A Visit to Trick Art Museum at Manila Film Center

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For the longest time I’ve been wanting to try trick art. I finally did with Jael during his field trip and we had a blast! We went to a miniature trick art museum at Manila Film Center, Pasay City but there were plenty of murals for us to pose in front of.

Fair warning this post is an overload of images sharing the various murals we had tons of fun posing in front of!



The Van Gogh painting, The Starry Night


Mr Bean x Mona Lisa




He should have sat for this one!




Was thrilled he was brave enough to go near this one.




Love this picture!




Flying with Peter Pan






This looks real enough to feel dizzy!






Feeding the giraffes lol



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Learning About Safety at MMDA Childrens Road Safety Park

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Jael went to 3 places for his field trip one being the MMDA Childrens Road Safety Park. MMDA created the park which features bike lanes, road signs, a footbridge, sidewalks with curbs, a drainage system, waiting shed, hospital, fast food carts, a comfort room and a gas station. Patterned after Singapore’s Road Safety Park, the area is 4,600 sq. m. Traffic rules and road safety can be taught in this controlled environment.

In the Philippines it’s all the more important that kids learn this because it can literally be a hazard to your health crossing the streets. Though there are pedestrian lanes some people still cross where they want. Also, footbridges are provided but people still choose to cross the street which leads to accidents.

The purpose of the park is to teach road safety and the potential dangers on the road. They are also taught the importance of observing traffic rules and regulations.


Children learned about road signs and what they mean. They were also taught a cool Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light song.


After the lesson the kids got to tour the park but they had to follow the rules and regulations. Here’s Jael on a miniature foot bridge.







The MMDA Children’s Road Safety Park is located at Adriatico Street cor. Quirino Avenue, Manila City. For bookings, reservations and other inquiries: Tel. no.: (02) 882-0927; Fax no.: (02) 882-2637; Metrocall: 136

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Dreamplay at City of Dreams Manila

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We have been wanting to visit Dreamplay at City of Dreams Manila for the longest time and we finally did on Jael’s field trip. I knew this would be so much fun for him and despite the field trip costing a pretty penny I think it was worth the investment. It’s his first field trip and something he should enjoy. Ten years ago when I went with my eldest on his field trip I had much more energy. I really felt my age on this one though! Let me tell you why.dreamplay-city-of-dreams-manila-lifestyle-mommy-blogger-philippines-www-artofbeingamom-com-17

Dreamplay is inside City of Dreams Manila, an integrated resort and casino located on Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard. It features some beloved Dreamworks favorites such as Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and more. Looking at the map on their website it doesn’t seem like a big area. Believe me, it is when you’re running after a 6 year old and trying to keep up. At 5’7 I’m considered very tall and I literally could not go into some of the areas. Maybe they’re meant just for kids. Anyhoo, there are so many mazes and slides that it’s hard to keep up. Kids 8 and above can probably go off on their own here.


I love taking pictures of my kids and there are many picture perfect opportunities!



Each character section has at least 2 attractions. All in all there are about 20. There are some attractions that require a certain height so despite Jael’s bravery and eagerness he wasn’t able to try them. He’s an easy going fella though so he was happy with what he could go to and try.


Kung Fu Panda

This is the Fast as Lightning Kung Fu Fighting attraction. Po and Tigress teach some moves in their dojo.


How to Train Your Dragon

One of Jael’s favorite play attractions, he got to build his own dragon and then we climbed what seemed like forever to get to the top and let it fly. Seriously though, in this attraction we climbed to the third level. This is where my heart jumped to my throat because Jael all of a sudden went down one of the slides that I couldn’t follow in and I lost him for just a small bit. I looked down from the 3rd level and thankfully I saw him. The thing is for moms like me who are super paranoid losing sight for just a second frightens me. Dreamplay has too many twists and turns and slides and it’s hard to keep up with. So we had to have a talk about that and since he knows of the dangers he didn’t do that again.




At Whatever Floats Your Boat you’re given a boat to launch and have a race with other boats. It would have been more fun if the guns that were stationed around actually sprayed water. Well, parents won’t be too happy getting soaked but it would be lots of fun for the kids.



Jael spent awhile at Afro Circus, a multilevel play area. I don’t know if it was just me or the kids were really running wild. Jael surely was going back and forth up and down.



Personally, I enjoyed Shrek’s Swamp Stomp. It was a Shrek sized house. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was too dark inside. Hence, not so great pictures. Here’s Jael in a pot ready to be cooked!



If you need some downtime the Dreamtales Library is the perfect place to go. You can lounge around and read a book.




I was too busy running after Jael so I wasn’t able to take pictures of the other places we went to. One great attraction is the Dream Studio. You can learn how to make a mini animation movie. Dinotrux is a huge dino robotic replica.

There just wasn’t enough time to visit Gingy’s Kitchen where you get to bake gingerbread man cookies and Dream Theatre where you can catch a 4D show.

Ticket prices can be found here: http://www.cityofdreams.com.ph/dreamplay. Reasonably priced for the smorgasbord of activities.

Aside from Dreamplay, City of Dreams has alot more to explore! I’d love to bring the kids to Nobu Hotel or Hyatt City of Dreams!

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