Bastian and I attended UST’s free Senior High School Orientation to get to know more about the SHS process and what the benefits would be of enrolling in SHS next school year at a school as prestigious as UST.

Now off the bat, the fact that it’s UST should already be an answer but for moms like me who aren’t wealthy and can’t easily send their child to a school like UST it’s best to know what exactly entails entry to their SHS.

Of the many things discussed at the orientation, what stuck with me is really that the goal of enrolling your child at a school like UST is to set them on the right track. It’s quite an expensive track but definitely worth it to see your child get the best education.

This is the new SHS building in UST. Say goodbye to good old fashioned textbooks. Students in UST SHS will be working from tablets so please allot for this expense if you are considering enrolling your child here.


The one question I had in mind is whether from SHS they would automatically be enrolled at university. The answer is no. Students who maintain a 95 average will be exempted from taking the USTET but there are still things to be considered.

UST offers 4 kinds of scholarships, Santo Tomas Scholarship, San Lorenzo Ruiz Scholarship, Santo Domingo De Guzman Scholarship and San Martin de Porres Scholarship. Something to definitely look into more. What I realized though that most of these scholarships require a certain life status of grade point average. If you haven’t been drilling your child to study every minute of every day well, then these might not be options for you.


UST is one of the best in the Philippines and I think the most important thing in all of this is to be supportive and involved. Our first foray into SHS is the UST SHS Orientation Next up is the Expo for Higher Education.

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