Nouvelle Salon Sparty Packages for Bridal Showers and Intimate Parties

My favorite salon also offers Sparty packages! Their salon is quaint, cute and relaxing. Everything you would need for a bridal shower or a birthday celebration. They’ve got salon sparty packages that would fit pax of 4 and six groups. A salon sparty is the best way to catch up with girlfriends yet taking time to pamper yourself.

The best thing about this salon is they allow you to bring in food and decor so you can make it an even more intimate event. Some suggestions for a salon sparty bridal shower or birthday:

  • Request mood music whether it’s upbeat or soothing and relaxing
  • Favors can be from the salon. Nouvelle Salon has a nice gift box of lotion and soaps.
  • Have a theme. Nouvelle Salon has a perfect French theme and Eiffel Towers, berets and wine would make perfect decor ideas.

Interiors of Nouvelle Salon for your next salon sparty:


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For booking & info:
☎️ Lagro Branch 7090315 📱 09205537427
☎️ Visayas Ave. branch 3732040 📱 09472780036

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7 thoughts on “Nouvelle Salon Sparty Packages for Bridal Showers and Intimate Parties

  1. Uy this is a nice idea for a girls day or night out! This is especially suitable for kikay girls who wants to catch up and do some pampering at the same time. This just gave me an idea on what I can do on my birthday. Hehe.

  2. It’s great to know that they offer themed spartys. I would love to have the French theme one especially that their packages are priced well. I just wish you have provided photos of the salon so it’s more enticing. Have your tried the sparty as well? How was it?

    • Hi Me-An, I added a few photos to give readers a better idea. Thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t had a sparty yet but I have tried their services and was very happy. I hope to have a reason to have a sparty soon!

  3. Hubby and I had our nails done before the wedding but it’s cheaper than this. Seeing the packages, I think it’s cheaper if you have friends to go with you. This will be a good reward because yo will get to be pampered. Good thing I know how to paint my nails so it saves me the buck. 🙂

    • Hi Theresa, well the packages provided are for a sparty closing out the salon. There regular services like nails and such are very affordable. Hope you can check them out!

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