Jael has turned 7 years old! I can’t believe how time flies! We had been talking about his birthday the past few months and I had hoped to give him a party but he didn’t want to have one! Instead he chose to invite a few friends and his cousins to Kidzooona and Pizza Hut for his 7th birthday celebration. He had such a fantastic time when he played there recently that he wanted to bring his friends over. I have to say it was a pretty great idea.


On the day of his birthday he had school so we prepared a little something for him. I decorated our dining area with a Minecraft theme. Just some simple DIYs that I’m glad Jael loved. He wanted to keep it up till the holidays but I gently told him we couldn’t do that. I didn’t want to have to look at that spider all day!

His Ate Kianna even attempted to bake a Minecraft cake which wasn’t how we thought it would turn out. It was a weekday and she hardly had any sleep but I’m so happy that she made such an effort. The cake itself is delish though!


Kidzooona¬†was the perfect place to bring his friends and cousins to play. As I’ve written before it’s a very huge play area and they were all over the place!

Thanks to his friends Kenzo and Kwek Kwek for joining in on the fun. Thanks to his cousins Red and Pink who completed the day!

I love that Kidzooona took note of his birthday and even played a birthday song.


Pizza is Jael’s all time favorite food. He specifically chose Pizza Hut for their Hawaiian pizza. The kids (and adults) all dug in!

Some play time after eating. Jael doesn’t get out much since mom has to work so this was a great time for him to play with his cousin and friends.

Happy 7th birthday Jael! I hope you liked your simple celebration!

These 3! There’s nothing more to be proud of than these 3 kids right here. Believe me, they’re not perfect and I have many challenges (and headaches!) but they’re my world and I love them so much! Thanks to Ate and Kuya for always making the effort for their little brother.

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