Jael has been at me to bring him to a play house. When we do make it to the play house I have to busy myself somehow while Jael explores and tires himself out. Most play houses we’ve gone to there’s barely a place for parents so you end up standing or walking in the very near vicinity just to pass the time. That’s why I’m more than glad to share and recommend Kidzooona Fairview Terraces. Kidzooona is more than equipped to handle your child’s play needs and take care of you while you wait.

To start off they have plenty of lockers to keep your things in. If Jael’s out with me I always have to have a change of clothing, washcloth, water, snacks and of course all the toys he thinks he’ll need while we’re out. Through out our time we made a few trips to the locker to drink, clean up and snack.

Kidzooona created this play space to gives parents a chance to bond with their kids. It’s not only child friendly but parent friendly as well. Since we’re not as young and agile as we used to be to follow and play with them the whole time, they’ve provided us a lounge complete with comfy chairs and a water station.

Usually play areas don’t allow children below 3 years old but Kidzooona has paid particular attention to that concern by creating a baby and toddler space near the lounge.

The toddler area isn’t just for toddlers though as kids of all ages can enjoy what’s there. It’s nice though that this particular area focuses on play learning with developmental toys.

BorneLund, a Japanese toy brand is made from fine and sturdy materials. No rough edges or dangerous corners here!

Believe it or not there’s a sand area which kids will just love.

Before I let Jael loose we had to go over some rules we have when playing. To make sure Jael understands I recite it to him and explain each rule and have him recite it back to me and tell me why he has to follow it. This takes a little time but it’s wholly worth it as they are more aware when playing.

Friendly reminders for kids:

  • Don’t accidentally hurt anyone by pushing or running
  • Look around first and make sure you’re not hurting anyone while playing (this is especially advisable for the race track area)
  • Wait your turn and give other kids a turn
  • Ask politely if you can share or play
  • Let your child know where you will be so he’s assured and he can find you any time.

There’s so much to enjoy at Kidzooona but here are Jael’s top picks.

Air Track

Here’s one of Jael’s favorites. He constantly kept running and flinging himself against the transparent bubble wall. I was worried at first but there are mats on either side and it’s big enough for 2 kids to run on at a time.

Cyber Wheel

Similar to hamsters in a wheel, Jael spent time here as well just rolling around. I couldn’t help but get in on the fun and roll around with him.

The Playground

Naturally an area filled with colorful plastic balls with climable structures is going to be a favorite. No worries though, if your child should fall he’ll land on the balls and a mat under catching his fall.

Racing Track

It’s not really a racing track but kids can ride the mini tricycles and spin and spin as much as they want. Just a tip though, make sure to tell your child to be careful inside. The floor is slippery and it’s wholly possible to accidentally hit or bump another child without knowing it.

Other areas to enjoy

Lala’s Library

There’s a nice little corner with books for kids to read. Unfortunately, as you can see it’s not a popular area BUT you can have a mini break and read a story with your child if you want.

Role Play Town

Kidzooona is known for it’s role playing section, a small town just for kids. Jael didn’t spend as much time here but we did visit every station.

From a bakery to a fire station and supermarket, kids can explore their career aspirations if they want to.

The area in front of Kidzooona is a mini play area that anyone can use by just dropping a token. Some rides require only 1 token while others require 2 tokens. A token costs Php10 each.

Aside from offering play for kids, Kidzooona caters to birthday parties and other kiddie events.

Playground Only- Php10,000 (20 kids) | Playground with Party Room- Php18,750 (30 kids) | Close down- Weekday for Php40,800 (80 kids) | Close down- Weekend for Php75,040 (150 kids)

If you are having a celebration with less than 20 kids you can walk in and pay the standard rates.

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