Every year I look forward to this sale! The Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale is the best place to get awesome deals on branded toys. I’ve been here a few times now and it never disappoints!

If you’re a budget conscious mommy like me but also want quality toys then you have to make sure to stop by this sale. Check out my tips below!


Here are some tips I can share from my experience at having been to there sales.

  1. The best tip I can give you is to COME EARLY! Be there as soon as the doors to the mall open. After just 30-45 minutes the place fills up and by lunch it’s jam packed.
  2. GET YOUR HANDS ON A PUSH CART. As you go through the sale and see something that you really like (because you will definitely see many things you’ll like) put it in your cart. It’ll be too difficult to go back and retrieve it. Before you head to the counter just go through your items and keep the ones you really want.
  3. MAKE A LIST. It’s overwhelming to be confronted with all these great deals. You’ll feel like you need to get everything. Bring a list of your inaanaks, nephews, nieces, etc so you can choose what toys to give. Being its a sale you’ll be able to save and even get Buy 1 Take 1 Deals.
  4. INSPECT EVERY ITEM. At this sale I was excited to see the underwear that I had gotten Jael at the Baby Company sale. It was a set of DC character briefs which were 7 pieces for Php300, an obvious steal. However, I didn’t bother checking the size of each brief and when I got home that’s when I saw I had gotten small sizes. So, best check those sizes!
  5. BRING ALCOHOL/SANITIZER. You’ll be picking up a lot of things especially when scrutinizing the prices and state of the toys so expect to get your hands dirty.
  6. Lastly, BRING YOUR SMAC card becasue for sure you’ll be purchasing in the thousands and those are a waste of points if you don’t bring your card.



















For the Toy Kingdom Warehouse sale FAQ’s visit here.

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