For about the better half of a decade zombies have become a popular theme for movies and TV shows. They’ve been around since Night of the Living Dead but have regained their popularity with the age of video games.

My son went through a Zombie phase and was interested in anything to do with zombies. He would research guides to surviving a zombie attack and watch zombie movies.

The best zombie movie yet is 28 Weeks Later which was released in 2007. The Resident Evil series is another worthy watch although the first is the best so don’t expect much from the follow ups.

The 4th season of The Walking Dead is coming up  in October and we can’t wait to watch it. Zombies are a big hit during Halloween and there’ll be even more zombie costumes on the streets.

It’s a scary thought to think if zombies were to become a real epidemic. More than the blood hungry half dead monsters it’s the ruthlessness, hatred and the loss of law and order  that’s frightening.
It makes you wonder to what lengths will a person go to survive and though it seems far fetched I’ve actually thought of coming up with a survival kit not only for zombie attacks but for natural disasters.
It would also be helpful to create a plan if and when any kind of disaster should hit your area. It’ll be reassuring to both you the parent and to your children to have a collaborative plan to fall back on.