How timely it was to receive these personalized name labels when I was in search for labels to put on Jael’s clothing! I’m probably over paranoid when it comes to the kids’ safety but is there such a thing nowadays? Jael is 4 years old and he knows his name and his age but I want to ensure he has added protection by labeling his clothes as well.

Stickerkid is the perfect solution. They have iron on personalized name labels you can use and they have removable and permanent options. School time will be coming around next year for the little guy and their stickers for belongings are excellent.

Based in Switzerland and run by married couple, Doerthe and Christian they found a solution to the struggle of trying to keep track of children’s belongings and have printed over millions of labels.

While ordering online I asked Jael to help me choose the design and colors he wanted for his labels. With the Stickerkid pack containing 102 stickers there are choices for each kind. This is the affordable entry level pack ($22.00) which has a mix of their popular stickers and iron on labels.

It’s very easy to customize and order. You can choose everything from the font to the color and even add a design for the medium stickers.

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Stickerkid uses the highest quality materials and each label is protected with a thin plastic layer. There is no advertising on the labels itself which is great so that the stickers only have what you want them to have on it.

Stickerkid for Clothing

The stickers available for clothing are removable and permanent. These iron on labels have specific instructions you need to follow and make sure that you wait 48 hours before washing. The removable labels can easily be removed by ironing the labels and gently peeling.

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It was very easy to apply. Folowing the recommended heat, I used a sheet of bond paper (I didn’t have baking paper) and I carefully ironed on the labels. Took me no more than 5 minutes!

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Stickerkid for Belongings

These stickers are so durable that they can survive microwaves, dishwashers, water, sun and sand. With children’s belongings they have to be able to withstand all this and more! These stickers will come in handy when I have to label Jael’s things for school.

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Special Discount

Get a 10% discount when you order your sticker pack through Art of Being a Mom. Promo is valid until 31 July 2015. Code: 10StickerKid4CH

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