Pizza! We LOVE pizza and why is it that it’s like you can’t get enough of it? Well, you can imagine Jael’s excitement at attending the Shakeys Junior Pizza Master workshop. He invited his cousins along and well, he had plenty of fun as did I.

The one day workshop included a pizza making session, games, and prizes. It was a simultaneous event across all Shakeys branches.

The agenda for the day: Hawaiian Delight Pizza which coincidentally, is Jael’s favorite kind of pizza! The kids work stations were equipped with ready made dough, pizza toppings, an apron, and a chef’s hat which Jael dutifully wore. Kids were also given plastic gloves and there were plenty of table napkins for clean up. Yes, I notice these things!

The head chef guided the kids as they made their pizzas and even gave some helpful tips along the way such as not pressing down on the cheese and making sure that toppings were not stacked on top of each other so that it was all evenly cooked.

While waiting for the pizza to bake kids and parents participated in games and yes, even moi was included. It was fun, I have to say and Jael was out for blood because he wanted to win the stuffed toys!

Shakeys SM Fairview has one of those arcade machines that usually steal your money but luckily this particular machine lets kids win a prize!

The¬†Hawaiian Delight Pizza was a resounding success! Jael’s pizza was gone in a snap. It was cheesy, soft and crunchy all at the same time, just how we like it.

The day’s event was a fun-filled jam packed couple of hours. Captain Shakeys even made an appearance dancing and posing with the kids (and adults!).

All the kids were awarded certificates as recognition and thanks for their participation. Another certificate to add to his collection of worthwhile activities he’s participated in.

Thank you to the Shakeys SM Fairview branch for an excellent time!
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