I Want to be Part of Sample Room’s Bloggers Circle!

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Sample Room has given me plenty of products to try and ideas to blog about. I get a flutter of excitement when there’s a knock on the door and it’s Xend delivering my latest order.

I first started with Sample Room in mid-January and so far I have gotten 6 products to review with 4 more on their way!


I love the benefits of being a member. It’s a beneficial collaboration between bloggers and brands wherein as a blogger I receive products to try, review and write about. In return brands get honest opinions and more exposure for their products.

With just a minimal shipping fee to pay you can get the most coveted brands of various beauty and health products.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the benefits of being a member but I would be honored to be a part of their Blogger’s Circle! The perks of being a member of their circle are free samples, being the first to know about upcoming products and their launch, fun activities and discussions only for members, and a special gift!

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You can be a part of this special group, too. The requirements are a blog hosted on WordPress, Blogspot, or Tumblr and it must be at least 1 year old. Deadline is April 30, 2014.

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Sample Room: Belo SunExpert

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As I’m in my mid-thirties I have to start being more conscious in caring for my skin especially in this summer heat. After asking for some beauty advice, my friend told me that I have to use sun protect products.

When I saw the Belo SunExpert product line on Sample Room I was excited to try the Transparent Mist because of its easy application.

borawan-belo-sunexpert rs

Belo SunExpert provides superior sun protection and anti-aging. It blocks UV rays from the skin’s surface and also has a Cell Protect formula that repairs and rejuvenates from within. The hypoallergenic sunblock is light and non-sticky that’s easily absorbed by your skin. Like all Belo products, the SunExpert line is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

The Transparent Mist (Php 449.75) can spray at any angle, is non-sticky, and water resistant. When I first tried it I found that it was quick to absorb and was immediately effective.

No doubt I’ll be spraying my entire body with this mist every time I step out in the sun since it’s easy to use and bring!

*This is a sponsored post. Please read my disclosure policy.

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Godiva Skin Beauty Products

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As I discover more and more beauty products I’m learning that there are really all kinds of skin products that can help with different kinds of dilemmas. My latest beauty product to try is Godiva Skin. They have a wide selection from facial cream to lotion. Godiva Skin can help you with blemishes such as pimple scars, freckles, age spots, and melisma.


This particular product line focuses on whitening with the use of licorice root extract which has the highest content of Glabridin. It suppresses the formation of melanin which is what gives color to the skin. This makes for a powerful skin whitening ingredient. The use of licorice is safe  and has been used as a food additive and flavouring for many years.

Not to worry though it’s gentle and safe for continued use. Very timely for the summer, these whitening products will help you achieve that white glowing skin you’ve always been seeking in the safest way possible.

They have an improved formula, new packaging and more enticing results.

I’m pretty fair skinned so there only parts of my body that I’m aiming to whiten such as my elbows and knees.

With the use of the LicoWhite™ Whitening Lotion with SPF15 (Php132.00) it can even out skin discolorations and provide sun protection at the same time.


I’ve been using facial wash of late and Godiva presents their LicoWhite™ Whitening Facial Wash (Php85.00). This also uses Glabridin from licorice that helps brighten skin as it cleanses.

I like that it’s gentle, low foam and soap free yet I feel refreshed and clean.  With other facial wash products I’ve experienced stinging in the eye area not so with this facial wash. Another great thing is that it works with all skin types!


The LicoWhite™ Whitening Facial Cream (Php120.00) can help you even out skin discolorations caused by age, scarring, pregnancy or overexposure to the sun. It’s also 100% fragrance free. Best used after cleansing and toning.


Your facial routine won’t be complete without the LicoWhite™ Whitening Facial Toner (Php89.00). This will even out your skin tone. It moisturizes and cleanses normal to dry skin.

For me, it has a bit of strong smell but it won’t deter you from using it. I also like that it doesn’t sting my skin unlike another facial toner I used.


Godiva also has their LicoWhite™ Whitening Soap (135g Php69.00 & 65g Php35.00) for your whole body whitening needs. It’s gentle and non-drying and can be used daily.

I like the lather of the soap and the clean feeling afterwards.


To help you lighten your underarms they have the LicoWhite™ Whitening AntiPerspirant Deodorant (Php89.00) which is scent free and can get the job done faster than other whitening products. For best results it should be applied twice a day after bathing.


*This is a sponsored post. Please read my disclosure policy.

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