It was another Bounty Fresh World Egg Day 2018 celebration! Bounty Fresh is a leading Philippine-based farm-to-market poultry producer. The festivities for this year included several egg and chicken booth activities and in-store promos. It was an excellent way to thank their loyal customers for their continued patronage of their products.

We buy Bounty Fresh eggs (always medium, it’s just the right size for our needs!) and I’ve become particularly loyal to it. We discovered Bounty Fresh Chicken Popcorn which the kids love and you bet it’ll be another addition to the weekly grocery shopping list.

The October Fresh theme for this year’s World Egg Day featured segments such as a cooking demo, a dance challenge, and more! Bettinna Carlos and Chef Sharwin Tee served up some #LakingFarmfresh tips during a cooking demo of which samples were passed out to the audience!

It was also the culminating activity for Bounty Fresh’s very own Egg and Chickenovela featuring Chicky. So the story goes that Chicky laid an egg and eventually lost it. Fortunately, her friends online did everything they could to find some clues which led her to the event!

The grand winner of the Beat Bok Challenge won Php30,000! How awesome is that!

A grand prize of Php100,000 was also given away along with consolation prizes, Masflex items and raffle prizes. Another most awaited part of the event was the Chicken and Egg sale with whole chickens going as low as Php20.00!

There was plenty to do and enjoy for the entire family. The whole activity center was decked out in Instagrammable set ups and designs.

The event was also celebrated in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, France and neighboring Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia.

#BountyFresh #Octoberfresh

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