There’s always room for self improvement. In big or small ways we can #BeABetterMe and one of the things I learned when I attended a session on Funny Face Yoga is that positivism extends beyond ourselves when we are a happier self.

#BetterMe is what Snow Caps Glutathione advocates as they support women to be better versions of themselves. Snow Caps invited friends and media for an afternoon of Funny Face Yoga with none other than Vivien Tan at the Sage Bar of The Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

As a former model who started her career at 12 years old, Vivien understood the pressure that society has put on women to be beautiful and perfect. Being immersed in the world of fashion and beauty at such a young age shaped what she thought beauty was and what beauty should be. She witnessed very young girls fall victim to dieting and health disorders like anorexia. She also understood the pressure that women have put on themselves—to be the perfect woman, wife, mother. At the peak of her career, Vivien decided to leave this world of high-fashion and embraced her new role as wife and mother. She learned that her and society’s definition of “beauty” turned out to be unreal and she then went on a pursuit of what real beauty is.


During the demo she shared three kinds of exercises—breathing exercises, kissing exercises and eye exercises. Through a simple and fun afternoon of Funny Face Yoga, guests learned how to create their own joy.


Of all the exercises I learned I loved this one the most. This is the Kissing Exercise, which has you holding your collar bone and with your head up you kiss the air. This allows for your face to get some movement and you stretch some of the kinks out of your neck.

With Funny Face Yoga you have to let go of your inhibitions because you really will be making plenty of funny faces!


The afternoon was one filled with pampering for us attendees. We each received customized goodies such as this lounge robe designed by Mr Joey Samson.


This beautiful fan was made from Casa Mercedes. This is as wacky as it gets!


How gorgeous are these locally made Wataru Espadrilles? I love them! They’re so comfy and my only hesitation in wearing them is I don’t want to get them dirty!


Snow Caps Glutathione is another way women can be better versions of themselves by helping them care for their skin. Snow Caps contains L glutathione from Kohjin Lifescience Tokyo Japan and it has 50% more  glutathione content than any other expensive brands. It also contains vitamin C and alpha liphoic acid which help keep skin healthy and glowing. Glutathione is naturally produced by our liver but factors like aging, sun exposure, stress, heavy exercise, alcohol, cigarettes and pollution reduce our glutathione levels causing the skin to dry and darken.


For more information on how Snow Caps, find them on Facebook (Snow Caps Glutathione) or visit or call (02) 927-9227.

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