One of the talents I wish I had was baking. Being the sweets lover that I am, you can imagine how much I love cakes, cupcakes, basically any baked goods. Point of fact, I have a couple of cookbooks dedicated to the fascinations of desserts. I’m not sure what it is really… I guess I lack the time and the drive to learn how to bake. However sad that seems, there is a happy ending. My daughter loves to bake. How blessed am I to have a son who likes to cook and a daughter who bakes with a passion? I recently shared my Teens Can Cook edition and now we’re going to delve into Teens Can Bake.

It helps tremendously that Kianna enjoys her cooking classes at school. She’s a well of information when it comes to melting butter and converting measurements and all that good stuff. She’s actually chums with her Home Economics teacher which I try not to be jealous of! What’s important is that we at home get to taste and eat her baked goods. She has baked quite a few.

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Sometimes for a quick dessert fix we go for ready made mixes like these Blueberry Muffins from Betty Crocker.

Other times she starts from scratch. Though she’s still trying to perfect her frosting/icing so we used a mix for this particular cake. I’m so impressed when Kianna delivers the final result. She’s even got her own style now when it comes to baking cookies and cakes. It’s truly a wonder for me to watch her bake these delicious creations.

Having the right equipment at home is essential. Watching Kianna, what I’ve learned is you need to have the right measurements (or at least know the acquired taste) and not scrimp on ingredients. Same with the tools and equipment you need when baking, there are ways around some techniques but it makes for a much easier time in the the kitchen when you’re complete. We got some Lifestyle Essential basics for her so she’s prepared for her next baking whim. These affordable yet durable equipment are┬ádistributed by World Class Concepts Corp.

Aren’t you inspired more when you have nice looking tools to work with? The sleekness yet simplicity of Lifestyle baking equipment adds to the credibility in our kitchen. They have so many tools and equipment to choose from and you can easily gift these to aspiring baker friends.

Order your baking essentials here. They’re also available in all leading department stores nationwide.

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