Feminine care is unique for every woman and believe it or not what may work for one woman may not work for another.

Woman Talks and Lactacyd launched a new line of variants specific to every woman’s needs. I was invited to attend the unveiling and experience a tour of Maldives, Bali, London, Tokyo and New York!

Armed with my passport and feminine wash I stepped into scenes of some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

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Of the locations that we were able to glimpse I had my heart set on hopefully traveling to London and New York someday. I had a ton of fun taking shots and below you’ll see me in Tokyo and New York! (New York photo with Statue of Liberty and Audrey Hepburn courtesy of Jamie Anyong of haveatyou.com)




lactacyd-woman-talks-londonThe show started off with these bevy of beauties as they started the launch with a little dance introduction. 
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Out came hosts Gelli Victor and Sam YG. Gelli was so pretty in pink and Sam YG turned out to be funny! I was familiar with him but didn’t know his kind of comedy and he was hilarious!
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Loyal brand ambassador Anne Curtis Smith graced the stage to talk about the brand that she has been using for 2 years now. She really is pretty in person.

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During the question and answer portion, Anne was witty, engaging and accommodating. When she was asked to compare Lactacyd to other brands she said she didn’t have anything to compare it to as she’d never used another brand. Well said, right?
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Lactacyd’s Line of Unique Care for Every Woman

The launching of Lactacyd’s Woman Talks focuses on these new variants. New on the scene are Protecting, Cool & Fresh, White Intimate, Revitalize and All Day Care. Which do you think would go with your lifestyle?

Myself? I’m pretty much sedentary being a work at home mom and so I’m liking the White Intimate and All Day Care. If however, on the few occasions that I am out I’d probably feel like using Protecting. I’m not a sporty type of person but Cool & Fresh and Revitalize seem like the perfect feminine wash for those who are.

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Also available are All-Day Care wipes which are definitely handy. Remember to pat and not wipe! That’s a tip from OB, by the way.

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We’re definitely sensitive down there and it does need special attention. We can’t just use regular hand soap or whatever’s around. I remember my OB telling me that we also need to keep that part of us pretty. 🙂

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The launch also included the announcement of a CONTEST! To join all you have to do is take selfies of yourself on a any trip you’ve taken and you get a chance to win an Asian trip for two! Follow Woman Talks on Facebook and Instagram and tag your selfies with #womantalks! Good luck!

Thanks to Sanofi Philippines, Lactacyd, and Ms Redge and Ms Kath of Moist Communicates for the invite!

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