My hair has gone through quite a few treatments. Early on I wasn’t really focusing on the health of my hair but rather the finished result. However, years and years of salon trips have made me more cautious and seek healthier treatments. Luckily, I was able to visit Jing Monis Salon along Timog Ave in Quezon City to get some hair pampering.

Jing Monis is one of the well known hairstylists to the stars. Being in the industry for 25 years and having an A-list clientele including Kaye Abad, Judy Anne Santos, Kris Aquino, Anne Curtis, Kathryn Bernardo and many more have certifiably established his title of hair legend and innovator.

With three Jing Monis salons, four Famous salons, Hair Philosophie Salon by Jing Monis, the Jing Monis Academy, the Jing Monis Show on, and a bookzine called J/MONIS, Jing Monis has made his mark. Jing’s signature work can be seen in print and TV campaigns of top advertisers such as TRESemme, Pantene, Sunsilk, the Nestle series, Myra, Tropicana, Sun Cellular, For Me, Pepsi, Jag, Bench, Jollibee, Bench, Human, Belo, Talk n Text, Eskinol, and Sony Ericsson, just to name a few.


The Timog branch can be found on the 4th floor of B Hotel. Tucked away, it’s easy to go to but provides some privacy especially for his star clientele. His salon is divided into two with a section for men and women. I love the bright lights, airy feel and comfortable seats. It’s a minimalist yet eco friendly environment.


My last treatment was in May and my problem area is the front where you can see the frizz and curls. I wish I could find a permanent solution to this but for now I get treatments every 6 months to one year.


I’m particular about the shampoo area because for me that’s where you can actually see just how clean a salon is. Believe me, in all my years of getting my hair done I’ve seen some pretty unsightly bordering on disgusting shampoo areas. Of course, the Jing Monis salon has one of the cleanest I’ve visited.


I was worked over by Romar, Anthony, and Apple who gave me a Keratin Express Blowout Treatment. The keratin treatment is not a straightening one but a process that lessens the frizz and curls. Along with that it conditions, strengthens and rejuvenates damaged and treated hair also giving it a smooth and vibrant look.

Two weeks later my hair is still very soft. Though the frizz wasn’t reduced by much it has helped my hair give it a better flow giving it a semblance of being straight. A Keratin Express Blowout Treatment can last up to 4-6 weeks. Softness wise it’s lived up to the expectation. My straight look from the salon lasted 3 days but once I shampooed my natural curls returned.


The cost of the treatment depends on how much keratin is used for your hair depending on the thickness and length. Here’s my look right after the treatment. I was thinking of getting my hair colored. What do you think?


Thanks to the Jing Monis Salon team especially to Romar, Anthony, and Apple and Ms Rain Dimalanta, Public Relations and Marketing Manager. If my share isn’t enough to convince you then let the roster of stars be your deciding factor!


Visit the Jing Monis Salon at JMS QC (B Hotel), Timog Ave, Quezon City.

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