My PGH Gallstones Experience


With my son, Bastian at the hospital

My health today is so much better than it was last month. Today I can eat and not feel full after a few bites, I can sit longer without my back hurting and I feel as light as air.

The new me is because of a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. This procedure removes your gallbladder and gallstones that have formed in it. I’ve had gallstones since 2007 and was only able to have it removed recently.

The people I shared my hospital room with said that I had “taken care” of these stones. They were about as a big as a cube of dice. If you’re able to have the procedure done as soon as you discover the stones they’re usually as small as peppercorns.

You might say circumstances and my fear of being operated on prolonged this necessary procedure. I’ve had on and off back pains and 3 major episode pains which had me rushing to the emergency room.

I regretted not getting the procedure done when I still had medical insurance and by the time I had decided to finally get it done I discovered I was pregnant with my youngest child.

It seemed like the pain kept building and building until I couldn’t function normally and eat a real meal. My dilemma was mostly financial and the length of the recovery time I would need.

I’m a work at home mom and all the more I need to be able to resume work right away as I don’t get the usual benefits of sick leaves. Fortunately, my bosses were very understanding and generous even paying me for the week that I didn’t work!


My gallstones

After my last episode of pain where I went to the the ER of Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center, I was advised to have the surgery because my kidney would soon be affected. They had given me a quote of Php70,000 to have an open surgery done which meant I would be operated the old fashioned way with one long cut to pull the gallbladder out. The recovery time for this is 1 month. I already had previous knowledge of the possible procedures and as much as possible I wanted to have a laparoscopic cholecystectomy done. This would only need a week’s time to recover.

Now that I knew that I needed to get the surgery done I needed to find the best yet least expensive way. A friend suggested I try Philippine General Hospital (PGH) since it was a public hospital. So I gave them a call and was directed to the the GS3 Office after having explained my situation. The GS3 Office it turns out handles service cases and provides less expensive ways of getting surgery done. Β They assign a surgeon to you and although you don’t have a choice in doctor you do have a choice of choosing your room. Although the private rooms are hard to come by as I was to find out the morning I was to be admitted. I ended up in a 6 to a room which turned out to be the better choice.

During the admitting process (which took about 2 hrs per person waiting time) we (I was with my mom and son) came across others who were to be admitted as well. In that waiting time alone there were 3 others who were also going to have cholecystectomys done. In my hospital room 3 of us were also having the same procedure done. It seems gallbladder removal was a popular procedure.

I was skeptical at first because I wouldn’t get to choose my doctor but since doctors from PGH (Philippine General Hospital) are UP (University of the Philippines) graduates I knew that they were among the best. I also found out that the doctors who perform for service cases are doctors who are affiliated with some of the best hospitals in the country like St. Lukes and Makati Medical Medical Center. That set my mind at ease.

I spent half of what the others spent. The laparoscopic cholecystectomy can range from a Php100,000.00 to Php200,000.00. My hospital bill came to Php46,000.00. It’s important to note that Philhealth was a big factor in the price reduction. It cut my doctor’s fee in half and covered my hospital expenses such as medicines, room, etc.

Although I wasn’t able to choose the doctor and then only met him very briefly on the day that I was to be released it didn’t bother me much. What mattered was that the operation was successful and there were no complications. Though my fellow patients had frequent visits from their doctors in the end it was the successful surgery that mattered.

This is definitely an option worth pursuing even for other medical procedures. If you are having financial difficulties, this process can help you get the treatment you need and still receive quality care.

*All advice given here in my post and in the comments below are from my own experience. Please seek proper medical advice before going to the PGH GS3 office.

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295 thoughts on “My PGH Gallstones Experience

  1. Hi, i read your blog about having the laparoscopy procedure in PGH. Is it hard to have an appointment there? Was your experience in PGH is not that bad? My father in law needs to have his gallstones removed. The doctors quote him 90k for the operation. He’s already 60+ and have other health problems. Can you please advise me the steps that you did before having the surgery in pGH? I mean the numbers to call, etc… And what room did you choose so that they will have an idea on what to expect. Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Sheila, It’s not hard at all. Just visit GS3 at PGH to make an appointment for the operation. You meet with the doctor on the day of the operation. Expect your father to stay at PGH for 2-3 days but it really depends on him. Waiting time for the room and such can eat up half a day so be there early. You can call 554-8400 and look for Ma’am Emily to make sure they’re at the office before going for the schedule of surgery. My experience at PGH was good. My bill came to about Php46,000 and that’s for a laparoscopic procedure. This is with Philhealth though as the doctor’s fee and hospital expenses are partially covered. I wanted to get a private room but these are almost always not available. I ended up in a 6 to a room which I thought in the end was better. Just make sure that there is someone with your father when he is brought down for the operation because the nurses will ask you to buy medicines and things needed for the operation (bring 1k to be sure). If you have anymore questions let me know and I would be glad to help. πŸ™‚

    • I just had my lap. chole. last Monday. It took my operation one hour only. I had it at Quezon City General Hospital. They have a pay ward there. My very good surgeon is Dr. Jonathan Garcia. He had a training in Japan. My anesthesiologist is Dr. Serbando, the director of the hospital, my cardiologist is Dr. Espaldon. I had my surgery Monday 8am, I was discharged the next day. When I reached home I just rested because of the storm, Thursday am, I was able to go shopping at SM, bought medicines for our coming medical mission. And now Friday, I am planning to go back to SM North, because it is brownout here in our place. I can walk straight because I immediately mobilized. Dr. Garcia is really very very good. You can contact him at QCGH.

    • I have this .02 cm Gallstone but i refuse to have my gallbladder remove and choose the medical option which is to liquify the stone using medicine. But i will have this test kung pwede s akin ung medicine. Kung below 1cm pa stone bka pwede makuha sa medicine and low fat diet.

      Pero i have a friend na .5cm stone naalis using Chanca Piedra a kind of herbal drug that can break this calcified stone in gallbladder. Kaso syempre ayaw ng mga doctor yang mga herbal drug. look for this in the internet Chanca Piedra 2 cm gallstone. kung malaki na talaga stone mo eh no choice talagang surgery na yan.

    • Hi olsk,

      I have read your blog, I need your help with regards to the situation not similar to you but at atleast an overview. My mom was experiencing an ascite on her abdomen but as of now still not final what is the caused. CT scan was done but need further evaluation. Dr. advised Laparoscopy (but not quite sure if they have different kind of, since when I search on internet almost all was regarding gallstone). Maybe some of you have or someone has the same situation like my mom. I just need to know if how much will be the cost for this procedure or they have the same. Since we already asked quotation from St. Lukes which is quite high. I was quite amused to see amount around 46K. that why at this point. I’m thinking if this procedure has different type.

    • Hi po mrs.mercado…tanung ko lang po kung sa pay ward po kau dumerecho… kc po sa opd po ako ng punta ang sched ko po eh 19 pa ng january 2017 … ang case ko po ng yeyellow na ako.. sabi po ng doktor sa laspiΓ±as asap n po dapat ang operation ko … pero ang sched sakin sa pgh 1month pa… meron po b kau mairecomend na doktor.. sakin or procedure para mapabilis ang processing ko thank you po..

  2. Hi, ask ko lang yung doctors na gagawa okay naman ba, hindi ba cla yung nag aaralmpa lang, at ano nga pla ibig sabihin ng service case thanks

    • Hi Janet, The doctors there are top notch. My doctor was Dr Dante Ang whose specialties are Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Stomach, hernia, Open and Laparoscopic Surgery. Service case are cases wherein a patient doesn’t have enough funds to avail of private care. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Sharmaine, The procedure lasted about 6 hours I believe since I was brought in early morning and in the recovery room by lunch time. I was asleep during the operation itself but the recovery is a bit painful. I hope this doesn’t discourage you as it’s well worth it to have it removed. Today I feel great, I have more energy and I have no more pain in my sides or back.

  3. Hello,

    This is very helpful . I’ll try calling PGH on Monday ( or can I still call them on a weekend/Saturday?). We just found out that my father has gallstones. We don’t have a health card nor Philhealth so we really need to look for the cheapest price out there without sacrificing his safety. I’ve been hearing a lot of horror stories about the long lines and unfriendly staff of PGH but reading your account of the procedure gives us hope na kakayanin din namin ito.

    Thanks again and will try to update you once we called them. God bless us!

    • Hi,

      I’m glad I could help. My main goal in writing about my experience was to help others.

      The horror stories you heard about were the indigent cases where there is minimal to no payment required from a patient. I went to their service case office (GS3 office) where you can get a reduced fee.

      I hope to hear from you again and hope everything goes well for your father.

  4. hi, thank you so much for detailing your experience on this. I badly need more information. I am a work at home mom, no enough savings for an expensive laparoscopy to remove my gallbladder with polyp tapos no insurance pa. I tried applying for one but to my dismay, hindi pala pwede i apply if merong pre existing conditions, pwede pero konti lang ang coverage. How many days ka naging okay after your operation? You said recovery is painful, how painful? which is more painful or mas mahirap the recovery and operation for gallbaldder or yung panganganak? I hope you can also email me I am in Cebu but I am considering PGH. I feel so bad na kasi, sobrang sakit na ng side ko parati. Hindi ako pwede sa open surgery kasi mabilis akong mabinat, im not sure kung anong tawag nun sa inyo.

    • Hi Irish, I had also considered getting a health card but also found out that they wouldn’t cover pre-existing conditions. Since I had gotten a laparoscopic cholecystectomy my recovery was quicker than getting an open laparoscpy procedure. I was able to work (also a work at home mom) after 1 week. Full recovery is around 2-3 weeks. It really depends on you and your body though. For me it was more painful to give birth and harder to recover from (this is because I gave birth naturally for my first 2 kids without anesthesia) than the operation. If your tolerance for pain is high you will only feel discomfort after the operation. I know how you feel and I hope you are able to get the operation. I feel a million times better after my operation. Good luck and just send me an email if you have more questions.

  5. hi.. ask ko lng, is it like going through CS operation? with catheter, ano ung anesthesia, ung sa back ba? ito kse ung mga ayaw ko sa operation.. kaya di ko pa tlaga ma take mag pa optn, tinitiis ko yung sakit πŸ™ AND also i need to save pa rin for the hospitalization. thanks for this blog πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jing, I haven’t gone through CS soo I can’t give a comparison. I did have a bag for 1 week though and as for the anesthesia it wasn’t given through my back but through a mask where I inhaled it and was out like a light. I hope yoou get the operation so so you are no longer in pain. It’s scary at first but when you have it removed you’ll live better.

      • Im scheduled for lap chole nxt week, di na talaga maiwasan (as much as I tried to delay, im in pain). My doctor advised me not to eat fatty food, and of course not to over eat baka daw biglang sumakit eh ma emergency pa ako. Can you advise please other preparations? how many hours fasting before the operation? I will be admitted afternoon before the operation. Can you tell me please all the other things done in the hospital prior to the operation.. im so nervous, gusto ko prepared ako sa mangyayari.. like the dextrose? blood test? (meron pa ba ulit?), shave? urinary catheter? enema? appreciate your reply, nakaka tense πŸ™

        • Hi Jing, I’m glad to hear that you’ll be having the surgery. It’s terrifying but needed. Btw, sa PGH ka ba? I didn’t eat much na when I knew I was going to be operated on. The nurses will let you know what time your last meal and drink of water should be. I remember it was about 6-8 hrs before. There will be dextrose, and it would be best if you have someone who will stay with you at all times because it’s hard to move around. They will do tests pa rin, and there will be an ultrasound. No shaving, catheter or enema in my case. I hope it goes well. Would love to hear from you when you’ve recovered.

  6. Hi! Po ask ko po if binigyan po ba kayo ng pampatulog before the surgery po? I have 2.4mm gallstone rin po and afraid po kase ako sa surgery kaya untill now nagtatake pa rin po ako ng medicine tanx po sa pagshare ng inyong experience kahit papaano po magkakalakas loob na po ako magpasurgery πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jociel, Yes, I inhaled the anesthesia through a mask and was asleep in a few minutes. It’s very scary but when it’s done it’s definitely worth it. Good luck to you!

  7. Hello, how much the cost of Laparoscopic Surgery of my Gall bladder Stones , i have 5 stones with 1cm sizes, where Dr. Dante Ang Hospital /Clinic connected?
    Awaits reply
    Thank You and best regards

    • Hi Joyce, My surgery came too Php46,000. That’s with philHealth included. Dr Ang has a private clinic at PGH in their other building UPMC inside the PGH compound. I hope it goes well for you!

  8. Hi! Tanong ko lang how much kaya lap chole sa bata 10 yrs old? Magkano kaya aabutin kung walang philhealth sa PGH? Salamat ;,)

    • Hi Lucy, I’m not sure if the price differs for children. Without Philhealth, my surgery would have cost around Php80,000 or more. You can go to the GS3 office to inquire. Hope it works out for you.

  9. hi po…
    ask q lng po nung ngkaroon k po ng ganyang sakit lumaki po b an tiyan mo???my mom kc have diagnose a gallbladder stone 2months ago..
    now ung tiyan nia lumaki n di n nkkain ng kanin etc..sumusubo lng xia ng konti tapos sumusuka. and super pumayat tlga xia.plzz help me anung gagawin q..i dont want to see my mom suffering..tnx

    • Hi Daisy, Hindi lumaki stomach ko but I did feel bloated and very full kahit konti pa lang nakain ko. Very alarming na po yung situation ng mother niyo. I hope she can get a check up soon and baka kailangan na niya maoperahan. Dahil may diagnosis na rin kayo pwede ka na rin magtry sa GS3 sa PGH to ask for assistance. Please let me know if I can help any further.

  10. hi..
    thank you sharing about gallstone,,it helps me a lot.. my gallstone kc ako last september 2013 ko lng nlaman at medyo malaki na,,taga cavite ako at sobrang mahal ng operation dto at felling ko wla na akong pag asa,,na hihintayin ko nalang ang katapusan ko…and because of you nabuhayan ako ng pag asa..thank you ha..marami din akong natutunan sa blog mo specially sa mga nag comments sau..felling ko biglang tumapang ako..

    • Hi Jennifer, Thank you! It’s so nice to hear that my post has helped you. I hope you’re able to get them removed soon so you can be free from the pain. If you have more questions don’t hesitate send me a comment or email me.

  11. Good to see you are feeling better now, i will also have my gallbladder out (i am on the waiting list) after the doctor found 2 gallstones that are giving me pain and making me feel sick.

    Did you have any problems with certain foods after your operation? Thanks,

    • Thanks Stephen,Glad to hear you are scheduled to have yours out. It really is better to have it removed. I found after the operation that I would have to go to the bathroom when I’ve eaten foods that are to oily and anything with beef. So i make sure too stay away from beef, fries, anything cheesy and if I do decide to eat I make sure there’s a bathroom nearby. Other than that I haven’t had any other side effects.

    • Thanks for your reply Olsk, I am still on the waiting list and feeling worse than ever, the nausea is the worst. The strange thing is i never get pain on the right side where the gallbladder is even when the doctor presses on it, i guess just have to see how i feel after the operation when the time arrives.

      • Hi @stephen and @olsk_mercado, how long were you on the waiting list at PGH before you got operated on? Thanks!

  12. My father is scheduled to meet up with kuya ramil and he gave us a quote of 60k more or less daw ng gallstone removal. Ooperahan na din ba sya that day? And pwede ba namen irequest si Dr. Ang? Thanks for your reply. Heres my email add-

  13. Hi there! You’re blog is such a blessing! My husband will be consulting with Dr. Dante Ang tomorrow about my husband’s gall bladder stone. He’s a seafarer and was commanded (we were given no choice) to have his gall stones removed for him to join his vessel. At first we are quite hesitant in considering PGH bcoz of the stories. But through ur blog, we were enlightened. Thank u for sharing your experience. I know that my husband will recover fast and will get the best treatment. God bless!

  14. Hi!
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Thank you also for dropping by my blog. πŸ™‚

    I just came from a gastroenterologist yesterday. After my ultrasound, urinalysis and blood works, I found out that I have gallstones too. Although the doctor said it’s not urgent to have a surgery at this time, I’m still contemplating on the pros and cons of undergoing it. Two of my concerns are first, I’m still breastfeeding my daughter who is 2 years and 9 months old and the other is finances. I’m a SAHM and slowly working my way out to become a WAHM.

    I am praying and believing that God in His sovereignty and goodness will show me the best way to go in His perfect time, that is either He will just melt the gallstones or He will provide the money that will be needed for the surgery. πŸ™‚

    Again, many thanks. And I’m glad to know you’re feeling much better now.

    Blessings on you and your family.

    • Thank you Joy! I hope you are able to have them removed soon so that you’ don’t experience further pain and discomfort. Congratulations on becoming a WAHM! I’m also a WAHM and it has worked out well. Blessings to you and your family as well.

  15. Hi. I have read all your blogs today. Weve been to the hospital here in Taytay an hour ago. My husband was diagnose to have a gallstone and need to be operated. Can u give me steps on how to have an operation at PGH? tHANKS

    • Hi, Please visit GS3 office at PGH to make an appointment for the operation. You can call 554-8400 and look for Ma’am Emily to make sure they’re at the office before going for the schedule of surgery. You meet with the doctor on the day of the operation. Expect your husband to stay at PGH for 2-3 days. I can’t recall but you may need PhilHealth and it’s better to prepare that. This is how the cost is significantly lessened. If you have any me questions please feel free to email me or comment back here.

      • Hi there olsk_mercado! My husband had his gall stones and gall bladder removed last june 27 also by dr. Dante Ang. It was a success! Sa pgh rin kami pinapunta ni Dr. Ang and he advised us to get the 6 patients in a room type of accommodation. Kaya lang, walang available that time
        So what we got is the 2 patients in a room accommodation. Nagdeposit kami ng 8800php since surgery ang gagawin sa husband ko na max 3 days of stay. Okay na rin kasi yung ksama ng husband ko sa room ay nadischarge nung hapon na nag-in kami then wala na kaming nakasama hanggang nadischarge yung husband ko nung june 29. So, parang nakabig private na rin kami. Ang binayaran namin sadoctor/anesthesian and use of the laparoscopicequipment ay 51k. For the hospital bill ay yung 8800php na deposit for the room.then may refund pa kami na 5100php na makukuha namin because of philhealth. More or less ay nasa 54k inabot total cashout namin. So I suggest na bago magpaopera ay ayusin lahat ng kailangan sa philhealth to avail right away the less in your bill. Also, better ang laparoscopic surgery since mas madali ang healing. Yung husband ko ay nagfit to work na after a week of operation. I hope that my shared experience would help others who’ll have their surgery. Also, not bad naman sa PGH, mura pa! What is important is the doctor who’ll perform the operation. πŸ™‚

        • Thanks for sharing your husband’s experience, Gem! This will be a big help to others who are looking for less expensive ways to get their gallbladder removed. You also got a good price! Glad your husband is up and about after only a week.

  16. hi, had my surgery na at a provincial hospital here in bohol with a private specialist in laparoscopy surgery. topnotch doctor pero 40 thousand lang plus mga 5 thousand for the equipment like the clips etc. so mga 45 thousand all in all. so far, so good recovery and fast. i just wonder, mga ilang days kaya ako magpapain killer nito? i heard, may side effects yun….

    • Hi Irish, I took painkillers for a week. There weren’t any bad side effects in my case. I only notice though that I have to go to the bathroom soon after I eat anything with beef, too much butter or cheese and anything extremely oily. However, I haven’t experienced anything terrible like the horror stories you hear. Moderation is still important. Dr Ang said I could eat practically anything but to be on the safe side I stay away from oily and salty foods. I still eat french fries and lechon and stuff like that but only every once in awhile. I’m glad your surgery went well and that you got a good price!

  17. hi ! .. incidentally browsed on the conversations here & im glad to have read suggestions/ options. I am currently out of the country but i am considering my operation to be done in the phil- pgh specifically. ! will try to consult with GS3 and see if ican avail of the discounts, hope so. I am also considering Dr. Dante Ang. So the 1s tstep is to go to GS3 ofc first? then an appointmnt with Dr. Ang..when will the ultrasound be done? will they ask for my previous ultrasound readings? thanks !

    • Hi Nette, If you have already been diagnosed as having gallstones you can then proceed to the GS3 office. There is no doctor there for consultation. They will discuss your options with you such as when and how much the surgery will be depending on your case. Please bring all your documents. There will not be an appointment with Dr Ang, unfortunately. In my experience, I was just assigned a doctor that was available on the date that I had requested my surgery to be on and it happened to be Dr Ang. If you would like Dr Ang to be the one to operate on you then pls ask the GS3 office if it is possible to be scheduled under him. Good luck and I hope to hear from you after the successful surgery! πŸ™‚

  18. Hi!! I was looking for this kind of info since my father in law was diagnosed with gall stones and was given a quote of 150K for keyhole surgery… i was looking for a cheaper and more reasobnable price buti nalang nakita ko itong post mo and recently mo lang ginawa ko I was thinking di pa masyadong malayo ang presyo.
    Do you need to bring all the result ng mga diagnosis with you para basahin ng doctor?

    • hi, tnx 4 the info. at first takot aq mgpaopera sa pgh pero dhl sa xperience mo, lumakas ung loob q, na diagnosd dn aq na my gallstone july 25 q lng nlman. plano qng pumunta s pgh sa friday. ask q lng po kung ilang days or wiks kang naghintay bgo ka naoperahan. tnx po and godbless.

      • Hi Maricel,

        I waited only 5 days and that’s because I scheduled it like that. As long as you have proper documentation of your diagnosis and a doctor is available you can be scheduled as soon as you’d like. Good luck! I’ll pray for a successful and easy recovery. πŸ™‚

        • tnx. gling na q sa pgh yesterday, nagpa skedyul narin po aq. ask q lng po kung gaano ktagal ung operasyon and tulog po b kau nung ginagawa un? takot po kc aq sa operasyon.

          • Hi Maricel, Godd na nagpaschedule ka na. πŸ™‚ The operation was about 2 to 3 hours from what I remember. Tulog ako during the operation. May mask nailalagay and I was asleep kaagad. I went in at 6:30am and woke up in the recovery room at 12:00pm but was so groggy and fell back asleep and woke up at around 2:30pm where I was finally brought back to my room. The operation itself did not last long. It was the recovery after the operation which took long. Hope this helps!

  19. Good morning everyone. May advise na po ang doctor sakin na magundergo na ng surgery to remove my gallbladder. Sa mga nakapag undergo po ng surgery recently, magkano po ang nababawas kapag may philhealth? Salamat po.

  20. hi, schedule ko this wed. for gallstone open surgery, tanung ko lng po sa iba nakakaramdam din po ba kayo ng pagkahilo at panghihina pangangayayat, kc po ganito ang nangyayari sakin ngayun. marami n po akung test & lab. n ginawa but ok naman po maliban s gallbladder ko, , pakisagut naman po kung same symptoms din ang nararamdaman nyo ,,,, salamat po

    • Hi Tats,

      Nakaramdam din ako ng panghihina at pagkahilo noon. Dahil malala na yung akin nakaranas ako ng sobrang sakit sa likod and sa right side ko kung saan ang gallbladder natin. It’s good na mapapaopera mo na yan. Good luck!

      • sir san po makikita ung gs3 ?magpapa appoint me kay doc.dante ang for my surgery and discussing for gallstone

  21. Hi!
    Please let me know how much in-all you spent for laparoscopic cholecystectomy? And how big are your gallstones?
    Does Dr. Ang have a clinic?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Chrisbev,

      I spent Php46,000 in all. My gallstones were clumped together s I can’t really say how big they were. I was told though that they were bigger than the duct in my gallbladder and that was what was creating the pain when it would block the flow in there. Dr Ang has a clinic at PGH if you want to consult with him. It’s in the UPMC inside the PGH compound. When entering the gates turn left and you’ll see the building. You can also ask the guard. UPM-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building (FMAB), PGH Compound, Taft Avenue, 1007 Manila, Philippines. Try calling these numbers and asking for Dr. Ang’s clinic hours. (02) 708 -0000 / (0932) 7781589

      • Hi. Good day. I went through laparoscopic surgery also for my gall bladder. I have a question, how do you go about cleaning the wound post operation? My doctor said that he is the only one who will clean it. So i need to go to his clinic TTHS and it cost me 500 per visit. After the operation, were you given oitments or were you advised to clean the wound yourself? 1500 per week is still a big money right?

        • Thank god there’s no complications naman. Me and my fellow patience were misinformed about this case and after operation procedure. What the doctor is asking is for us to buy 500 worth of ointment so the tissues will bind back together. Sa pusod kasi lahat ng operation namin ng mga patience nung doctor na nag opera sa amin. We didn’t know that it will heal on its own and worst we didn’t know that we can clean it ourselves cause again the doctor claimed that he is the only one who can clean it. Thank you for your reply and for educating people about your experience. My case is an emergency that my gall bladder needs to be remove asap since magang maga na sya that’s why we didn’t have any options nor seek 2nd opinion. People in this blog, i just hope you continue to post your experiences, insites and questions so more people will be educated. Again, thank u so much and god bless
          len romulo recently posted…Pizza Toppings All You Want at Mad For PizzaMy Profile

  22. Hi to all, salamat sa lahat na nag share ng kani kanilang experience sa blog na to ,and also thanks a lot sa owner. i was diagnos na meron akong gall balder stone 5mm ang laki im OFW working in saudi arabia. im requesting my office to take my operation in philippines mas bilib ako sa pinoy doctor hoping na ma approved yung request ko. sa PGH ako mag pa paopera dahil sa blog na to lumakas ang aking loob.hoping everthing is fine after my operation. ask ko lng kung ok lng po na bumalik pa ko sa work ko d2 sa saudi hndi naman ganon mahirap ang work ko more on setting and driving lang pls advice,

    Sa lahat na wala ng gallbaldder “INGATAN NAWA TYO NG DIOS”
    at wag nating kalimutan ang pag gawa ng MABUTI kahit isang araw lang.

    maraming salamat sa lahat ng nagbigay ng ka kanilang karanasan sa BLOG na to at sa ART OF BEING MA’AM. it helps me a lot thank you ma’am.

    • Hi Ogie, Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you’re able to have your operation here. I work from home as a personal assistant and was back to work after 1 week. I know of others who have been able to go back to work easily. It depends on the kind of operation you will have. If it’s open it will be a month but for lap chole like what I had I healed easily. Thank you Ogie and god luck to you! I hope to hear from you after the operation to hear how it went and how you’re doing.

  23. Hello po,may parehong sakit din po ang mama ko, sa east avenue medical center po kmi nagpapatingin, kanina lang po nmin nalaman na may gallbladder stones din po xa. Problema po nmin wla po kaming malaking pera pang opera, meron pa po bang ibang ospital na mas mababa ung presyo? Pahinante lng po kc ang tatay ko eh. Nagresearch lng po ako tungkol sa gallbladder stone at ito po ang lumabas na article. Please help po

    • Hi Anne, Kung kailangan niyo ng masmababa meron yung PGH na program na libreng operation but alam ko medyoo mahirap and process dito. Yung sa GS# may bayad po pero malaking discount. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help…

    • Ms Anne. I’ve been through laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. Sa east avenue med din. Hindi ko nagamit ang philhealth ko so medyo malaki gastos namin.80k ang estimate ng doctor pero lumagpas pa din kami dun. So advise ko lang mag inquire muna sa philhealth before magpaschedule ng operation just to make sure na magagamit nyo yung philhealth at maayos ng mas maaga if ever may problem. Pwede ka ring humingi ng tulong sa pcso.makakatulong sila.pwede nila sagutin as much as 80-90% nung operation and hospitalization under charity case and/or 40% ng operation and hospitalization kapag sa paid(hindi nagbibigay ang pcso ng tulong para mabayaran yung doctor’s fee if ever nag private doctor ka and if ever nagprivate room ka, hindi isasali ng sa computation ng 40% yung room. Bale ang ang 40% ay manggagaling lang sa operation and other medical cost.) kapag sa charity naman, sabi ko nga kanina, 80-90% yu g pwede nila ibigay pero resident doctors nila ang magoopera at titingin sa patient. Kung sakali gusto nyo magpatulong sa pcso, just make sure na hindi weekend ang schedule ng opertion lara may time kayo magprocess.mas madali po kasi magprocess ng request if admitted na yung patient. Right after ng operation, ipaprepare nyo na yung medical abstract at temporary bill tapos gawa din po yung patient ng personal letter addressed to pcso chairman tapos makipila po sa pcso.mahaba po ang pila dun so magbaon po ng maraming pasensya.kung gusto po ninyo magrequest ng tulong sa pcso, may office po sila sa may lung center.or iemail nyo po ako kung may question po kayo. hindi po ako taga pcso so limited lang din po ang alam ko tungkol dun pero sasagutin ko po if ever may alam po ako sa itatanong nyo. Salamat.

  24. Hello!
    Since PGH is a public hospital, I think that the surgeon who operated on you was a resident physician. Means that, they are still training in the field of surgery. I would presume that most of them are UP graduates. But, I think that PGH still accepts doctors who are not UP grads in their surgery training. GS1, GS2, GS3 are sub-departments in the surgery training where they rotate so that doctors can perform different OR procdures

    • Hi e_john,

      The doctor who performed my operation is Dr Dante Ang whose specialties are Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Stomach, hernia, Open and Laparoscopic Surgery and is no longer serving his residency. He volunteers his services as his way of doing pro-bono work. That may be true for some doctors but you can get quality care. Hope this helps clarify things.

  25. Good day mam olsk! Ask ko lang po…magkano po talaga in total, as in lahat lahat na un nagastos nyo sa gallbladder removal surgery? Saka naka cateter po b pag inoperahan..? Mraming salamat po!

  26. hi do you have any number of dr. ang the one that they put in their prescriptions when you do the consultation.I really need to get in touch with him. asap im for admission

  27. Hi to all Gallstone sufferers and survivors!

    Just want to share my journey as a Gallstone sufferer turned survivor… And to help those who are hesitant about undergoing operation because of fear that it might be a painful process or because it will cost too much.

    I just had my gallbladder removed last 3rd of October but before that here is a brief story (I’ll try to make it short. Hehehe…) on how I found out about my gallstones and what happened that made me decide to have an operation… It was during Feb of this year when I decided to have an Executive Check-up at HP Precision since I cannot afford doing such in the country where I am working at which is at SG. Actually, I just had the check-up because I want to know if my body is still in good condition because at times I feel that there’s something weird in my body especially around my lung area. Having finished all the tests (X-ray, ECG, Urine and Blood checking and Ultrasounds) and having the results, what i am expecting that maybe I have problems with my lungs or heart isn’t the case, what they saw is that i have a fatty liver and they saw a 1.7cm stone and some polyps too… That struck me realizing that my love for fatty foods especially typical savory and fatty Filipino dishes like Adobo, Liempo etc. including fastfoods and chips already found it’s way in giving a negative effect in my body… At that time, I had two opinions from doctors who checked the results. Both of them recommended that i undergo operation asap but because I am quite hesitant to undergo surgery as I’ve wanted to keep my body surgery-free, I just let them give prescriptions as to what medicine I can bring to SG that may help me in controlling the negative effects of gallstones as well as to control the growth of the stones. I started taking the medicines prescribed since Feb up to Sept and spent lots of money on it… I also tried my best to eat healthy stuff, lemon water, cooking using just olive oil, reduced carbo consumption but because I am quite stubborn and because of the temptation of Pinoy dishes, Fatsfood Restos and chips whenever i saw one in Singapore, I still consume some from time to time. Thought of doing the flush diet but I didn’t push-thru with it because of the negative comments online regarding it.

    September came and my body already shouted that “IT’S PAYBACK TIME!!!”… The worst thing happened 29th of September, t’s my day off that time and I already felt that my upper abdominal area feels uneasy and i am having back ache too. Evening came and I can’t sleep because the pain gets worst and the backpain really bothers me a lot. It was coupled with difficulty in breathing too, I had to wake up every two hours at that time in order to change position in sleeping coz it really doesn’t want me to do so (slept at 2am then woke up at 4am, 6am, 8am and 9am). As for me who is an OFW I do not want to have my operation in the country I am working because it’s different having your family with you during this crucial time in your life and because to tell you honestly it would cost me 5 times than how much I would spend if I do the procedure in Philippines. So the next day after my restless night, I called up my manager and asked if they would allow me to go back here in Phils. asap. Luckily they were able to arrange my schedule and allowed me to have 3 weeks leave. Right away, I booked my ticket the same day at 7pm and came here at around 12am… Lucky I had some injections of pain reliever before I went to the airport. The pain’s quite manageable that time so i don’t look that I am sick that time. The next day we tried to contact relatives who had the same situation as mine to ask for referral. Luckily, one of my cousin had the same procedure just two weeks before I decided to have surgery. Prior to contacting them I also researched online as to what procedure could be an option for my Gallbladder problem. I saw three: Traditional Open Surgery, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Shockwave… Upon knowing how each procedure works, I decided having the Lap Chole procedure. The same day when I called my cousin, went to the hospital where she had the procedure and spoked with the very good and knowledgeable doctor, Doc Tantuco of Alabang Medical Center… After meeting him, he recommended that I have my admission that afternoon so he can proceed with the operation the next day. He said I am lucky because my condition’s not worst like my cousin’s who was already having difficulty in breathing at the time she was admitted there.

    The day of my operation came and I was admitted at the operation room around 10:20am, before they did the operation I had some requests: as I am nervous because it’s my first operation, I said if they can just inject the anaesthesia in the dextrose so I won’t feel undergo the traditional injection at the spine area which I think they also won’t do as it was meant for those really major cases of surgery; another request is that I told them that if it’s possible, can they just make the cut as short as possible. I am glad that all my requests are granted because when I went back to the hospital yesterday to have the stitch cut, the doctor told me that he made the cut shorter as compared to how he normally does (but it differs in the case of the patient, luckily my gallbladder is not that swollen).

    11 days passed already since I had my operation and I can say that I’m feeling great now, I can eat as much as I want without being bothered coz when I before just three spoonfuls of just veggies and my stomach already feels bloated. And now, when I go to toilet, pooping is not an issue anymore.

    By now I need to have a healthier choice on the food I eat because need to take care of my Liver already.

    Hopefully, my journey as a Gallstone sufferer gave some insights to those who are unaware about the said illness.

    Again, I encourage you guys to avail the good and professional service of Dr. Tantuco and the Alabang Medical Center family for a more friendly and affordable way of ending your suffering from Gallstones. I am not in anyway connected to the hospital, it’s just that I want to help you guys to get a more affordable package for your surgery because God gave way also for me to get to know them.

    Just an additional tip: It’s better if you have Philhealth because will give you additional discount to the cheaper package that they offer.

    Godbless us all!

  28. I inquire artofbeingamom in private regarding the surgery since its my firstime. I was scared. But reading this blogs gave me strength to do the surgery. At first, I was hesitant because it was a public hospital, PGH. I used immagined the longline…crowded…long waiting hours etc. But reaching there last was a different scenario…If you are so called a Paying Admission Patient it is totally different from those people needs surgery for free or less than 10-15k, they were called the charity admission patients. I was admitted last October 02, 2014. Observations: The paying admission office was in aircondition, front office staff were friendly specially the cashier the old lady made a joke on me as she was surprised to see on my infos where I came from a far far away (visayas) to seek medical admision there. I told them I got the idea from a blog of their former patient. I was given a semi private aircon room at the 5th floor. The nurses were very friendly and accomodating too, they keep checking me every now and then. The semi-private room wasnt bad at all, it was aircondition with CR, with a small bed for tye bantay, huge aparador for your things with podlock, 2 small tables and a nice view from my window seing the tall buildings around.The guards came around 9PM everyday for security check.The assigned Doctor for me was Doctor Berberabe. He’s so humble Doctor. Gives infos to patient in a funny way to make sure you’ll be relax for the operation. Before and after the operation there were 5 different Doctors keep checking me they inform me that they were under Doctor Berberabe. All of them were very friendly specially Dr. Cua. All went well, its like I was confined in a private hospital. Doctor Berberabe is a great Doctor He visited me before and after surgery. I was searching him over the net and to found out he was also practicing at Asian Hospital. Wow! Indeed, PGH Doctors are very suprising and one of the best. The next day after the surgery I can start walking around the room and sit. I was discharge on the 3rd day of admission. My bill was 37,700 plus the 6,500 laparoscopy machine rent. I also got a refund from Philhealth of 6,293. Not bad! Best Doctors in an affordable way,I may call it a quality healthcare in a budget wise. Thank you Doctor Berberabe and the team of Doctors who took care of me under Dr.Berberabe…my apologies of forgeting your name guys all I can remember was Dr. Cua, Dr. Lim,Dr.Chua I forgot the 2 Doctors sorry.Thank you also the art of being a mom…if not for you Im still suffering from gallstone pain until now.

  29. Thank umuou so much for sharing your experience. I wanted to have my gallstones removed and I’m planning to go there by tomorrow. What is the best time to go there? And should I directly proceed to GS3 and ask for a surgery schedule?

  30. Hello. Its me again πŸ™‚ I’ve read a comment from the ones at the top that the surgeons at PGH are still in training or something like interns?! I am planning to have my operation at PGH and I am starting to have a doubt whether my operation will be successful considering that the surgeon/physician or whatever they may call are still interns like the statement of one of the commenter. IS IT TRUE? Are there any recorded failed galbldder operations in PGH because of malpractice? I really wanted to clear my doubts but as I’ve read some articles, having galbladder surgery might cause other complications which are much worse. I just wanted to make sure I will be in good hands and also I do not mean to put a bad reputation on PGH. God Bless Us All. I am really nervous and scared about this operation thingy, just thinking about getting my flesh cut makes me about to cry so I wanted to have my doubts cleared. May God Help me and us all and guide through all this.

    • Hi Aileen, Best time is in the morning. If you have been diagnosed as having gallstones you may proceed to GS3 to inquire about scheduling. About the intern being the primary doctor to operate, in my experience I was operated on by Dr Dante Ang who has been in his specialized field for many years. His credentials are outstanding. There’s also another reader here who commented about their experience just recently and they also got top doctors from PGH. The GS3 office offers service cases at discounted rates. You are still getting premium care but at a lower price from doctors who are providing their services at lesser fees. When you inquire you can ask for the doctor who will operate on you and research about him/her. I was surprised to find out that the doctor assigned to me was one of the top doctors in his field with clinics in top hospitals. Good luck to you and I would love to hear it went.

      • Hi. Thank you so much for your response. I’m now assured that I will be in good hands. Just this morning I went to PGH. I asked where GS3 and they directed me to go to faculty of medical arts building. I inquired how much would gallstone removal surgery would cost and told me that OR Equipment would cost 43,000 it will be lessen by 18,000 if you have a philheath. Doctor’s fee and anaesthesiologist fee are excluded in the aforementioned cost so I have no idea how much the final billing would be. They advised me to have a consultation since the doctor himself will make a price for that. I am planning to go there on Monday for consultation. Any idea how much the doctor’s & anaesthesiologist’s fee would cost? And the cost of the room? So I’ll be able to know how much money we will prepare for the bill. Thank you so much!
        (And one more thing, regarding the cost of OR Equipment that they’ve told me, was it similar to yours when you had your operation?)
        Thanks again. πŸ™‚

        • Hi Aileen, It seems to be a bit more expensive than what I was quoted. The GS3 is in the main bldg. You might have been directed to the other building where there is a consultation with a doctor. Have you been previously diagnosed? I did not have a consultation with a doctor but was assigned a doctor because I was already diagnosed as having gallstones. Once you consult with a doctor it becomes more expensive.

          • Where is the main building located? Yes I have been already diagnosed, in fact I even present them the ultrasound that was given to me by the doctor in medical center which includes not only the gallbladder but the other organs too. I even asked them if Its alright to not go with their procedures like laboratory exam and they said it is compulsory and I must consult with their doctor first and to know how much the operation would cost. But if I can have other options like what you’ve said in the main building which I’m not very familiar because they have so many buildings there, that would be better. Kindly Please instruct me what course should I do to have lesser expenses. Thanks!

          • You will still go through the ultrasound and other tests but in my experience it was after I’d been admitted. I did not need to consult a doctor to know how much my operation was. Trying asking at the main bldg where GS3 is and that you’re looking for Ma’am Emily. Trying calling her at 554-8400 before visiting. Hope this helps!

        • I believe UP-PGH Doctors are products U.P. University of the Philippines so I guess that means… they’re Philippines pride. Every hospital in the world has a training Doctors, they are called Resident Doctors. They will be trained by top Doctors to the hospital where they want their training to be done. If Im not mistaken they will be under training for 3-4yrs. Not to worry…a specialist Doctor which is a certified Surgeon will do the surgery while the resident Doctors will be there to observe and years of observing they will assist the specialist Doctors. If youre in a thight budget…I guess any public hospital is the solution but if you have the money, there are private hospital everywhere.

  31. Hello Ma’am. I’d like to ask whether the GS3 office may cater to government employees as well. I’ve been diagnosed as having gallstones 2 years ago and was advised to have my gallbladder removed but I was afraid of having the procedure done on me. This article of yours assured me that I would be okay, thanks much to you. However, I’m still concerned about the expenses. Would you be so kind as to help me on this? Thanks much and God bless you po.

    • Hi Katherine,

      Yes, I believe they are open to assisting everyone. It’s important to have Philhealth as this is what reduces the cost. I’m glad my post has helped you and given you the assurance you need. Please visit the GS3 office so you can find out in detail how much your operation would cost.

  32. Hi. My mother is planning to have the same surgery. I’m wondering
    how much is the professional fees with the same surgeon and anesthesiologist?

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  33. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing your experience to us it was very informative..Just one question the hospital bill you paid 46K less Philhealth na po ba?

  34. hello im also a seafarer na diagnosed ako with a 0.3 cm gallstone since nag pa medical ako kaya ko nalaman na mayroon ako, nakita sa ultrasound, sabi kasi doon sa pinag medical ko need talaga patangal since bawal talaga lalo na sa mga seaman, magkano kaya aabutin location ko pampanga and bulacan this month ko lang nabayaran yung philhealth ko and naghahabol ako ng araw para ma fit ako agad sa medical ko any advise po?
    never pa kasi ako na confined or nag undergo ng surgery kaya may halong kaba lalo na sa pagtusok ng IV

    • Hi Kris, my operation came to Php46,000 in 2013 at Philippine General Hospital. THis was with philhealth though. I’m not aware of the process for seafarers and it would probably be best to discuss this at the GS3 office if you decide to have your operation at PGH.To be honest the pain of the IV will be far from your mind and will be the least of your worries. My recovery time though was very quick and it was not as painful as I thought it would be. Good luck to you and I would love to hear the outcome of your operation.

  35. Hi i have read all the comments and thank you, all of you have help me. Alot.
    I have diagnosed with 2mm gallstone 2 years ago. My doctor advised me to have it remove. Since im still hoping i will get well in eating low fatty foods etc im have lots of hope. Right now im still in medication its Usosan tablet.
    But now i am having second thought about operation. Becuase im thinkin of my future, what it my gallbladder later got dilated or it stuck in my bile duct? Im 42 and having a daughter to take care of. But still so nervous about this operation thing. I had Cesarian operation 13 years ago. I dont know if its the same procedure. I want laparoscopic procedure. Please help me to decide. But surely i will go to the doctors that you have mentioned on your past post. Waiting dor your response.

    • Hi Weng, there’s a big possibility that it can get stuck. That’s what happened to me and because my stone was pretty big I needed to have my gallbladder removed right away. I haven’t had a Cesarean so I can’t advise you on the similarity but the laparoscopic procedure will involve surgery. I have 4 openings for my laparoscopic surgery. If you want you can search on Youtube and look for laparoscopic surgery. I was able to watch a video that showed me what would happen. Being informed helps ease your mind. Good luck to you!

  36. Thank you so much for your responce, it helps me. A lot. Im really nervous about this operation or laparoscopic thing, but i know its much better than open surgery, next week ill go to pgh and to the doctors that all of u mentioned here.
    Ill will see how much will be cost of lapo. And also ill talk to my doctor if i ll be alright if ill do it on vacation this march or may20115.

    Ill have another ultra sound to check if my stone get bigger or still thesame. The last time its 2 mm.
    Ill let u know. God bless.

  37. I can’t believe some Pinoys want to remove their gallbladder that easily. I think people with smaller gallstones can opt to have the laser lithotrypsy. Mas mahal nga lang sya pero anjan pa din naman gallbladder mo. Di naman ilalagay ni Lord yun part na yan kung di importante πŸ™‚ I know some people nagpalaser lang, tapos watch na lang ng diet nila πŸ™‚

    Hi Olsk_mercado, can I ask what the size of the gallstones in the picture? Looks like mixed gallstone na sya na nagcalcified nga

  38. Hi your blog did really gave me lots of idea. I am experiencing severe abdominal pain that makes my breathing hard. Nausea and vomitting also comes hand in hand and its taking several hours before it subsides. I wonder if you had experienced such as well. I could not contain myself anymore everytime im having my attacks. I dont know if its because i had eaten something that is not ideal for gallstones. I just started having these attacks during the first month of my pregnancy. I already had my ultrasound but my doctor was on leave thats why the results had not been clarified yet. The impression on the ultrasound says cholecystothiasis so i had this strong feeling that i have gallstones. Im only 21 and i feel scared, financial issues bothers me most because i dont have philhealth.

    • Hi Cess, I’m sorry to hear about the pain you’re going through. I did experience nausea and I also had a hard time breathing when the pain was severe. I think it’s best if you confirm with a doctor that you do have gallstones and what to do because you’re pregnant. I was also pregnant when i had gallstones and I was told that the attacks would occur if I ate certain food. I was really careful with my diet because I did not want to jeopardize my pregnancy. I hope you get to see a doctor so you can confirm the gallstones and also what kind of diet you need to be on. I wish I could help more… Please let me know how you are from time to time if you can. Take care.

      • Thank you for your response πŸ™‚ i already gave birth last year august. I thought the attacks was just because of my pregnancy but even after i gave birth i could still experience such. I hope to consult a doctor as soon as possible because i know this should be taken seriously. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, that was such a nice act of kindness. More powers and God Bless!

  39. Hello po.

    Ask ko lang po yung tungkol sa philhealth. May gallstones po kasi yung asawa ko. May philhealth po sya pero hindi pa po namin nahuhulugan. Magagamit po ba agad yun kung maghuhulog kami this month o after ilang months pa po yung effectivity nya? Malaki din po ba yung macocover ng philhealth sa hospitalization bill o kung magkano lang po yung hinulog namin yun lang din po yung amount na mababawas sa bill namin? Baka po kasi maghulog kami ngayon at maghintay ng ilang buwan bago magamit ang philhealth sabay konti lang po ang mabawas sa bill. Sa PGH din po kasi namin gusto magpaconduct ng surgery. Wala po kasi kaming idea. Salamat po, God Bless!

    • Hi Gerson, Kailangan po may hulog na kayo sa Philhealth. Meron po silang timeline kung hanggang kailan at ilan hulog para magamit. Malaki po ang nababawas sa Philhealth. Sa doctor’s fee po nakakalahati niya pati sa room and medicines. Pwede po kayo maginquire para matanong sa GS3 kung magkano poa masave niyo. Sinabi po sa akin yung total and then yung amount nai-pay ko. Malaki talaga tulong ng Philhealth. Please let me know how it goes. Good luck!

  40. Hi! i just want yo ask kung gano katagal yung healing time? I’m a seafarer and nkita sa result nung medical ko na meron akong 1.3 cm na gallstone, i’m worried lng kc tentatively next week ang operation ko and 2nd week ng march nmn ang alis ko, by that time fully healed na kya yun?

    • Hi Sheryl, Full healing time in a month or so but after 2 weeks I was already okay. Functioning as usual. I think that should be enough time for you to heal. Yung 1 month that was sarado na talaga sugat ko. Good luck to you!

  41. Hello goodpm po magtatanong lang pi ako kasi may gallstones ako with polyps magkano napo ngayon ang cost para sa laparoscopy? May philhealth po ako. Philhealth number lang po ba kailangan nila sa hospital? Please reply thanks

      • Anong forms po yun mam mang gagaling ba sa philhealth mismo mam??or sa employer kukunin?aabot po ba sa 100k ngayon ang laparoscopy?

        • Hi Mcklenn, Sorry, I’ve forgotten the names of the specific forms. These will be provided to you by PGH and then you need to have them signed by your HR. Laparoscopic surgery in private hospitals are mpre than 100k. Since PGH is a public hospital and GS3 provides assistance with the help of Phil Health you can get it for much lower than that.

          • Hi there! I have gone also in gb removal thru lap chole last dec 2014, ask ko lang it is normal to have a little bit of heat sensation sa may bandang abdomen.. Others say it is due to excess air after the operation… Pakiconfirm naman. Thanks.

          • Hi Lemar, I didn’t experience that but it’s different with every case. The side effect I noticed is that when I eat certain foods I have to go to the bathroom right away. Oily food, too much cheese and beef seems to be the culprits.

  42. I read your blog. I do not have any idea about hospital thingy. Ma’am my friend needs to undergo operation (gallstone removal) but quite hesitant because of the finances. Ma’am 46,000 will be the total amount needed for the operation? How many days/weeks is the healing period and how long he needs to stay in the hospital? Ma’am,in regards to Philhealth do we need to complete the requirements first before the operation and the total amount that we need to prepare? I just want to help him out,for me he’s unhealthy now…he used to vomit and experiencing pain o his belly and fever as well. Your response will be a great help and will highly be appreciated ma’am. You may even reach me to my mobile number:09353787901. Thank you.

    • Hi Rebekah, 46,000 is what I paid for my operation. It varies depending on the situation. The healing period is 1 month but I was able to move around comfortably after 1 week. I was in the hospital for 2 nights. For Philhealth as long as he’s updated on his contributions all he’ll have to do is prepare the forms. The total amount will be given after the operation. Sometimes there are unexpected expenses during the operation and hospital stay. Hope this has helped. Good luck!

  43. Dear Sir/Madam,

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  44. Just had my HIDA scan and waiting for the results, still unsure if the gallstones are causing my pain/nausea. It has been over 1 year now since the first symptoms.

  45. Dear pgh staff,
    Good day.ang worries ko po hipag ko 3weeks ng pabalikbalik pgh naninilaw na po sya at need ng surgery for gallstone bakit po laging cnasabi no dr.or ct scan not available please help her.her name caroline francisco quinesio

  46. Hi maam ,
    Lyneth po ulit,after po nang mabasa ko ang ibat ibang comments nalaman ko po na di pala kayo ang isa sa mga staff.papano po kaya makarateng ang hinaing ko taga pgh?ang hipag ko po ay indigent lang sa aklan ngunit ang mga dr.duon ay nag advised na mkabuti dalhin sa manila thnks god po at natagpuan ko itong pgh sa website na charity hospital.kayat nangutang pamasahe mailigtas lng buhay pero 3weeks na po wala pang schedule pati mata nya naninilaw narin.i thank you maam and to the readers.god bless

  47. I have a gallstone about 2.2cm and need a surgery. i tried to call po the number
    554-84-00 gs3 office pero need and local number to connect to gs3. What exactly procedure po that u do upon trying to have a schedule?because i also been at OPD of PGH and took so many lines. And it wont be fast to get the operation i needed. First fall in line going inside the OPD building and the fall in line to get the blue card and then fall in line for room 209 and intern doctors interviewed me. And then another line to 208 to get another schedule.they ,at last give me the schedule for meeting the specialist doctor to be checked.but my schedule is a month from now. Im so stressed. i think i need more time to get the operation.

    • Hi Ruby, I think that is the process for the no cost operation. It will be longer processing. With GS3 it’s discounted. The number 554-8400 is the direct line but it may have changed. Maybe you can asked to be transferred? I hope this helps.

  48. Hi! I’m a working mom with 3 kids. God is good talaga.. thank you sa blog na to at malaking tulong sakin to. andito ako ngayon sa commonwealth hospital med center and 1 week na ako nkaconfine namax out na ung card ko and ngayon lang sila nagdecide na operahan ako kasi namamaga na yung gallbladder ko. dumaan ako sa ultrasound, mrcp, x-ray and lab test. sb ni dok I need 90 – 100k for laparoscopic surgery plus assistant fee daw ng 5k. dapat ngayon operation ko but since di na kaya ng budget i need to find another cheaper option. sabi ng mom ko maganda daw sa PGH and I prayed God paano nyo po ako matutulungan. nagresearch ako and etong blog na bumugad sakin. Thank you Ms. Mercado nagkaroon ako ng pagasa mapatanggal gallbladder ko. Godbless!

          • Hello! I came across this thread while searching for “service case” in pgh. Im due for operation (for knee arthroscopy for torn acl). Quote of private hospital in Laguna is about 100k for the operation (not yet excluded Philhealth) plus about 60k for external aids which are not covered by HMO. My HMO will cover 60k n lng kasi, so I was referred to PGH for reduced fees. Went there last Wed, then Im scheduled for operation next Wed. Im also a paying patient but under service case, so there were no lines, no blue card. Im on waiting list for a private room, and was told to prepare roughly 60k cash out (3 days in a private room) .A friend of mine also had the same surgery, in pgh-fmab, her bill totaled 111k (less philhealth na) as an outpatient. We’ll see how much my final bill will be. This is just to give u an idea on the cost comparison pag regular patient vs service case patient vs charity patient

  49. Hi ma”am sobrang awa na nag nararamdaman ko sa nanay ko dahil sa sobrang sakit na nararamadaman nia sa bandang tiyan na na sanhi ng galbladder stones nya. Galing na kami sa lordes hospital dito lang sa kalookan city, at my mother diagnosed na meron nga po sya galstone.. Hndi naman po sya inadvise na magpasurgery or mag undergo ng operation, nagreseta lng sila ng gamot pantunaw sa mga bato. 6 na gamot ang iniinom ng nanay ko, at natatakot ako na masira ng atay ng nanay ko sa mga gamot. Lalo na at hndi kumakain ng madami ang nanay ko. 3 days na sya naggamot simula ng nadischarged sya sa hospital after yung result ng ultrasound nia.. Pero ganun pa din at lumalao pa tuloy ang kirot na nararamdaman ng nanay ko.

    Tanong ko lang ma’am kahit hndi ba naadvise na magundergo sya ng operation , pwede kya ipalaser nlng kasi naaawa na tlaga kami sa nanay ko..

    Di namin iisipin ang ang gastos, basta mawala lng sakit ng nanay ko.. May lifetime philhealth membership naman po ang nanay ko kasi 63 years old na sya.

    Pagkatapos ng operation may sakit pa din bang mararamdaman at ilang araw bago tuluyang normal ang nararamdaman?

    Maraming salamat po.

    • Hi Robert, pwede kayo magpa second opinion. Sa PGH GS3 pinakita ko kasi recommendations ng mga doctor (I went to 4) na ipaopera ko na gallbladder ko. Kung gusto niyo po sa PGH na rin kayo magpa second opinion tapos po pag for operation punta po kayo sa GS3. Kung malayo naman po ang PGH at kaya niyo naman mag bayad basta magpa second opinion po kayo kahit sa ibang hospital. Sana po makatulong to.

    • Hi robert ganyan din ang mararamdaman ko sa ngayon kaso ako no pains wala akong mararamdamang sakit bukod sa mabilis akong mabusog at mabilis mangawit pag naka upo ngayon ang advice saken ng doktor na si montefalcon e mag pa opera ako kasi retracted bladder with stones yung result ng ultrasound ko nakapag pa opera na ba kayo ?

  50. hi olsk,

    yung papa ko merung rectal mass na 10cm ayun sa kanyang test results. pwede ba si Dr. Ang mag operate nito or pwede ba ito sa PGH? yung topic nio kc ay gall bladder kaya out of topic yung sa akin. nabasa ko din na covered nia yung stomach so possible na pwede kami mag pa check sa kanya? sana ay similar lang ang rates ng stomach sa gall bladder operation. sana po ay merung ding case dito sa mga nag cocomment. maraming salamat sa iyong blog at nagkarron ako ng idea about PGH.

    • PGH Department of Surgery

      GS1 – esophageal, gastric, soft tissues, head and neck
      Eg. Breast cancer, gastric cancer, thyroidcancer etc

      GS2 – colorectal surgery
      Eg. Open or laparoscopic colon and rectal surgery for cancer, also deals with anorectal conditions like hemorrhoids, fistula fissure etc.

      GS3 – hepatobiliary surgery, hernia
      Eg. Open and laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hepatectomy, pancreatectomy for cancer, inguinal hernias etc.

  51. hi there , baka po makatulong ka sa poblema ko nagpa ultrasound po kasi ako ngayon kasi nung monday nakaramdam ako ng pagkahilab ng tyan na umaabot sa likod ko pag kumakaen ako mabilis mbusog kahit nakakailang subo palang mabilis mangawit at sumakit likod ko pag nakaupo lang ang result ng ultrasound ko is retracted bladder with stone ngayon hihingi ako mg 2nd opinion bukas kung kailangan ko ng mag pa opera dipo pa nadadaan sa gamot ito kasi newly diagnose lang naman po ako

    • Hi, YUng symptoms niyo po same as mine noon. Maganda magpa 2nd opinion kayo. Pagmaliit pa stones pwede pang idaan sa apple juice therapy. Yung akin po kasi malaki na kaya nagpaopera na ako.

  52. Hi maam… i would like to ask,u had removed your gallstone via lap procedure or the typical ‘hiwa operation’..? i have a .8mm gallstone… Im afraid of any medical operation…

    • Hi Ash, I had mine removed through Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. It’s best to ask the doctor what they would advise. I was also afraid of the operation but enduring the pain for 7 years having the operation was the best decision I made. Good luck to you!

  53. I was diagnosed having gallstones also.. ask ko lng po kay Maria Esperanza Magkasi kung magkano Γ ng na gastos nya sa Quezon City General Hospital. Thanks and God Bless Us All

  54. Hello maam, im redge.. Im 25 years old.
    Maam, ask ko lang po talaga po bang related yung upper abdomen pain na nararamdaman ko, saka yung feeling full kahit konti palang po nakakaen…may mga time na mahirap sa paghinga dahil magkadikit po yung chest sa upper abdomen po..
    Dahil sa nabasa ko po itong page nyo, sa pgh di po ako nagpa sched ng operation ko po.. Sa friday na nga po yun maam. Sept 18,2015..
    Sana nga maam kasabay nya mawala yung nararamdaman ko sa upper abdomen ko.. Hindi po kasi ako makakaen ng maayos thou hindi nga po ako nasusuka pero nahihirapan po akong huminga..
    Thankyou po maam for sharing ur story.
    Godbless us po.

    • Hi Redge,

      Thank you for reading my post and I’m glad it helped. After ng operation ko nawala yung feeling ng busog ako kahit konti pa lang nakain ko. Nawala din yung sakit ng likod ko. Malaking tulong sa akin yung operation. Sana makatulong din sayo. Good luck and God bless.

  55. Hi Ms maria

    just wanna wask how big was your gallstone beacause i just had my ultrasound and i mine was more than 1 cm. Its so sannoying cause im having pain attack like almost everyday..

    • Hi Francis, My gallstones were 1.2cm when I had found out. I waited 7 years and they started to stick together making them bigger and that’s why I needed to have them operated. I also had pain everyday especially after eating (even it was just a little bit). After my operation I had no more pain.

  56. Hello po maam, its me again.. πŸ™‚
    Im 1 week post op today po. 56k po ang inabot ng bill ko sa pgh. Meron po kasi akong head doctor Doctor De vera, and my surgeon Doctor Arcilla. Okay naman na ko ngayon maam, ill be back next week for checkup.
    Sana nga maam matanggal na din ang trauma ko.. Bad experience kasi nanyari before my lap chole.
    Kamusta po pala pakiramdam nyo maam? πŸ™‚ thankyou po

    • Hi Redge, so glad to hear na successful ang operation mo! Maexperience mo na iba na katawan mo. Makakaya mo ng kumain ng maganda at hindi na sasakit ang likod mo. Mabutinbg mabuti pakiramdam ko. It’s been 2 years na and maganda health ko. Ang naiba lang is pag may nakain akong oily food masmadali ako mabanyo. Pero yun lang naman. Tip lang din, always drink water. Kasi sabi ng doctor once maremove ang gallbladder pag hindi nagingat sa diet kidney na ang sunod. Better to keep yourself hydrated. πŸ™‚

      • Thankyou maam sa tips.. Pansin ko nga po madalas ako mauhaw ngayon. Miinom nalang po ko madame water, saka after ko po mag wiwi, inom po ko ulit water. Sa morning naman po madalas ako magpoopoo. Siguro dahil po nagaadjust pa po katawan ko dahil kaka opera palang po.
        Thank you maam for ur positive stories. πŸ™‚

          • Good day maam, question po.. 1week palang po akong post op today.. Normal lang po ba yung kakaibang pakiramdam sa umaga? Saka panay wiwi..
            Iniisip ko po kasi dahil nagaadjust po yunG katawan. Thankyou po maam.

          • Hi Redge, yes medyo maninibago ka talaga. Laging rin ako naiihi noon. Pero babalik na sa mabuti katawan mo pagnakarecover ka na. After 1 week nakakakilos na uli ako pero no heavy lifting. Yun gkain ko after 1 week na rin akokasi may tube pang nakalagay sa akin. Sana mabilis pagpapagaling mo. πŸ™‚

          • Pasensya kna po maam, dami ko pong tanong.. Naninibago din po kasi ako.. Although nakakapasyal n po ko sa mall. Hehe pero twing paf gising ko po hindi maganda pakiramdam ko.. Parang gutom na gutom agad saka nahihilo po.
            Bakit po kayo may tube?
            1week na po ako post op sana nga po maging ok na din po ako at makapgaadjust na po. Thankyou maam sa positive vibes po.

          • Hi Redge, no problem at all. πŸ™‚ Kaya ko sinulat experience ko para makatulong. May tube ako kasi hindi nadrain pa ng mabuti kaya 1 week ako may tube tapos tinanggal. But after nun nagheal na siya and naging ok na kilos ko. πŸ™‚

  57. Hi po yung father ko needs to be operated pero ten days na siyang pabalik-balik sa PGH, sobrang haba ng procedure nila ngayon. Meron po ba kayong alam kung pano mag pa-schedule ng operation? Actually yung father ko nagpatest na sa ibang hospital pero pinagtetest pa din sya ulit sa pgh , kaya pabalik-balik siya. Naawa ako sa condition ng father ko. Thank you po sa mga sasagot for suggestions. God bless.

    • Hi Cie, Sa GS3 po ba siya pumunta or sa specialist? Pag sa GS3 po for scheduling na lang dapat ng operation. Yun po yung experience ko. Pero pagnagpatingin po kayo sa doctor meron pong mga tests nagagawin as part of procedure nila to confirm your diagnosis.

  58. Good day!

    Ask ko lang mam if ni-refer po kayo sa Gastroentorologist before the operation? If yes, kailangan po ba taga PGH din yung doctor?

    Thank you

  59. Hi ma’am

    I just want to ask I have maxicare po kasi I just want to know if you have any idea how HMO admission was done in PGH? As per maxicare PGH daw is accredited facility, My Doctor from capitol told me that I have gallstones. though it’s not clear sakin kung gaano kalaki or what.

    Any direct contact number to reach Dr. Ang?


    • Hi Briyhen, I’m not sure about the process for Maxicare at PGH. Dr Ang has a clinic at PGH at UPM-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building 02 708-0000 or 09327781589. Try calling these numbers and asking for his clinic hours. Please note though that if you approach the doctor directly you may not get the GS3 discount that I did.

  60. Just want to know how will be the process to get discount? Did you have that surgery as pay patient or charity patient. Doctor Ang is accredited with maxicare, I’m not sure if pgh would give discount with maxicare patient . Because as per maxicare they would not cover the procedure if it will be charity. I just want to know if you know how much the surgery would cost without discount. and also your total hospital bill was 46k right? Is philhealth already deducted? Because if philhealth was already deducted then your total hospital bill would be roughly around 77,000 php. and if it has discount I assume that it will be more than 77,000. I called the hospital kasi asked regarding how much will be the total for payed patient, they couldn’t even give estimate. Please let me know.

    Thank you

    • Hi Briyhen, I went to GS3 and presented my documents. Then I was scheduled for an operation and wasn’t able to choose my doctor just who was available on the date of my operation. Dr Ang was assigned to me. The 46k was already minus the PhilHealth. Would have been much more with PhilHealth. I was able to get an estimate of my operation at the GS3 office. I hope this helps.

  61. Hi again, how much would be the consultation fee at GS3? or is it just an area where you can schedule a surgery? Do I have to wait on long line to be seen by GS3 Officer? How does it work?

    To be honest I only have 74000 on my healthcard + 31,000 with philhealth, and wala akong malalapitan to ask for money to shell out for the surgery if in case it will be higher than my benefits. Maxicare told me that it will be PGH’s standard rate that would apply, meaning they will pay for everything at PGH’s rate for the surgery for semi-private patient, I believe it will be the same amount like what other people who had the same operation without healthcard. But yeah I can go tomorrow to GS3 and ask how will it work between them and maxicare.

    I just need to prepare for it because I’m the only one who’s earning money for my family.


  62. hi po ..anu po yung procedure kung pag papasched ng operation sa pgh san juan de dios po sya ng papacheck up kso po yung operation nila dun sa pangtanggal ng matres is 80k ..kaya ngrequest sya na humingi ng refferal para sa pgh nalang sa mag papaopera .may tumor po ksi na nkita kay mama sa ovary kaya nirequire ng doctor na need ng tanggalin yun ..
    hindi po ksi nmin alam kung paano at mgkanu gastos sa operation ? lalo na pag kukuha kmi for charity lang

    • Hi Marites, Ang alam ko pong procedure is yung sa GS3 po. Hindi ko po alam kung magkano ang operasyon sa sakit ng mama mo. Pero kung kailangan niyo makamura baka pwede niyo po subukan magtanong sa PGH. Meron po sila yung sa Charity. naman.

  63. Hello ms maira its me again francis, di pa din ako nakakabalik sa pgh for check up sana, ask ko lang po sana ano yung mga philhealth documents na need ko dalhin if ever. Thanks.

    • Hi Francis, Yung sa PhilHealth yung company mo ang magbibigay ng form, papasign niyo po sa PGH then babalik niyo sa company niyo. Pasensiy na I forgot the name of the exact form.

  64. Please help. Gusto ko n po p tanggal gallstone ko 3years ago measured 3.6 asap after nun d n ako n ako nakabalik ng doctor. Asap po b ang operation ko? Pano po ako mag start for check up oailgn ko po b dalhin mga previous laboratories ko ung laparoscopy expensive po b .please reply salamat po.

    • Hi Emerald, Kung gusto niyo po makapagpasched sa GS3 punta po kayo sa PGH and dalhin niyo po lahat ng documents niyo pati na rin po ultrasound. Madidiscuss sa inyo yung options niyo for surgery.

  65. Hi olsk! I am so glad to find this blog of yours which is 2 years old already, yet still super helpful! My mom just found out that she has a stone in her gallbladder so now I am seeking for the best and not so pricey procedure. God bless you and your family! Hope to come back here for the good news soon! ^__^

  66. I found dr. Dante Ang in delos-santos medical center in e.rodriguez, I’m scheduled to have my surgery there on Friday, He said that with PGH the laparoscope or the machine is broken so I’ve decided to have it done here at delos santos medical center, estimate amount would be roughly around 100k. Anyway it will be paid by maxicare so nothing to worried about.

    Thanks for your blog that I was able to find a good doctor.

    • Hindi masakit, wala kang mararamdaman sa procedure. Ang naging problem ko lang after the surgery is sorethroat due to endotracheal intubation and hirap sa pag ihi after removal of catheter pero after 2 day medyo nag subside na . Tolerable pain so di ka dapat ma alala. Feb 5 ako na opera sa FEU ngaun ok na ako back to normal na pero syempre huwag masyado pwersahin ang pagkilos.

    • Hi, I’m planning to have my lap-chole in Manila Doctors too, and one of my options as the doctor si Dr. Jose Galang, tanong ko lng how was you experience, and magkano ung naging total cost mo? thanks =)

      • Hi Charles, my experience was surprisingly well. The operation was successful and there weren’t any complications. I had my operation in 2013 and it cost around Php45,000. Good luck on your operation!

  67. Gusto ko lang i-share ang experience ko sa gallbladder attack/gallbladder removal baka makatulong sa gustong mag patanggal ng galbladder. I had stomach pain last year december and i thought it was like an ordinary pain, baka lang acidic ako kaya nagiging bloated ako, pain will subside in 2-3 hours then ok nanaman ako, madalas mangyari pag bago matulog so madalas napupuyat ako. Naulit nanaman ung pain last January mga first week gabi parin, then i realized kumain ako ng pritong lechon for dinner, left over pa nung new years eve, same situation mga 2-3 hours nag subside ang pain, kinabukasan nag pa check up ako sa gastro enterologist, she wanted me to rule out if it is an ordinary acidic pain or not, so she advised me to have an ultrasound immediately and i did (huwag kayo mag pa ultrasound (whole abdomen) sa hospital ang mahal 3800 pesos instead sa labas kayo mag pa ultrasound like Ace Diagnostic or Precision, 1800 pesos lang sa Ace diagnostic). I got the result and Positive may gallstone ako 0.9cm, so akala ko maliit lang. So i went to my Gastro doctor and she explained what it is, (may idea na ako kasi i googled it) she advised me na pede mag medication muna ako for 3 month baka sakaling matunaw and kung hindi kelangan tanggalin na daw ang gallbladder. I chose the medication kasi ayoko magpatanggal ng gallbladder. Takot ako sa opera at injection. I bought the medication Uroliv (45pesos 2x/day for 3 months)and rowachol (37pesos 3x/day for 2 weeks) ang mahal so mga 1500 pesos per week so roughly mga less than 20k for three months not sure kung gagaling o matutunaw, pero maraming mga doctor at review na nabasa ko na mababa ang chance na matunaw but i still choose medication and with the advise of the doctor to follow strictly low fat diet. Sinunod ko lahat as in kinareer ko, daig ko pa ang mga nutritionist at dietician. Ultimo skyflakes di ko kinakain, hanggang sa kamote at okra madalas kong kainin, apple ginawa kong chichiriya , steamed fish bangus tilapia salmon unti lang ang kain and so on……….. 77kilograms ang weight ko naging 73 nalang pumayat ako which is maganda naman nawala ang tyan ko, naging fit ako sinabayan ko ng regular jogging mga 3x a week konting push ups at sit ups nalang derek ramsay na ang katawan ko………3 weeks after nag dinner ako small serving rice and steamed fish and then at around 12 midnight sunday January 31 sumakit nanaman ang tyan ko the after 3 hours nag subside this is my 3rd attack. Kinabukasan monday dina ako bumalik sa gastro doctor ko instead naghanap na ako ng surgeon sa FEU fairview sabi ko gusto ko ipatanggal gallbladder ko, pinakita ko mga ultrasound ko then in-explain nya ang procedure ng Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy ( may tatlong butas sa tyan mga kasing laki ng straw ang hiwa tapos dun ipapasok ang mga tools ng doctor para putulin at tanggalin ang gallbladder. General anesthesia so wala ka mararamdaman). Tuesday nag pa laboratory ako sa Ace diagnostics as per advise ng doctor blood test urine etc……. Mga 1950 pesos lahat. Wednesday pinakita ko sa surgeon result then all is ok , i am scheduled for surgery on friday feb 5 at 10am but he advised me to reserve a room first at FEU on Feb 4 para sa preparation ng procedure. Thursday Feb 4 afternoon i was confined at the hospital (semi private room) . Feb 5 2am nilagyan na ako ng suwero at antibiotic. At around 9am dinala na ako sa OR (operating room) preparation for surgery, explaining everything what will happen during surgery, wala daw ako mararamdaman sa procedure kasi general anesthesia, tulog ka. So relax lang ako. Pag tulog na raw ako lalagyan nila ako ng endotracheal intubation, tubo para sa lungs kasi para daw makahinga ako kasi hindi daw gagana ang lungs ko during operation dahil sa anesthesia and i-catheter daw nila ako para sa ihi. Right there and the may pina inhale sa akin at yun na lang ang naalala ko. That was 10am nung nag start na pa inhale sa akin ang pampatulog, moments later nagising ako, nasa revovery room na ako nakita ko ang time mga 1pm , wala akong naramdaman na sakit sa operation . Wala narin ung tubo sa bibig ko para makahinga. Ang naging concern ko lang ay yung pain na naramdaman ko sa throat ko dahil daw ito sa tubo na nilagay sa lungs ko na normally na ma irritate, kaya lagi akong inuubo sa kati ng throat ko, kaya habang inuubo ako nag cocontract ang tyan ko and this will cause slight pain sa tahi. In time mawawala rin ang sore throat. Pero ang catheter ko nakakabit pa hanggang sa tinanggal na nung gabi ng feb 5. Masakit umihi kasi may trauma daw sa pagtanggal ng catheter which is normal. Feb 6 saturday sabi ng surgeon pede naraw ako lumabas and i did. Feb 7 naligo na ako pede ka na maglakad lakad ng mabagal lang muna………ok nman ang pakiramdam ko at hopefully pede na makapasyal in 3 days more, and low fat diet muna habang nagpapagaling and wag masyado mag papabusog ng sobra……………..regarding kung how much ang surgery at hospital bill, mga roughly 75k ang hospital bill wala pa ang doctors fee. So in case may philhealth ka na less sa 75k ko ay 18600 pesos so ang hospital bill ko for a semi private room ay mga 58k wala pa ang doctors fee normally ang surgeons fee is 25k and anesthesiologist fee is 15k pero kung may phil health ka mababawasan pa yan. All in all ang nagastos ko mga 75k-80k pesos para sa semi-private room, which is mas bababa pa kung pay ward ka at sa service ward. So depende na sa inyong pag uusap ng surgeon kung saan mo gusto mag pa admit. Dumedepende kasi ang hospital bill o rate sa room na kukunin mo. I hope makatulong itong experience ko sa mga maaaring magkaroon ng gallstone.

  68. Lhiza
    Hi Ms.olsk gusto q pong itanong Kung lhat po b ng inooperahan nglaparascopy ay seccesful? Natatakot po kc q bka mya may mga case n nagfail through operation gusto q po kc malaman kung lhat po ng naoperahan into at successful lhat.

    • Ms. Lhiza, i just had my Lap Chole last Feb 5 2016, successful sya, at parang napaka dali lang sa mga doctor ung procedure. Sabi nga ng doc na nag opera sa akin parang almusal lang nila ang mag opera ng gallbladder since napaka dami talaga ang na tatanggalan ng gallbladder. But to answer your question regarding kung may nag fail na? May nabasa ako na statistics na merong nag fail in a way na nagkaroon ng complication after surgery pero napakababa lang so you dont have to worry since ang mga doctors sa pinas ay magagaling at maiingat naman. Wala kang mararamdaman during ops kasi tulog na tulog ka at under anesthesia.

  69. hi… ask q LNG po qng anu po gagawin pag ooperahan n po. my ipapasok p po b s mouth ng pasyente or tubuhan po b mraramdaman po b un? doon po kc aq ntatakot… at ska saan po ituturok ung anesthesia. pls reply po tnx….. kc ooperahan dn po aq s gallbladder my stone po ung gallbladder q

  70. bukod po s surgery…
    pag naadmit n po b s hospital anu po gagawin NLA n lab. test bukod po s kukuhanan ng dugo? myron p po bng ct scan, xray at ung ipapasok po s mouth? at ska d po b tlga as in mraramdaman ung catheter at tubo a mouth….

    • Hi Arlene, I didn’t get a CT Scan or Xray. Wala din po pinasok sa mouth ko before during or after the operation. Di rin po ako nalagyan ng catheter. This was in my experience though and sabi ng doctor depende sa situation. I did have a tube sa area ng gallbladder ko kasi there was excess liquid that needed to be removed. I had to carry the bag for a week. It wasn’t painful just a little uncomfortable. Hope this helps!

  71. Hi! I’m lucky na makita yung blog na to. I have gallstone too, medyo malaki kaya ang advise po
    ng doctor is i-remove yung gall bladder ko. Ask ko lang po sa mga naoperahan na if after ilang month pwede magwork or magbuhat ng mabigat? In 1 or 2 mos po kasi babalik na po ako sa ibang bansa to work, sa fastfood restaurant po ang work ko. Thank you so much po samga magrereply. Have a good day everyone!

    • Hi Jules, depende po yun sa type ng surgery. Sa laparoscopic one week lang ok na po ako and siguro 2 weeks kaya na magbuhat. For open surgery longer healing ang kailangan.

  72. Hi Ma’am Thank you Blog nyo…
    so ma’am ang ginawa sa inyo ay laposcropic cho……
    Pede po bang humingi ng favor… pede kobang makita picture ng scar nyo sa abdomen?

  73. Hi Ma’am. Just dropping by to say this blog really helped me preparing for my surgery. Had my gallbladder removed last Saturday at the Medical City. Everything discussed in your blog and the comments really did set my expectations. Currently on day 3 post-op and so far okay naman. Medyo hirap parin kumilos pero it is all good. God bless po! πŸ™‚

  74. Hello share ko lang yun success operation ko removal gallstone sa PGH hospital last sept. 20 2016, under Doctor Lopez.. Open surgery kasi malaki na daw yun gallstone nasa 1.3cm at nasa neck part na ng gallbladder kaya ang need na daw open surgery.. after success operation maayos ang tahi at maliit lang yun hiwa nsa 2 inch lang ang sabi ngnurse maliit n daw yun magalinglang daw kasi yun doctor na nag opera sa akin. Yung Bill na binayaran namen ay di namen expected as in may 50k kame naka ready for final hospital bill but the total cost lang na binayaran namen ay 4,250 pesos. Covered ng Philhealth and under ng Philhealth ward solo kayo sa isang room maganda ang facility at malinis may free hospital kit and free New Pillow, 3x a day meal yun nga lang fan room siya pero bago lahat ang bet at electric fan sa philheath ward bago lang daw kasi yun ward na yun. So ayun nga ang total bill lang for open surgery for removal of gallstone is 4,200 under philhealth. Sana po makatulong yun sharing na to sa iba.

    • Hi I’ll undergo operation by next week? how much kaya ang cash out ko if im planning to get small private room. I have philhealth and medicard naman.
      thanks πŸ™‚

    • hi Katy thank you sa information, meron din akong gallstones at kailangan ng operahan,kaso tight ang budget namin. Nabasa ko itong nashare mo ,pwede bang malaman paano yung way? sa GS3 office ka din ba unang nag punta? may philhealth ward pla sa pgh,familiar lang ako sa ward nilang 6 beds twice na kasi ako naconfine dun.Paano mo na meet si Dr.Lopez? ok lang sakin kung open surgery basta maoperahan, may phihealth ako.,pls help I need your advice
      thanks din Mrs Mercado for sharing your blog like this
      God bless us all

    • salamat sa informaton Katy, meron din akong gallstones multiple kailangam ng operahin kasi nasakit na hanggang likod, kaya lang wala kaming malaking pera, buti nabasa ko itong experience mo. May mga katanungan lang ako paano mo nakilala si Dr. Lopez, sa Gs3 office ka din ba nagpunta para mag quotation? saan ba ako una pupunta? may philhealth ako, para ma avail ko yung philhealth ward. pasensya na sa dami kong tanong, I badly need your advice.salamat again pati kay ms mercado

    • Hi Joel, I’d like to help but I think you’ll get more information from those that recently commented and shared their experiences. My operation was in 2013 and the price may have changed since then. πŸ™‚

  75. Thanks for the blog, my sister is in the same dilemma. She needs laproscopic procedure to remove her gall bladder and stones. We’re in a pinch right now so financially can’t afford the 160k plus quote of Medical City. Unfortunately my sister just moved to teaching in public school so she doesn’t have health care benefit and only have philhealth. We inquired in Rizal Medical Centre, quoted us for 60k surgery, 30k anesthesiologist plus room because they only have private room available. I think your blog regarding PGH is the better option for her. My sister will go to PGH this week to have a comparison and hopefully everything will work out. Please let me know if you’ve additional tips for my sister.

  76. hi, good day to all, nag inquire po ako sa PGH GS3 office last week through phone. 55k for lap chole at 40k for open surgery all less philhealth na this Nov po mag papa sched na ko, I hope macovered ng hmo ko, if hindi macover mag papa opera pa rin ako.
    Nag inquire din po ako sa Alabang Medical Center kasi malapit lang samin 60-70k less na philhealth kung may hmo at covered ileless pa.
    thank you
    God bless us all πŸ™‚

  77. I know this is an old post pero I can relate to your experinece. I also have my gallbladder removed in an emergency operation. In my case, I was robbed by VRP hospital. It was to expensive. I have seen reviews and now I believe it is true. My total bill was like 240K plus. Can you imagine? PGH naman, that is cheaper, way cheaper, and pareho lang naman. Magaling ka na.
    ROBERT LEE recently posted…Staying Single Forever is #WalangForever?My Profile

    • Feel better than ever! So sorry to hear about your experience though. That’s why I created this post to help others find more affordable ways to have their gallbladder removed.

    • MMagshare lang. Nagpachekup and inquire din ako sa VRP hospital para sa gallstone removal under Dr. Zyfu grabe nga ang price nila siguro kasi private hospital 170k daw.. kaya i decided na sa PGH nlang.

  78. Ask lang po normal lang ba na sumasakit yung lowerback after ng operation. 1 month ago na po naoperahan. Thank you po sa sasagot.

  79. Hi, tanong ko lang kung ung procedure is aalisin ang stone sa gallbladder or ung gallbladder mismo ang tatanggalin? na diagnose kasi ako today na may stone kaya lang currently nasa Japan ako at balak ko sa Pilipinas na lang ipatanggal ung stone. Ang sabi kasi dito eh tatanggalin lang ang stone ‘di ung gallbladder mismo. Kaya tanong ko kung ganun din ba procedure? Thanks.

    • Hi Badeth, depende sa advice ng doctor yun. Sa case ko yung gallbladder ang tinanggal. Matagal ko na rin kasi napabayaan (7 years) kaya siguro ganun. Masmaganda mag pa 2nd opinion ka pag dating sa Pilipinas. Hope all goes well!

      • Hi, thank you sa reply, tanong ko na rin kung may contact number ka na pwedeng tawagan sa PGH for inquiries? tatanong na rin ako kung magkano aabutin kung sakali. May philhealth kasi ako kaya lang etong June 2016 ko lang nasimulang hulugan, nakadepende kaya sa dami ng naihulog ung discount na pwede kong makuha?

        • Hi Badeth, the number I have is 554-8400, Ma’am Emily Dizon. Hindi na po ako sure sa pricing today kasi I had my operation in 2013. For the Philhealth, may number of contributions na required, I believe “Payment of at least 3 months’ worth of premiums within the immediate 6 months of confinement.”- Hope this helps you po!

  80. Hi Olsk,

    Thanks for sharing your journey with gallstone pain it’s really very helpful for those who are suffering this type and other many health problems. I want to know that after treatment Are you feeling fine like a normal person? I mean Are you having some pain because after removal of gallstone some people feel gallstone pain. Is this treatment only provided in Philippines or any region of the world?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Karen, this treatment is available around the world from what I know. I had some discomfort after the operation but after I was fully healed I didn’t experience anymore pain. I feel great now. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Olsk,
        I am glad to know that now you are feeling great. I wish you always live a healthy life & I am waiting your posts coz these are really very helpful for me and my known & others who are searching these topics. Thanks again.

        See you soon with another helpful post. Have a nice day.

  81. hi po to all, I’m Glenda again from Laguna. Gusto ko lang po ishare yung recent surgery ko about Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Thanks to Ms Mercadon hindi dahil sa blog na siguro hindi pa ako nakapag opera nag titiis sa rin ako sa sakit. Like her finalow ko yung ginawa nya.
    First step ginawa ko I called PGH 5548400, remember no direct line papaconnect nyo sa GS3 office. Naka usap ko si Mam Emily nag inquire about the rate of Lap chole 55k at open chole around 40k. I decided na pumunta nung Oct 28 after 2 days kong tumawag. After we went at Madocs to my neuroligist for check up at clearance, then we went sa PGH GS3 office 2nd flr ward 3rd door, surprisingly onleave si Ma’am Emily nov 2 pa ang balik nya. pero andun si Dr De Vera nag patawag sya ng OR resident dr.hindi naman kami nag hintay ng matagal sadly I forgot hus name sya yung nag interview like if may philhealth, if alam na namin ang rate about service case, if nanilaw nilagnat,and if I’m ready na talaga. Before that Q&A he said kelan gusto namin schedule, asap kasi gusto ko, that time most of the dr are out of the country, ang dr na mag oopera sakin na naka line up is Dr Jose Macario Faylona which is nasa Japan ,then may kinontak pa pra iconfirm na kung andito na sya on nov 2, afterwards ok na . Inayos na yung admitting form at or sched ko nov 1 admit nov 2 operation day. Then we went to PAU pay admitting unit para mag pareserve ng room bayad kami 300.
    Nov 1 na 7 am andun na kami sa PAU,6 beds yung room,I think within 30 mins nasa room kami. room 536 ok naman may 2 ac,malinis naman yung cr,buti dun ako sa pinaka dulo tabi ng window. that day pumunta agad yung mga residenteng dr I think surgeon din sila pero kaya lang sila pa lng yta yung assisrant, even yung anesthesiologist pumunta din ipapaliwanag anong gagawin sayo ieexplain ano yung general anesthesia. Blood test lang kasi recent ksng ultrasound ko. If may iba kayong sakit be honest at make sure get clearance from your dr before pa opera, like me may clearance na ko double check up ko ng neurologist, buti consultant din sa PGH yung neuro ko. like me may seizures disorder may gamot pala naiinject na pedeng mag trigger ng seizures kaya iniba nila saken. Hapon dumating si Dr Faylona sa room, gabi schedule sabi it’s either 9am or 1am. fasting 12mn no food even water, IV insertion.
    Nov 2,pray lang pang pa relax. 5am allowed me to took my anti seizure meds konting water lang enough malunok yung meds, 8 am nag punta yung or nurses explain what is in the or etc. 9am sched ko, kinakabahan syempre may takot. may 1st antibiotic lalagay sa iv at 2nd sa para tyan hindi mag hapdi, 3rd non yung white liquid sabi nung anesthesiologist pinakamahapdi pag pumasok sa vein OR na small room lang sya pina hubad saken yung lab gown,ask me anong name ko after non wala hindi ko na alam ang nangyari,hindi ko na naramdamam yung hapdi ng anesthesia. 2pm na ko mejo nagising recovery room, inalis yung oxygen.then nakatulog again, 5pm dumating yung attending neurologist interviewed me do some physical test,pina alis na yung catheter. 6pm na ko dinala sa room. Mababa tolerance ko sa pain kaya for me ansakit sakit, hindi ako makagalaw ansakit,masakit din pag sa wiwi ko, akala ko mag seseizure ako sa pain, warm water lang ininom ko, para kong may sore throat,paos, dahil yon sa intubation during surgery. Nakatulog naman ako, pain killer round the clock.
    Nov 3 painful pa rin, maaga dumating si Dr. Faylona pede na daw ako umuwi,my neurologist went din Dr Collantes pede na ko umuwi mag lakad lakad na ko. Multiple gallstones measured 0.1-0.5.
    Bill out total of 57k which include surgeon’s PF 30k, anesthesiologist 10k and other dr’s PF 3,500 may neurologist ako.
    Dr Jose Macario Faylona specialzed Hepatobillary, Surgery Pancreatic,Advanced surgery Laparoscopic
    clinics : Asian Hospital, Manila Doctors, St Lukes Global and Qualimed (FMAB)
    I feel better now nakaka kain not na ko but not oil foods,after a week ok na ko.Nag follow up check up ako kahapon ok na dec na ulit kami magkikita ni Dr Faylona. Pasensya sa napaka habang passhare ko, hope makatulong po.

    God bless us all
    and good health to all

  82. Hi Louisa,

    Thanks for your blog! I can see that this will be very helpful to my sister’s case. She already had CT scan and Ulrasound done. It seems that the problem is in her pancreas. So there’s no diagnosis yet. What office or where in PGH can she go to for check-up in order to diagnose her? Is it in GS3 as well?

    Hope for your response.

    Thanks a lot.


    • Hi DJ, GS3 is not a clinic but an office where you can schedule an operation. For the check up fellow commenters have some great suggestions as to doctors you can visit. Dr Ang has a clinci at PGH as well. Hope this helps!

      • hi DJ may private clinic dyan sa PGH pag enter mo ng gate turn left makikita nyo yung QUALIMED former FMAB, maraming gastroenterologist consultant dyan ng pgh which is specialized sa issue about sa pancreas, ask the schecule of Dr. Comia, Dr. Daez, Dr Ong, Dr De lusong, Dr Macatuno ,ito po yung number 708 0000 ng Qualimed. May clinic din po dyan si Dr Ang and other general surgeons.
        hope this also help sa sister mo po.

  83. Hi to all po. Malaking psalamat ko sa blog nato at snyo mam louisa mercado. Ngkaron aq ng lakas ng loob dhil sa mga shared na experiences at idea sa lhat ng mga detalye bago at pagkatapos aq operahan nito lamang dec.8 at lhat ng mga dapat kung tandaan at gawin ultimo pag hahanda eh ngwa ko in advance physicaly at mentally bgo ang operasyon sakin. Sa ngyun ngpapahilom nko ng sugat ko at pag medyo maayos na tlga pkiramdam ko eh. Ikkwento ko din ang experience ko mula sa umpisa na na diagnosed ako na my gallbladder polyps at hngang sa ma operahan. Ngpapasalamat ako sa staff ng gs3 at sa mga doctor ko. At snyo po ulit na blog mam mercado. Godbless

  84. Hi, Im Ms Leo I have a 2.2cm gallstone i would like to have it remove through laparoscopic procedure. Grabe po nerbyos ko panu po magpa sked for surgey sa PGH may idea po ba kayo how much is the total cost of the surgery. From Bicol Region po ako. Need help….Wait for your reply thanks and GOD Bless.

  85. Hi po Miss Olsk, I’m 19 and might undergo lap cho under Dr. Ang bc of my gallstones. No complications po ba after your op and how is your experience po sa anesthesia and w/ Dr. Ang? Then pwede na mag eat anything after? Thanks po πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tricia, I didn’t have any complications after my operation. I had a mask that gave me anesthesia and I was out very quickly. I did a soft diet after the operation but I didn’t have any problems I just wanted to play it safe. During my stay I only saw Dr Ang during my operation then when I had to leave the hospital. I had to come back after a week to remove the tubing (was told this was just standard to drain the liquid from the operation). Overall my experience was good and the most important thing was that it was safe.

      • Was the tube inside you as well? How did they took it off? Thanks for sharing your experience, it gives me relief for my upcoming lap cho

          • Hi! Just wanted to share my experience! You were right with it po, it was safe and thank God I didn’t have any complications. My surgeon was Dr. Ang as well, magaling si doc. I had mine done at Manila Med. I’m currently 2 weeks post op and I’m feeling better, nakakagala na din but I still experience indigestion and bloating if I don’t eat right. I didn’t have a tube inserted in me though and my incisions are healing. Again, thanks for this blog post Ms Louisa, it provided me relief when I had my lap chole. ❀️

          • Hi Ms Olsk, just wanted to asko Ms Nugget how much ang lap chole in Manila Med with Dr. Ang? Thanks..

  86. Thank you po sa blog ninyo at nakapag decide na kong mag undergo ng laparoscopic surgery. By tuesday pupunta na ko ng pgh para magpasched, ang mahal dito sa batangas, nagpa estimate ko around 80-120k. Buti na lang nagresearch muna ko. Itatanung ko lang po, magagamit ko kya philhealth ng asawa ko, seaman siya at id lng ng philhealth Ang hawak ko?.
    Salamat po.

  87. It is good to know that Filipinos can avail of top-notch medical treatment without spending so much. Gallstones are very common condition these days probably because of our poor choice in the food we eat. I dread having another surgery after having a CS operation years ago, but if ever I have to undergo gallstones removal, I would definitely consider this treatment, too. Thank you for sharing your experience mummy!
    jared’s mum recently posted…Thankful Thursday: Of Gratitude, Miracles, +MomentsMy Profile

  88. Hello po! Ako din. Nag undergo na ng lab test for clearance. Naghahanap na lang po ako ng hospital. Good thing na nabasa ko blog na to. Nabasa ko din na tumatanggap na rin ng hmo ang pgh. Pero wala naman ako makausap pag tumatawag ako.

  89. Hello poh, meron po akong stone sa Galbladder nakita sa ultrasound. Sabi ng dr d2 sa ksa multiple. Natatakot naman po ako magpa tangal d2. Wala naman po ako nararamadaman kungdi masakit ang kanangg bewang ko pero saglit lang. bukod doon ay wla na ako sakit na nararamdaman.
    Dahil po ba sa Galblader stone kya parang mahapdi ang sikmura ko at lagi ako dighay ng dighay?
    Hindi po ba nakaka takot magpa opera lalo na d2 sa KSA. ano po ba ma suggest nyo jan nlng sa PGH.
    Maraming salamant na din po at ng dahil d2 sa blog ay medjo lumalakas ang loob ko. Maraming Salamt po at God blless u all..

  90. Hi po,

    Una po godbless po sa gumawa ng Blog. Napakalaking tulong po nito. Natatakot po kaming mag-asawa, hindi sa opera kundi sa gagastusin. NAdiagnosed po ang aking misis na may 5mm na gallstone, medyo nagbabrown na din yung ihi nya. Yung kakilala ko po ay nagcashout ng 60K bawas na lahat ng philhealth. May nabasa po ako na nagcash out lang ng less 5k. Ano po kaya yung ginawa nyan steps? maraming3x salamat po.

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