I FINALLY know what to do so I can have a nicely made up face without taking too much time or spending too much money. This is all because of a fun and easy makeup workshop I attended by The Beauty Avenue by Mhaan. Yes, that’s the same one who did Kianna’s makeup for her prom.

It was an intimate gathering of mommy blogger friends at Hotel Benilde in one of their dormitory rooms but most importantly a whole wall was available with natural lighting for us to be able to work on our faces properly.

I think I may be one of the few who loves the idea of makeup and wearing it but not really being able to really delve into it more and learning the different techniques. I already felt really accomplished when I started wearing, face powder, blush and lipstick at 37 years old!

When the opprtunity to learn how to put on makeup came along I borrowed some from Kianna and got my very limited kit together. What did I learn exactly?

Concealer to the rescue

Mhaan recommended using Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer and I thought it worked perfectly. We got a sponge to use and I liked how it easily blended the concealer especially under the eyes.

Powder over foundation

Though since I don’t like the idea of wearing a heavy face press powder is apparently fine. An added tip is to also powder your neck so that the color of your face and neck are the same and you don’t have that distinctive powdered face look.

Fill in the brows

I’ve been self grooming my brows since I was 14 years old when a girl I used to know shaped them and I needed to keep them that way by tweezing. I’ve never tried anything else except tweezing and I think I’ve got them pretty much under control. Though I do find that filling them with a brow pencil in gives me a more put together look.

Eyeshadow for pop

Eyeshadow is one of those makeup products that I’m intimidated by. All those shades, how can you choose but now I know what to choose! Yay!

Mascara for long lashes

Mhaan recommended using Loreal Mascara Voluminous Lash Paradise since it automatically gives you a longer lash look.

Blush recommendation

I’ve been using a Maybelline blush powder for the longest time and it’s worked pretty well for me. I’ve even gotten a compliment if the pink in my cheeks was natural! I did get a good tip of how to wear it better and evenly and a suggestion of using Elf Blush Blushing Rose.

Subtle Lippie

My fave lipstick is Prettify’s Clay shade. I love how it stays on and can be for day or night. It’s a subtle shade that’s done me well so far.

Before and After

I used to think makeup was unnecessary but today I feel the complete opposite. It gives me a certain confidence without overriding my personality. Admittedly, I’m much tamer in the makeup category as compared to others but I’m pretty proud of my knowledge thus far.

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