My friend, Jenan who loves The Hunger Games is getting married in a month’s time. As Matron of Honor, I wanted to be able to give her something to remember so what better way than a Hunger Games Bridal Shower!

With the help of one of Jenan’s bridesmaids, Reja we planned for a Hunger Games themed party.

After some research, Reja and I found that there were only 5 archery ranges in Metro Manila. One of which was by membership only. Another which was being renovated. We were left with 3 options.

We finally chose Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range for it’s location and food. It’s conveniently located in Ortigas and about 2 blocks away from SM Megamall. Jenan is vegetarian and Gandiva Cafe’s offerings were perfect.

DSC09545 rs

DSC09547 rs

I’m big on decorations and enjoy making them when I can. I made Jael’s first birthday decorations and love it when I’m able to create what I envision.

With Jenan’s shower I combed the internet and Pinterest where I’m always sure to get great ideas.

I was limited to what I could make for decorations and had to mostly keep it to what I could put on the table.

DSC09541 rs

I chose simple and easy designs but ones that were unique and would give color.

I found this cute picture of a bag and arrows made of those cardboard tubes from toilet paper. See original design here: Marigold Mom

I saw a beautiful design with origami birds hanging from string but since we weren’t allowed to hang decorations I decided to just make origami birds to put on the table. Tutorial here: Origami Crane

I found these cute printables of famous Hunger Games quotes and such. They make for great decorations and photo props. Straw flags & tags

Balloons are an easy way to create a festive feel. I chose red and orange balloons and just taped the Mockingjay bird I printed out onto the balloons.

Hunger Games decors

Gandiva Cafe

Before trying the archery range, we had a late lunch.

As I mentioned earlier, Gandiva Cafe is known for it’s healthy food. They encourage a vegetarian diet and green living.

All your favorites such as pizza, pasta and sandwiches are on their menu.

10291257_774784269219257_1120091929892986784_n rs

 Photo Credit: Ana Afortunado

DSC09565 rs

Spaghetti Meatballs (Php205) & Oatmeal Cookies (Php40/each)

DSC09564 rs

Tofu Chocolate Cookies and Oatmeal Cookies (Php40/each)

DSC09566 rs

Hawaiian Pizza (Php230)

Archery Range

The archery range is an air conditioned standard Archery gym. It has 9 lanes with an 18 meter distance.

With their one hour sessions they give a short introduction to archery and show you how to stand and hold your bow. They also give tips for a better aim.

DSC09607 rs

DSC09606 rs

DSC09577 rs

Jenan trying out her bow

DSC09622 rs

At the end of your session you get to keep your target sheet as a remembrance.

DSC09627 rs

We wanted everyone to have something to take home and we chose these cupcake towels.

I discovered ICraftin Towels, an online seller at the Manila Workshops: Make Your Own Kiddie Party workshop.  They had a beautiful display and I asked them about making a Hunger Games themed favor. We weren’t disappointed. They turned out great.

DSC09568 rs

All the items used were reusable and as you can see their’s even a cute clip.


DSC09618 rs

With my “BFF” Jenan 🙂

I’m so happy for you and that you’re starting a new journey. I’ll always be there for you as you have been for me. There’s so much to be excited for and I can’t wait to see your little ones running around!

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