Toddler fashion nowadays is so hip and has a really fresh vibe. We’re lucky Jael has a wardrobe of fashionable clothes mostly care of his Ninang Marilou (thank you!). He really likes to dress up and I wanted to share about his style of toddler fashion.

2015-03-28 13.40.12

It’s funny because he dresses like his daddy in a way since they have the same style shorts. His Kuya Bastian flares it up by some folding and buttoning techniques that seem to be the in thing nowadays. During the summer I like to dress Jael up in bright colors and shorts since it can get really hot.

Even his haircut is in fashion as he and his daddy got that famous undercut ala Bamboo. I love dressing Jael up and helping to pick out his outfits because the time will come when he’ll be doing it on his own and won’t need mom’s help.

2015-03-07 18.55.35

He’s a growing boy so when we do look for clothes I turn to online shops. You might have read about my suggested online shops where I’ve successfully ordered quite a few things.

I’ve been looking for cute pants for boys at Zalora Marketplace and found an attractive selection. I had previously ordered these pretty pink sandals at Zalora and was happy with the sandals and the service I got.

2015-03-06 14.33.32-1

What about you? What are your suggestions for where to buy toddler clothes?

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