It’s so amazing that I was given the opportunity and experience to visit Vigan, Ilocos Sur. My husband and I had been planning a trip for just the two of us for a few months now for our 15th wedding anniversary. However, despite our planning, our scheduled trips just kept falling through.

When I was invited to join a group of bloggers to visit and stay at Metro Vigan Inn it seemed like that phrase “When a door closes another one opens.” came true. What made it special for me was that I would get to bring my husband along on this sponsored trip headed by the Powercom team.

My wanderlust heart would often have me traveling in my dreams and as much as I want to explore travelling it’s not easy to when you have plenty of responsibilities. Not that, I regret anything and to be honest I don’t feel too much disappointment when it comes to that but honestly, I felt like someone up there was saying… “Let’s give them a free trip. They deserve it!” 🙂

The only other vacation worthy place that I’ve been to is Baguio. Ilocos Sur seemed like a whole new world to me.

We were in for a jam-packed 2 days and we were very much excited. Our itinerary included a kalesa tour, food tripping and food tasting at Metro Vigan Cafe.

The trip was 10 hours give or take. It can be done in 8 but we were a pretty large group so we had a few stop overs. As you can see the view was gorgeous. These shots were taken en route to Vigan.

DSC09676 rs

DSC09678 rs

Metro Vigan Inn is perfect for those who want to take a trip to picturesque Vigan but are on a budget.

The inn has 21 rooms of which you’ll surely find the perfect room for you and your companions. They also have a cafe that just recently opened and we were looking forward to trying their Asian Ilocandian dishes.

DSC09702 rs

DSC09720 rs

DSC09707 rs

I’m so thankful to Metro Vigan Inn and Powercom for giving us a room of our own. We definitely felt like we were on our honeymoon.

As I said, this was our first trip away together and this made it all the more special. We were given a Standard Double Room located behind the inn.

DSC09709 rs

As you can see for a budget hotel the room was quite spacious. All the necessary amenities were provided.

In fact, all rooms are fully air conditioned, have running hot and cold water, and LED cable TV.

DSC09730 rs

The provided closet has a lock on it so you can keep your belongings safe while you’re out. The TV is a respectable size with Skycable TV channels.

DSC09733 rs

 I’m a stickler for public bathrooms and upon inspection this passed my test.

It was clean, organized and had complimentary hand soap and tissue. Being a budget hotel, you’ll need to bring your own toiletries such as soap, shampoo, etc. They provide 4 towels in all.

DSC09729 rs

DSC09741.JPG rs

DSC09743 rs

DSC09740 rs

I toured the inn and checked out the other rooms.

This is a Superior Twin (good for 2 pax) with it’s own bath.

DSC09728 rs

DSC09729 rs

A Backpackers Room (good for 6 pax) with a separate bathroom that’s right across from the room.

DSC09726 rs

DSC09727 rs

Lounge area

DSC09724 rs

 Aside from a comfortable stay and delicious food Metro Vigan Inn offers Kalesa Tours. There are 2 kinds of kalesa tours you can opt for.

Culture Vulture Day Tour

A 4 hour city tour for the budget conscious wherein you’ll get to visit historical landmarks and tourist spots.

The Sunset Tour

This upgraded leisurely tour is 6 hours long and includes more places to visit.

I’m purposely being vague because I have a separate more in depth post about the kalesa tour. Stay tuned for that!

Getting to Metro Vigan Inn:

Air – Domestic flights leave Manila daily for Laoag City in Ilocos Norte, which is an hour and a half away by land to Vigan. The city can be reached from Laoag City via local bus companies.
By Land – The 408 km stretch from Manila to Vigan City is a comfortable eight-hour ride along the scenic Manila-Ilocos Highway. Many air-conditioned buses ply the Manila-Vigan route regularly.
Getting Around – The best way to explore Vigan is on foot; the town center is small and compact, yet full of excitement.

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For more details abut Metro Vigan Inn visit their website and Facebook page.

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