Prom is a right of passage, at least when it comes to being a teenager in school. I never had the opportunity to attend my own JS prom and since the previous year my eldest has been reminding me about it.

Naturally being a parent, my first concern was cost. Cost of attendance, clothing and anything else he might need. When I was told that their prom would be at Manila Diamond Hotel I knew it would be a bit expensive and I was right. I was hesitant to pay what I thought was an expensive prom fee. However, I knew I wanted him to have a chance at attending so I asked about it in a group on Facebook where mommies can ask for advice or suggestions. It was indeed helpful, as it made me see the worth of the prom and where the expenses would be going to.

With that aside, our next item on the list was what he would wear. Being a teen once myself, I knew clothing would be a big deal. I also knew it would also be costly. Luckily, we had a friend who lent us a black coat. Bastian already had nice black slacks. Now it was up to Bastian to find the color theme he wanted.

We went to the mall and though he already had an idea of color combinations he wanted it would be different to actually see them together.

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Shopping with Bastian, I realized it wouldn’t just be the color combination but the textures and shades. Ideally the best colors to take to the dressing room are black and white polos plus 2 more shades that they like. Then also grab some neck ties and bow ties in colors that would match.

We took awhile in the dressing room pairing each polo to our chosen neck ties and bow ties. Some of the color combos we explored were:

mint green & silver

black & silver

white & maroon

His final choice was a mint green polo and silver bow tie.

junior senior prom js prom high school prom lifestyle mommy blogger 02

Alas, when we were getting a hankie for his coat pocket, he saw a cotton candy pink bow tie and instantly knew that it was the ONE. The final look: Mint Green polo, pink bow tie and hankie and a black suit.

As I said to him, it’s all about what you’re comfortable with and how you wanted your look to represent you. Teen life is very complex and everything seems to matter at this time. Since he was both popular but also funny I think this was a good mix of dashing and fun.

He also got these cool mint green socks from Iconic. Shoes are Stonehaven.

junior senior prom js prom high school prom lifestyle mommy blogger 04

The final look! Aside from being his mom, I think he looks great! Well fitted suit and eye catching color combination.

junior senior prom js prom high school prom lifestyle mommy blogger 05

It was enough for me to hear that he had an excellent time. The experience of attending prom is I’m sure one of his most memorable moments in school. Now, I have to start preparing for next year’s prom when my daughter attends!

What are your prom look ideas and color combinations? Share pictures if you have any! Tag me at @olskj on Instagram. Would love to see them!

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