One of the best decisions I’ve made is to become a work at home mom. I’ve been working at home for 3 years now and at the time that I started it was still a fairly new concept at least among the circles I lived and worked in. It was always somebody that knew someone who worked at home. At the time it seemed unattainable. Can you really work at home and earn as much as you earn working in an office? What about the benefits and all the incentives you get working as an employee?

These were all swirling in my head when I started considering a WAHM job. I had actually been considering a year before I began. I was obsessed with the concept and started talking to my friends and co-workers about it. They’ll tell you, I couldn’t shut up about it. I kept browsing online job sites trying to boost my confidence and at the same time wondering if these jobs were legit.

It wasn’t until I decided to have another child that I pursued a work at home career. Initially, I planned on staying at my job and thought that it would be better to maintain my current financial status. Every time I had to leave for work though, I felt like my heart was ripping apart. I felt that I was leaving it behind and this is exactly how I showed up for work, a hollow shell. My once determined self was no more. I was failing at my job and I realized it was time.

I had the opportunity to raise my 2 other children because at that time I was a stay at home mom. I knew that the first 5 years was an important time and that this was the best time for me to be with them and teach them. I believe this is the foundation of everything else that will come after. I had to give the same opportunity to my youngest.

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It was a tough start. I was earning well and was quite comfortable financially. All that changed though when I pursued a work at home career. I had to start from the bottom and work my way up. The only reason I stuck it out was because I knew this was the way that I could be with my baby boy. If I was determined before I was more determined than ever to succeed.

Today, I have 2 stable jobs and wonderful employers. I have benefits and bonuses and the best thing is that I get to do all of this in the comfort of my own home while I watch my baby boy grow.

It’s a common misconception that work at home jobs are mostly for moms. There are actually plenty of singles that work at home. You can carve a career out of what you want and love to do.

There are plenty of questions and hesitations, no doubt that’s why it’s great that there are workshops such as the The WAHM 101: How to be a Work at Home Mom that people can attend to know more about working at home.

I’m very honored and excited to be part of the panel in the workshop happening this June 28. I will get to share my experiences starting out, how I held in there and how I was able to succeed at the work at home life that I wanted to achieve for myself and my family.


If you’re wanting to be a work at home mom or want to have a successful work at home career join this workshop and learn how you can achieve it. Join me and my co-panelists whom you can ask questions and share your thoughts with.

I’m so thankful to Martine De Luna for giving me this opportunity to share.

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