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My blogging and event management needs for Mommy Bloggers Philippines has me needing a photo editor where I can easily and conveniently edit my images. PicMonkey has been my answer and being a Royale Member for over 2 years now it’s certainly been worth it.

Posters, invitation, banners and almost every kind of illustration you can think of can be done on PicMonkey.

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What I like about PicMonkey is that it’s FREE to use and is easy and accessible. It’s pretty much a no-brainer using PicMonkey and you can do so many things especially on a Royale membership. However, a basic membership also gets you far but once you try the other premium tools and find that you have a need for it, the investment is well worth it. I have edited and touched up photos, and designed and created collages. The power of images on a blog is great and aside from the usual fixing up of an image you can watermark them to identify the images as just yours.

My need for PickMonkey is pretty basic but if you are looking for a photo editor that will give more editing options PicMonkey is quite capable. PicMonkey also provides free tutorials so if you’re trying to achieve a certain look they can lend you a hand with that.

Basic Edits

Most of the work I do on my images I do it here. I crop, resize and adjust the lighting here.

picmonkey photo editor lifestyle mommy blogger www.artofbeingamom.com 04

Touch Up

Touch up is a good way to fix those pictures if a face is too shiny or teeth aren’t as white as we’d like them to be. You can even remove blemishes and red-eye.

picmonkey photo editor lifestyle mommy blogger www.artofbeingamom.com 01


Sometimes I need to create a poster or banner for an event and will need overlays.

picmonkey photo editor lifestyle mommy blogger www.artofbeingamom.com 02


They have wonderful theme packs for every occasion, from birthdays to Halloween to Christmas. In each theme pack you get all the editor options plus tailor made tools specific to your chosen theme.

picmonkey photo editor lifestyle mommy blogger www.artofbeingamom.com 03

Some examples of what I made from PicMonkey:

MBP Christmas logo for stand

Poster for our Chirstmas Party

Invite 6 with text and logos FLYER

Flyer for our Photography Workshop
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My Best Pinterest Boards

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I’ve been a pinner for awhile now and having amassed quite a few pins so I decided to share my best Pinterest boards. I enjoy pinning various pins from food to books to home decor.

Pinterest is the best place to go to when you’r searching for ideas for parties, weddings, recipes and home decor. There are many more categories to browse and you may find yourself pinning until the wee hours of the morning.

These are some of my best boards that you may get ideas from.

I love breads, pasta, cheese and bacon so  you’ll mostly find these kinds of food here. I’ve been aiming to cook more and have been pinning what I’d like to eventually cook.


I’m pretty known for my  sweet tooth and you’ll get a smorgasbord of sweet treats here. I also love ice cream which I have a dedicated board for.


I’m forever dreaming of beautifying our home. We’re on our way there having painted all our rooms and adding cabinets. Slowly but surely we’re getting towards our dream. These home deco pins are really inspiring.


Sometimes when I need a pick me up or some encouragement I check out the quotes on Pinterest.


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