Raise your hand if you’ve had last minute printing requests from your kids. I have! The kids are almost ready about to step out the door when bam, “Mom I need to print something!” Depending on how I woke up that morning I can get grumpy because of the rush or just be thankful that we’ve got a printer at home. Printing convenience is tops when it comes to my kids’ schoolwork. I’ve noticed that a large part of their homework is research and printing.

Lately, Jael and I have been working on his Filipino. He’s having a tough time with it and so we printed out worksheets to help him learn and practice.

It’s what I especially like about having a printer at home, the convenience of being able to print at any time. I firmly believe every home should have a printer and if you’re looking for a printer to consider let me help you out with our experience with the one we’ve got at home.

A reliable printer is more than just a good investment. It’s a practical necessity. Printing in computer shops can be expensive especially when colored and in multiple pages. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a printer for your printing convenience:

Frequency of printing– Inkjet printers are preferable for occasional printing while laser printers used in offices can print large quantities of black and white documents. In my case, an inkjet printer is sufficient for our needs.

Cost of inks– With inkjet printers ink may be more expensive as colored printing is done more often using this. The ability of laser printers to print in large quantities and usually in black and white means lesser costs for ink cartridges.

Printer needs– Ideally a home printer should be all in one. Best to have a printer that can scan, copy and print.

Cost efficiency, space and energy saver– As always we need to keep within a budget. Printers that are cost effective when it comes to electricity, don’t take up to much space and saves energy with auto power options should be considered.

Our newest printer find is the Canon Pixma E410, an all in one print, scan, copy printer. The Pixma line produces high quality documents and photos and concentrates on being affordable and ink efficient.

The ink cartridges are more affordable yet still produce high quality prints. It’s lightweight and a real space saver allowing it to easily fit into small spaces and shelves.

The Auto Power ON can detect a print command and will automatically switch the printer on when connected by USB. The quiet mode reduces operation noise to the bare minimum.

See the Pixma E410 specifications for further information.

A purchase of this printer comes with an additional free PG47 Black ink. This cartridge gives you a total of 800 black and white document print outs.

If you register the product in the Canon Red App, you get 500 Rewards Points which is convertible to electronic GCs. See the types of GCs here: https://registrationcanon.com.ph/agm/rewards/view_all)

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