Keep Food Fresh with Tupperware Fresh Staks and a Giveaway!

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“Waste not, want not” as the saying goes. A kitchen can produce too much food at times and if not properly stored, meals can go to waste. Often at home, we store leftovers and it can be trying to find spoiled food when not done right. In comes, Tupperware the brand that has made the word “tupperware” a replacement for the term food storage keeper. Most likely you’ve heard someone or other say “Put the food in the Tupperware.” or “It’s in the Tupperware.” It’s durability and reliability has made it such a household name that it’s become a staple in any kitchen. I’m sharing the great way Tupperware Fresh Staks product stores food and I’m also having a giveaway!

The Fresh Staks set comes in three sizes: Medium 1.3L (Php799), Large 2.2L (Php899), Jumbo 3.1L (Php999) and comes in a cool and calm Margarita color.

They have built in handles for easy pulling out of your fridges and even tiny hands can open them (my youngest, 6 years old didn’t have too much trouble).

They’re stackable so the space in your fridge can be maximized. The flat seals are what help to save on space.

The containers are air tight so you can keep food fresh for a longer period. Most foods can be stored whether raw or cooked. Just make sure to seal them tightly. Ideal for storing vegetables and it will keep them crisp and fresh for longer.

Fresh Staks have polished windows so you can easily view the contents and not have to open them all up trying to find something specific.

All Tupperware products are safe and can be re-used. The new Fresh Staks is no different and you’ll be encouraged to buy more pieces when you see how well they work for storing food and saving space in your fridge.


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*One winner only. Will be chosen from Facebook or Instagram. Metro Manila only. Prize to be picked up at nominated branch of winner.


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La Germania: Your Ideal Kitchen Helper

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A well stocked and fully equipped kitchen would inspire anyone to cook. Whether you’re a first time cook or an experienced one, your kitchen equipment and appliances should be dependable most especially your range oven or stove. Even novice cooks can attest that using a reliable stove or range that produces consistent heat or flame can do wonders to one’s cooking.

La Germania, is one of the preferred household brands of professional chefs, home cooks and foodies, with an array of cookers and ovens that suit the demands of all kinds of culinary needs. Its wide assortment of products from its five-gas burner range ovens to single burner tabletop gas and electric stoves can also fit any budding cook’s budget.

A special luncheon was prepared by Chefs Rolando and Jackie Laudico at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s for an introduction of the La Germania line.

With its Italian heritage, which can be traced to its principal Bertazzoni, La Germania products have been meticulously engineered to be tough enough to withstand the constant grind of the modern Filipino kitchen.

Manufactured locally by General Heat Corporation under the trademark La Germania, by virtue of a licensing agreement between Bertazzoni SPA of Italy, La Germania stoves, range ovens, range hoods, cookers and accessories are prized by families and professional kitchens for their longevity, mileage, superior quality and performance.  It is also distributed in the Philippines alongside its sister brands Bertazzoni La Germania and Bertazzoni.

They gave some tips and showed how some of their well renowned dishes are prepared.

Just a couple of the mouth watering offerings at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s.

La Germania is available in Kitchen Gallery showrooms and all appliance centers nationwide.

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American Standard Partners with Rajo Laurel for ‘Showers of Happiness’ Promo

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Press Release- The fitting and momentous collaboration of   two icons of passion and innovation give customers the exclusive opportunity to indulge in stylish showering American Standard, the brand known for innovation in bathroom design and technology, partners with its esteemed equal, renowned fashion designer, and a brand in his own right, Rajo Laurel, in a collaboration that brings forth an array of customer rewards uniquely pampering and meant to uplift one’s spirits with a lovely shower experience.

The two well-loved brands let customers indulge in stylish showering with American Standard’s multi-tiered consumer promotion dubbed as “Showers of Happiness.” Every purchase of select American Standard shower systems from June 1 to July 31, 2017 entitles customer to premium items, which include a signature Rajo Laurel luxury towel and a Bath Essentials set (consisting of perfume, hand soap, body wash and lotion) personally created and curated by Rajo Laurel for American Standard.

Included in the promotion are the three collections of American Standard shower systems individually titled as Enjoyment, Essential and Experience. These shower systems are the heart of American Standard’s philosophy of ensuring that its valued consumers reach the heights of stylish showering.

Participating stores include Wilcon Depot, CW Depot, All Home and select outlets of American Standard nationwide.

“For the delight of our customers who do not settle for anything less than American Standard, we have made a fitting collaboration with one of the best designers in the Philippines, if not the world, to allow our customers to enjoy stylish showering with our shower packages that come with Rajo Laurel’s fashionable towel and bathroom essentials,” said Mr. Alen Alban, Country Manager of Lixil Philippines, the global conglomerate behind American Standard.

Mr. Alen Alban, Country Manager, Lixil Philippines, Rajo Laurel , Mr. Alpha Ang, General Manager, Lixil Asia Pacific, Ms. Emily Rose Besavilla , Marketing Manager, Lixil Philippines, Ms. Giuliana Anastacio, Assistant Brand Manager, American Standard-Lixil Philippines.

The bathroom product much loved by Filipinos and the world, American Standard lives to raise standards in bathrooms, passionately creating game-changing products that delight and enhance the consumers’ bathing experience.

More so when it comes to showering:  American Standard appreciates how much a lovely shower can ease away the effects of one’s daily grind, or set off a morning to a vibrant start: for these reasons, the brand delivers stylish showering with shower products unmatched in quality and design, equally beautiful and sensible, pleasing not only to the eye, but indulgent and thoughtful in its features.

Known throughout the country – even the world, for passion and innovation is Rajo Laurel, who by himself is a brand, equated in the fashion industry for designs that are always new, organic, and sensual. Gifted with an innate eye for beauty, Rajo  as the creative genius at the helm of Rajo Laurel Enterprises wears two caps with equal aplomb, that of a fashion guru and a keen businessman.

All Rajo Laurel pieces are meant to be viewed as works of art. They are of such workmanship, of such artisan quality, that they make a Rajo Laurel design and creation not only prized but aspired for.    

Visit their Facebook page at for more details about American Standard products and customer promotions.

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