If you love Valentines Day and are a fan of the zombie phenomena then Valentines Day Zombie Cards will make a great greeting for your loved ones.

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead series and this TV show has gained such a following that they even have cards for the sweetest of holidays. Season 4 has just returned and as of now the only romantic relationship on the show is that of Maggie and Glenn’s but even that is questionable as we haven’t seen the fates of these two lovers after being separated. I’m looking forward to more relationship dynamics on the show.

Let’s celebrate Valentines in a unique way with these cards. Hope you don’t scare the person you’ll be giving these too much!


 There are over 20 cards to choose from. You can also add photos and text to personalize your greetings then easily share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or you can email them.

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