Advent Calendar

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This year, I would like to make Christmas a more magical and festive holiday. The past years have been quite average because of budget and time constraints. Since I realized I do well with challenges I decided to try a Christmas Advent Calendar and have scheduled activities for us to do everyday until Christmas day.

I did plenty of research looking for ideas and found quite alot on Pinterest. However, I decided to make my own calendar and would like to share a free template for you to use for your family.

Here are the activities we have scheduled. I’m particularly looking forward to days 7 and 16. I’m a big Harry Potter fan so I’m looking forward to trying this drink. I’ve also been planning this gingerbread house activity for me and the kids for a few years now and will finally get to do it this year.


Download Advent Calendar Template

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Weekly Expenses & Grocery List

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If you’re like me and budget the household expenses then  I’m sure you also use or maybe need a weekly expenses & grocery list to stay organized. If you’re working on a limited budget as I am then definitely you will need something to help keep track of expenses and stay within your budget.

Being a work at home mom, I’m very lucky to receive weekly payments which makes budgeting easier as I do my bill payments and grocery shopping weekly. I’m able to better plan the due dates of my bills and any expected expenses for that week.

When it comes to a grocery list, I’ve come across plenty that have been really detailed and some that are too broad.  I decided to create one that suits my needs. You’ll notice I have a Miscellaneous/Other section and Expected Expenses section. This is where I indicate expenses outside of the grocery store such as school supplies, clothing, etc. I also like to write down the expected income for that week and assign payables to specific amounts expected.

If you will be sharing it please link to this post.

Weekly Expenses & Grocery List


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Drinking Water Checklist

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Water is the one of the most important necessities of life. Without it we would perish in a week depending on the climate. I created a drinking water checklist because I’m one of those people that forget to drink water.

I can literally go a day without drinking water. However, that will lead to major illnesses down the line. In fact, I had my gallbladder removed and one of the reasons was that my body lacked the water intake it needed.

I’ve come across apps that were supposed to help remind me when to drink but it never really worked. Mostly, it would go off and I would be in the middle of something and it would just slip my mind usually realizing that I hadn’t drank all day. My friends marvel that I can go without a drink while eating. I’ve become so used to it but I know that it’s unhealthy and I need to change my ways.

I needed a reminder, something I could see to remind me. Luckily, I had access to PicMonkey and went ahead and made my own checklist. It’s a very basic list. It shows me the days and how many glasses I have drank. If mid way through the day I see that I’ve only ticked 2 circles then I know I need to catch up and drink at least every hour after that.

If you’re in the same boat as me then you are very much welcome to use this checklist. If you will be sharing it please link to this post.

Time to Drink! checklist


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