I love it when I get a chance to be pampered. It lifts me up both physically and mentally. I feel renewed and refreshed which is hard to achieve sometimes when you’re a work at home mom of 3. One kind of pampering I love is having a facial treatment. As we all know, it can get expensive but there are affordable and effective treatments for mommies like me who want to have that pampering but need to do it on a budget.

I was first introduced to Clara International through my Enjoy membership. I had gotten an Intensive Diamond Peel with Gold Mask and walked away glowing and feeling young. Yes, a facial treatment did that for me.

Clara International originated in Malaysia and has been in the Philippines since 2003. You might say, they’re a well kept secret but I think it’s time to tell you about them because you can truly care for yourself at an affordable price. Uniquely, Clara has made it so their products are made for Asian skin and that’s how you can see their effectiveness.

Ms. Anne Sia, owner of Clara International in the Philippines has shared her desire to provide an effective yet affordable service. If you’ve been getting treatments you’ll know just how affordable they are but how they still maintain top notch quality and service.


The rooms in Clara are simple and clean. They use top of the line equipment and rather than invest in other mediums such as advertising they put it into new equipment that provide better services for their clients.



I was attended to by, Girly who was very accommodating answering all my questions. We even chatted about our families most especially our children. My facial for the day would be an Intensive Soft Mask and SRT Skin Regenerator Laser which took about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Quite lengthy for a facial but you’ll see why.

She started off by cleansing my face then doing a suction technique that removed blackheads and whiteheads. It was a very thorough process and a tad bit painful but just a tad. I liked that Girly also advised me of a skin regimen and she didn’t try to sell me products but rather asked me what I currently used. Good thing I had started a beauty routine and was doing what she suggested except for the creams. I think I’ll be checking into this more.

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Usually when you try and define your type of skin it’s either you’re oily or dry, etc. Girly, told me that you can have dry and oily skin depending on the area of your face which is true for me. My nose and forehead are oily but my cheeks can be very dry.

Aside from the lovely facial you also get a massage to help you further relax. For me this was a big plus. To be honest, I fell asleep when she applied the gold mask. Once it was peeled away and sunscreen was applied I felt good as new.

clara international diode super hair removal facial laser hair removal art of being a mom www.artofbeingamom.com 02

After my facial treatment session you can see how my skin glowed. I look a bit sleepy though because I was that relaxed.


Stay tuned for my next recommendation, their hair removal treatment!

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