We have been doing the independent homeschool method but in the near future we are hoping to be affiliated with TMA (The Master’s Academy).

I brought my children along to the homeschool orientation so they can also be aware and be better informed of the plans we have for them. My children are 13,12 and 3. My son, 13 years old and my daughter, 12 years old have gone to a conventional school since they were 5 so homeschooling was quite a new concept and one they are continuing to accept.

I can’t say 100% that we tried homeschooling because of the benefits that we’ve heard but a big push for us was financially we couldn’t cope with the tuition costs they had for a private school.

It may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I discovered areas that vastly needed improvement and had I not been given the chance to catch it they might have grown up without having had a chance to improve in these areas.

Mr. Edric Mendoza was our speaker for the day and I met a few parents who were very helpful and had information to share. After attending the conference our plans are concrete. It was especially helpful to be able to talk to the councilors that they had per grade. I spent time with both the 6th and 8th grade councilor to further discuss our options.

After taking the conference we were given certificates of attendance which would be a requirement for their enrollment.


For inquiries you can call TMA Homeschool at 234-0432 or visit their office at the 2nd floor of Fun Ranch in Pasig City.

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