When I see Piolo Pascual I always remember that movie he made. The one with him, Toni Gonzaga and Iza Calzado, Starting Over Again. He’s been a revered actor not only for his looks but for his genuine talent. His fan base has grown exponentially from that and from his love for them. I personally saw that when I attended his intimate “Piolo Pascual fans day” for his endorsement of Tide Perfume Fantasy.

Piolo Pascual or “Papa P” as he’s more commonly known among his fans is the newest ambassador for the laundry detergent. His always smart looks and appeal made him a shoo-in to promote the brand. With the new Tide Perfume Fantasy, he’s sure to always be fragrantly fresh all day. In his line of work with long waiting hours and different movie set locations he’ll definitely be “amoy artista”.

So what is this product that Piolo has chosen to represent? The new Tide Perfume Fantasy has Downy perfume mircocapsules that clings to clothes even when exposed to malodors so it’s like you’re always wearing perfume everyday!

“Kahit pinagpapawisan ako sa taping o naarawan kami maghapon sa shoot at on-site schedules, mabango pa rin ang damit ko!” he shares enthusiastically. His fans got to smell him up close and personal and having given a smell myself (of a shirt not Piolo unfortunately!), the scent is very alluring.

With the new Tide Perfume Fantasy, fans can now smell like they’re wearing perfume everyday like Piolo for only six pesos!

I haven’t attended a celebrity event quite like this so it was a first for me to see how an actor interacts with his fans in an intimate setting. The fans were going crazy and I can’t blame them for the admiration that they have for him.


*This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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