Find Shopping Happiness at Novelty Store Tickles SM North EDSA

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If you want to find yourself in a place that will make you feel whimsical, laugh and ooh and ahh then Tickles is the place to be. A one of a kind novelty store, Tickles has opened its flagship store at SM North EDSA.

Tickles has been giving us quirky and fun knickknacks since the 80’s and with happiness being their guiding principle they have been successful at customers leaving with smiles on their faces. Tickles now designs and manufactures many of their gift items. Their goal is to be 100% self-branded producing wacky food-themed plushies and witty pillows, to funny and quirky accessories.

With the age of millenials upon us the Tickles Team has rebranded and debuted its retro European circus theme catering to the current generation without losing the nostalgia. All the new Tickles branches (Power Plant Mall, TriNoma, UP Town Center, Robinson’s Place Manila) have the circus theme with the rest of the stores to be updated soon.

The kids and I perused the store looking for items we wanted to get. With all the items they have you’re sure to find something for yourself, your friends and your family.

As I looked around the store I could see many things that I wanted. Some were just too cute for words like there pillows. I loved their unicorn pillows and the food plushies are so much fun. They even have a boyfriend pillow which was funny at first but looked like a good idea after awhile!

Jael was excited about all the stuffed toys and plushies. If he had his way he would have taken them all home. He did bring home a plushie though. Just scroll all the way down to see what he got!

I had my eye on items that would work for our home. Bastian was pushing me to get this Welcome Aboard item but the practical side of me is putting off getting it. Our home is still in the works. It would totally look great in my office though! I’m taking you home soon!

Have a browse of their items:

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Some tips for your next shopping trip at Tickles:

  • Make a list! With all the items you’re gonna come across for sure you’ll find yourself in a dilemma.
  • Make a budget and stick to it.
  • Be sure to share your finds on social media!

There was definitely something for all the kids. It was a nice bonding experience for us and more memories created!

Just too many items that are too cute for words!

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Here’s our haul! Bastian got the neck pillow, water shooter and facial wipes. Kianna got the colored fan, compact mirror, chicken pouch, and pink wallet. Jael brought home the Kawaii Panda Bop, Stuffed Penguin, stress balls, and rainbow spring.

Stuffed Penguin Php320 | Water Shooter Php120 | Neck Pillow Zipper Php300 | Kawaii Panda Bop Php250 | Rainbow Spring Php60 | 3 Piece Stress Balls Php100 | Ladies Wallet Php295 | Compact Mirror Php135 | Colored Fan Php80 | Chicken Pouch  Php295 | Facial Wipes Php52

Tickles is located at Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 1, Power Plant Mall, SM Megamall A, SM North Edsa, TriNoma, UP Town Center, Alabang Town Center, Market! Market!, Robinson’s Place Manila, and Ayala Center Cebu.

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McDonalds Happy Meal: Smurfs Village Toys Collect All 8!

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One of my childhood cartoon characters can now be collected in every McDonalds Happy Meal! Get a new Smurfs toy with every Happy Meal and collect all 8 Magical Mushroom Houses to create your very own Smurfs Village.

In line with the new movie, Smurfs The Lost Village McDonalds is sharing these cute characters. In the movie they discovery what could be the biggest secret in Smurf history!

Jael was so thrilled to complete the set that includes 8 houses and 16 Smurfs.

Take your Smurfs set outside and recreate a village. Just like the movie, Smurfette and her best friends Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty find a mysterious map to find a Forbidden Forest filled with magical creatures The mysterious lost village needs to be found before the evil wizard Gargamel does!

It’s so fun to imagine and play without a care in the world. Let your kids explore their imagination.

Collect Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty, Clumsy, Brainy, Gargamel, Blossom, Smurflily, Smurfstone, Willow, SmurfMelody and more and the 8 Magical Mushroom houses today!

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Great Deals and Steals at the Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale 2016

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Every year I look forward to this sale! The Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale is the best place to get awesome deals on branded toys. I’ve been here a few times now and it never disappoints!

If you’re a budget conscious mommy like me but also want quality toys then you have to make sure to stop by this sale. Check out my tips below!


Here are some tips I can share from my experience at having been to there sales.

  1. The best tip I can give you is to COME EARLY! Be there as soon as the doors to the mall open. After just 30-45 minutes the place fills up and by lunch it’s jam packed.
  2. GET YOUR HANDS ON A PUSH CART. As you go through the sale and see something that you really like (because you will definitely see many things you’ll like) put it in your cart. It’ll be too difficult to go back and retrieve it. Before you head to the counter just go through your items and keep the ones you really want.
  3. MAKE A LIST. It’s overwhelming to be confronted with all these great deals. You’ll feel like you need to get everything. Bring a list of your inaanaks, nephews, nieces, etc so you can choose what toys to give. Being its a sale you’ll be able to save and even get Buy 1 Take 1 Deals.
  4. INSPECT EVERY ITEM. At this sale I was excited to see the underwear that I had gotten Jael at the Baby Company sale. It was a set of DC character briefs which were 7 pieces for Php300, an obvious steal. However, I didn’t bother checking the size of each brief and when I got home that’s when I saw I had gotten small sizes. So, best check those sizes!
  5. BRING ALCOHOL/SANITIZER. You’ll be picking up a lot of things especially when scrutinizing the prices and state of the toys so expect to get your hands dirty.
  6. Lastly, BRING YOUR SMAC card becasue for sure you’ll be purchasing in the thousands and those are a waste of points if you don’t bring your card.



















For the Toy Kingdom Warehouse sale FAQ’s visit here.

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