There are several much anticipated movies this year apart from The Hunger Games but this movie is unique in that it’s not a sequel, prequel or remake of any kind (think Twilight, The Amazing Spiderman, Avengers). It’s a movie depiction of the now popular book trilogy The Hunger Games from Suzanne Collins.

The premise can be considered unique but those familiar with Lord of the Flies will see some similarities when it comes to the aspect of survival. In the Lord of the Flies the thrust is human nature and the consequences of a small group of boys stuck on an island whereas The Hunger Games is a reality TV show that has forcibly chosen its contestants to participate in a game of survival.

Interestingly, it gives us a preview of the control that social media and entertainment gains in the far off future. This has also been played out in a few movies such as The Running Man (Arnold Schwarzenegger). As the chosen ones fight one another to be the last one standing they are watched by a hungry media crowd.

With a cast of future star hopefuls there’s apparent potential in leading actress Jennifer Lawrence who was nominated as best actress for Winter’s Bone. Other familiar faces include Wes Bentley (Ghost Rider, P2), Liam Hemsworth (Knowing, The Last Song), and Josh Hutcherson (Journey to the Center of the Earth).

The books are a definite read. Make sure you have the 2nd part of the trilogy handy after you watch the movie. You’re sure to want to read what happens next.