varied culinary influences the country got from the Chinese, Malay, Spanish and other contemporary cuisines has kept the Filipinos’ passion for cooking burning bright, as some age-old traditions are being passed down, rediscovered, and reinvented by the younger generation.

Younger families who trace their roots from far-flung provinces are bringing in their family’s tradition to their very own homes, where there might be not enough open space for a fire pit for roasting and grilling, or those big and heavy gas ranges that could fire up a big wok and take in enough volume of food enough for a good portion of the family clan or barangay. Luckily, these young generations of families could still continue to enjoy and pass on further their family’s great recipes with Midea’s newest lineup of gas ranges that are specially designed to surprisingly withstand the test of Filipino cooking. They have three models, two of which has an oven volume of 58L, while the other has a bigger one with 65L, each of which could accommodate 4 pans and pots cooking simultaneously. These sizes are more than enough to take in big batches of liempo or fish to grill, or a big slab of pork belly, rolled into a porchetta stuffed with tanglad and other ingredients that makes a lechon flavorful.

The 65L model has its own thermostat, which makes it easier for any home chef to control the temperature in the oven and serve only the best home-cooked Pinoy favorites. It could even function as a rotisserie, so that it could cook any kind of meat evenly and perfectly. And with its tempered glass lid, monitoring your culinary specialty with the gas range door closed is a breeze. While all of the models are using SBT burners to make every cooking experience safe, the 65L model even has a flame failure device to keep gas from building up within the appliance. These features do not only assure the safety of everyone and getting every family member involved and to bond in the kitchen, they also enable  Midea’s gas ranges to be handed down to the next generation.

Cooking in large volumes and very frequently could lead to a burnout, with gas tanks running out of fumes to keep you going. One of the 58L models has a hot plate where it uses electricity to heat up the pans and allows you to cook. This could be helpful in keeping the whole kitchen running, even if it is just one stove cooking and everyone is taking a quick break to wait for an LPG refill or replenishment. After everything is done and everyone in the family, friends, or guests are satisfied with the feast, cleaning up the Midea’s gas ranges is absolutely friendly because its body is made out of tough stainless steel.

Midea is also confident in giving their customers a 2-year warranty on parts and labor along with a 5-year warranty on burners. This could only mean that Midea’s lineup of gas ranges are there to stay in the kitchen for a very long time, dealing with more hard core cooking, Filipino-style for the years to come. With that much time, another younger generation of family members will be ready to take on the family tradition and hopefully pass on the cooking torch as well.

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website and Facebook page.

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Plan Ahead: What You Need to Know Before Building

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Every project goes more smoothly when you plan ahead. As you plan, you will find out which stages require professional topographic survey services, and which steps may be avoided due to regulations. You will also prevent major problems by doing all your research before your shovel even hits the ground.


Research First

The best plans all start off on paper. An organized diagram with planned out dimensions and placement will make all the steps of getting your project done much easier.

Talk to your council office about permits, and see what the zoning regulations are when it comes to size and location of your building. It’s better to find out what you can and can’t do right at the start to save on having to redo any of your planning. They can let you know what size your shed can be, whether you need permits for sheds of that size, whether your fence can be so close to the boundary or whether you can have a deck near that stream.

They may require a drawing before discussing your plans, so have a rough sketch with some measurements ready. A professional survey shouldn’t be necessary until you are actually at the permit application stage. Doing a true survey too soon means you end up doing it again (and paying for the service again) when you have to make changes for your actual application.

Get the Permits

Once you find out what sizes and locations are allowed (with or without needed permits), you should be thorough and get the paperwork in order. There is nothing wrong with adjusting your project so that permits aren’t necessary when you can, but trying to avoid the paperwork can lead to more serious problems later. You can run afoul of your insurance company and you may be forced to remove the building altogether if the council or municipal office finds out you’ve built “illegally”.

Talk to Utilities

Unless your building project doesn’t involve any digging, you should talk to all your local utilities to make sure there aren’t any lines running through your site. Phone, cable, gas, Internet, water and sewage may all have something to say about where you are digging. The potential damage if you accidentally cut a fiber-optic line or nick a sewage pipe is considerable, and worth a little delay as you discuss your location with each service.

Most will offer a no-cost inspection to ensure there aren’t any hidden obstacles underground. At least with regards to their own services. In other words, don’t expect the phone company to have any information on the gas lines. Many areas have a single number you can call (programs known as Call Before You Dig, or Dig Safely) to help get your inspections planned out. They can connect you with the various agencies you need to talk to. In some areas, this is the law and you can be in legal trouble if you try to skip this step.

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