Jael went to 3 places for his field trip one being the MMDA Childrens Road Safety Park. MMDA created the park which features bike lanes, road signs, a footbridge, sidewalks with curbs, a drainage system, waiting shed, hospital, fast food carts, a comfort room and a gas station. Patterned after Singapore’s Road Safety Park, the area is 4,600 sq. m. Traffic rules and road safety can be taught in this controlled environment.

In the Philippines it’s all the more important that kids learn this because it can literally be a hazard to your health crossing the streets. Though there are pedestrian lanes some people still cross where they want. Also, footbridges are provided but people still choose to cross the street which leads to accidents.

The purpose of the park is to teach road safety and the potential dangers on the road. They are also taught the importance of observing traffic rules and regulations. Children learned about road signs and what they mean. They were also taught a cool Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light song.


After the lesson the kids got to tour the park but they had to follow the rules and regulations. Here’s Jael on a miniature foot bridge.





The MMDA Children’s Road Safety Park is located at Adriatico Street cor. Quirino Avenue, Manila City. For bookings, reservations and other inquiries: Tel. no.: (02) 882-0927; Fax no.: (02) 882-2637; Metrocall: 136

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