Online shopping has made it incredibly easy for moms like me to shop in the comfort of their own home. For the holidays I made it a point to buy the children’s gifts at online shops.  I had prepared for this a few months before by buying a little at a time.

I was also lucky to have gone to the Toy Kingdom sale and National Bookstore Warehouse sale where I got great deals.

Shopping online although easy can be a nuisance if you chance upon an unreliable seller or scammers. I make it a point to go through their website and Facebook page to make sure that they are active sellers. I also check their comments and posts by others to check for complaints and such.

Depending on the buyer, the 3 things I look at are the shipping fee, payment options and delivery time.

Here are some sellers I have tried and found to be reliable and have a good variety of items.

 Joe & Cherry

I have ordered from Joe & Cherry a few times and have found their process efficient and timely. I love sweets and they have such a great variety at the best prices that I’ve seen so far.


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I’ve made a couple of orders here. They take a little more time than other online sellers but they have a great tracking system. I’m also able to pay via PayPal which is a big plus for me. They also have deals and discounts. You can put items under a wish list and be informed through email when out of stock items are available again.



Shy Shop

I’ve ordered quite a few items from here and they have great prices. Cheapest that I’ve seen yet you still get quality items. They have also been great to deal with and take the time to reply to your texts and messages. Set aside some time though because once you start going through their albums you won’t move from your computer or phone any time soon. They have many products to look at and each album provides detailed descriptions of the products.

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Mommy Patch

I’ve made a few purchases from Mommy Patch as well. Some for myself and some as gifts. They have all natural products at affordable prices. Also another online seller that accepts PayPal.


The Dream Shirt

I had a just a little bit of trouble with this seller but they proved themselves worthy by getting my order to me on time and being incredibly supportive by giving me updates. I had purchased a Hunger Games shirt from them for my son. I needed it before the holidays and the shirt was a pre-order item. In the end my son was happy with the shirt and I plan on ordering more. They also carry shirts for Harry Potter, Divergent, Mortal Instruments, Fault in Our Stars and Percy Jackson.


Fab Manila

I also experienced just a bit of a hiccup with my order here because it was delayed but the team at Fab Manila got right on top of the situation and I got it right on time. It turns out the shipping company had broken the items and had not informed the seller until they had followed up. Fab Manila quickly replaced the items.



If you’re in the Fairview area and are looking for all natural items here’s another great online seller. She personally makes drop offs if it’s on the way. I love her anti- mosquito sticks!


Washi Works

Washi tapes are so popular nowadays and you’ll find many that sell them. However, Washi Works was it for me because they had the best prices and were very easy to deal with.


Infinity Online Shop

I love the Infinity symbol. I fell in love with it when my husband gave me an Infinity ring. The simple design holds a meaningful definition. It’s the symbol of continuity and can be interpreted in your life however way you want.

When I found this online shop I was so excited. I instantly went through their product albums. Being a first time buyer however, I decided to order something simple and affordable. They met my expectations perfectly. It was even I, who had delayed in payment which they accepted my profuse apologies for.

I already have items lined up  for purchase!

2014-01-07 14.28.18

Stay tuned for additions to my best online shops list! I’d love to hear what online shops you frequent.

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