School Vacations for In-School versus Homeschooled

School vacations for those in the public school system is a much-loved, complete and utter break from learning and education. Many in public schools do not view learning as necessarily desirable—sometimes children see their vacations as a way to avoid learning altogether and instead sit in front of a television or play video games.

Isn’t this an unfortunate side effect of a school system that is ineffective? Children should love learning about things and shouldn’t see it as a chore. As a homeschooler, you have an opportunity to develop in your child a love of learning that extends beyond school hours.

How do Vacations Work for Homeschoolers?

Many times, the vacation for homeschoolers can involve traveling to a place that the parents thought about recently. Learning about the nation’s capital could involve traveling there for a school break, where the children can view in real time the monuments and history that they’ve learned about. These holidays can serve as a leisurely exploration of the things your children have been taught and become interested in.

If you learned about architecture, you could travel and discover together the styles of buildings you see around you. The world can become truly magical when what you learn can be applied in your observations.

How to Use Vacations as Learning Opportunities?

Online homeschoolers have a great chance of developing in their children love of discovering new and interesting things through their vacations. It is not every day that a child can learn about the Native Americans in school and then be able to attend a pow-wow, or for them to learn about sea creatures and then visit the beach to see them in real time. School vacations can the perfect way for your children to apply what they learn and realize educating yourself is a lifelong hobby.

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