What a treat I got at Posh Nails a couple of weeks back. I received an invite to get some pampering and learn more about the smartest mommy app around: MApp. You would think there would already be an app such as this but not so. This all around mommy app has almost everything a mom could possibly need.


MApp founder and celebrity LJ Reyes, saw the opportunity to provide a helpful and complete mobile application and online community for mommies. As a mommy on the go and one who has mostly gone digital, this smart mommy app can be helpful in all areas of my life.

The app has 6 main uses. It can locate establishments, give you great deals with provided coupons, help you determine an illness, provide a complete listing of all establishments, give you some great articles and a forum to communicate with other mommies.

Particularly helpful, are the emergency numbers. If you need a specific hospital you can locate through the locator and it can give you options that are in your area. Just make sure to have your GPS on.


Changing areas and nursing rooms are now available at a press of a button. Even dining can be determined by choosing your preferences in the app. How ideal is this!


Easily select your category to find what you need. It’s great fun to play around with. MApp equips mothers with the perfect tool whether for emergencies or just for creating a memorable time with family.


Download MApp:

App Store


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