I remember when I used to watch movies to escape. I wasn’t escaping anything violent or sad but it was a door to another more eventful world. It was where all the possibilities were endless and all dreams came true.

I’ve been watching movies since I was a little girl and the movie that I remember that stood out for me was The Neverending Story. Today, there will probably be very few people who know that movie and if some have watched it might probably be unimpressed.

It is however, the movie that made me feel like I could soar through the sky just like Bastian did on Falkor. It’s where right was always right and wrong was wrong.

There was a point where I was so enamored with movies that I would watch at least 3 a day. Believe you me, the local video store was making money off me and my addiction.

During the days of my movie laden life I favored films that were full of meaning and life. The what if’s, could have been’s and the maybe’s. This was before I was married and when I was looking for a meaning to my own life. I imagined exploring the deepest recesses of the earth and traveling off to the farthest lands. I always seemed to equate myself with the characters in the movies and left the theater feeling that a little bit of them seemingly attached to me.

Today movies are purely for enjoyment and not necessary riddles to the answers I was trying to search for in my life. My family and I enjoy different movies especially ones that make us laugh and ones that make us scream.

We recently brought our youngest to watch The Amazing Spiderman 2 and he was in awe of the huge screen before us. He asked if we could buy a TV that big for our home. We doubled over in laughter. πŸ™‚

My friend, Jenan and I love to catch our favorite book to movies together. We troll the local cinema sites for the schedules and are ecstatic when we see that a much awaited movie finally has a schedule.

There’s an easier way now though to watch out for movies we’re waiting for with the GMovies app. It’s so accessible whether it be on your iPhone or Android phone. It can show you the movies that are now showing to ones that’ll be coming soon.


Need to decide what cinema Β is showing what at what time? No problem with GMovies as it lets you search for a particular cinema or can even tell you what cinemas are nearby your location. You can even see the cost of the ticket.

Click on a movie and you can see what the rating and synopsis is. Want to let your friends know abut a movie? A Share option is provided where you can share to Facebook, Twitter or through email.

See a movie you do like and want to buy tickets? You can do that on your phone, too. With all the apps currently out there, it’s great that there’s an app specifically made for us and for our convenience.

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What movie made YOU fall in love with watching movies? Let me know in the comments below!Β 

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