Jollibee New Birthday Party Theme Jollirace

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The newest birthday party theme from Jollibee has arrived! They’re revving up with JolliRace, their newest and coolest addition to the Jolly Kids Party. 

You’ll get a fun Grand Prix experience with this party theme where boys and girls can have a blast on their special day with balloons, relay games, awesome prizes, and a delicious cake to give them a birthday party set at full speed.

Mascots Jollibee, Yum and Popo will thrill party guests in this one-of-a-kind celebration. All these, plus Jollibee langhap-sarap favorites Chickenjoy, Jollibee Spaghetti, and Yumburger meals, make the JolliRace Jolly Kids Party a sure winner among kids and kids-at-heart.

An Exciting First Race

We were able to attend the preview of racing fun at Jollibee E. Rodriguez where it was officially launched. The new JolliRace Jolly Kids Birthday Party theme welcomed media guests, radio personality Delamar Arias with her sons Cooper and Parker, and celebrity mom Bettina Carlos with daughter Gummy and nephew Camilo Marco.

We enjoyed some party games and I got to join one as well! Jael and I took advantage of the photo wall and had our picture taken.

During the event Jael got to play, join a game, and color. He took home party goodies to go with his jolly, cool memories of the event.

Recreate the thrill of the racetracks and enjoy the newest and fastest route to a memorable birthday celebration today. Parents booking a Jolly Kids Party can mix and match party elements for 30 or 80 guests with Jollibee’s “Create-Your-Own Package” option.

After choosing from among Jollibee’s four special themes: Jollitown, Hello Kitty, FUN-tastic Factory, and the newest JolliRace, parents can get in the back seat and let Jollibee host the jolliest party experience for their kids.

The Jolly Kids Party is available for booking in store or set up in chosen locations. For more information on birthday fun that is up to speed, visit Jollibee Party.

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Benefits of Nursery Rhymes from Babies to Toddlers

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Almost every child has grown up singing and listening to nursery rhymes. No childhood is complete without it. From catchy rhythms to fun words, nursery rhymes can bring the brightest smiles and tons of giggles to a child’s face.

With the onset of digital technology nursery rhymes are no longer confined to books but are readily available on social media like YouTube. The Hey Kids channel has some of our favorites. Who can forget classics such as Rain Rain Go Away, Incy Wincy Spider (my personal favorite!), Old MacDonald Had a Farm and more?

Nursery rhymes aren’t only just for fun though. They have positive a impact on our little ones. From babies to toddlers let’s discover the benefits of nursery rhymes.

Development of language skills

As soon as babies are born they’re introduced to nursery rhymes. We usually use these rhymes to soothe and play with our kids but did you know that along the way you’re already helping your child develop his language skills? They’re introduced to new words and phrases through these rhymes. It also helps build comprehension as they try to understand the rhyme.

Repetition for memory

Rhymes usually repeat lines and the repetition in the rhymes help kids learn recall. Repeating the lines can help children master their own techniques to memorization as they form the rhymes in their head and sing them. A perfect example is Old MacDonald Had a Farm. With this rhyme children have to remember the sequence that they’ve sung the song.

Produces a love for reading

Some nursery rhymes are handed down through generations and some we get from children’s books. I had a few nursery rhyme books for the kids and we would sing and read to it. They learned to like books because they were fun. They engaged themselves in the stories wanting to learn what would happen.

From this children can have a love for reading which hopefully progresses to a lifelong love for it.

Comfort and soothe

I sang nursery rhymes to my kids in lulling tones and funny voices. Either way they were meant to comfort and soothe them. To assure them through my voice that I was there for them and that they were safe. I often a night sang these rhymes to put them to sleep. This is why when we hear these rhymes we can get nostalgic and warm.

The Incy Wincy Spider can be a lullaby as proven with my three kids. They would get excited upon hearing it and as I sang the song sometimes up to 10 times in a row they would be lulled and comforted.

What are some of the nursery rhymes you enjoyed as a child?

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Unique Summer Classes for Kids

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Summer’s coming up and as per usual we parents need to find new activities for our kids to try and learn. The usual classes and lessons include sports like basketball and martial arts, swimming, art and dancing. Though these are all worthwhile activities there are plenty more that kids can do and learn. These suggested unique summer classes can be both fun and educational yet provide kids an introduction to activities beyond the norm.

One thing we need to keep a watch on is our kid’s health especially when it comes to sunburn, sore eyes, and diarrhea. During the summer kids are out and about and are exposed to the sun most of the day, other kids and a variety of food. Make sure to have your kids drink their glass of Nido twice a day so they’re well protected and stay strong during play time.


Classes for archery have been around for quite some time but doesn’t have as many attendees as your usual sports lessons. Archery teaches kids focus, coordination, and confidence. After the slew of popular movies such as the Hunger Games, Brave, and archers Hawkeye and the Arrow archery became much more popular.

Suggested venue: Kodanda Archery Range


Another athletic pursuit is parkour. This needs careful consideration though but ideally if your child finds this interesting it’s better to have them learn from the best. An alternative to learning parkour on YouTube is having them attend lessons. Some benefits include improving physical strength, quick thinking skills and enhancing instincts.

Suggested venue: Ninja Academy


More and more Filipinos are becoming animators and have penetrated Hollywood with their unique talent. Notable Filipino animators are Nelson Bohol (Inside Out, Monsters University, Brave, WALL-E, Ratatouille, Cars, and Finding Nemo), Armand Serrano (Big Hero 6, Brother Bear, Hotel Transylvania), and Josie Trinidad (Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled).

Suggested venue: Dream Play Dream Studio


From baking pretzels to cupcakes there’s plenty of courses when it comes to learning how to cook. It’s a fun activity to do with your kids especially for moms like me who aren’t versed in the kitchen.

Jael is a very curious boy and often likes to try new things and food as long as it looks appealing. I’m not always there to see what kind of food he eats but with LACTOBACILLUS Protectus in every glass of milk that he drinks I know his body is prepared and ready for any illnesses that may try to invade.

Suggested venues: Brotzeit, The Maya Kitchen


Knowing how to play at least one musical instrument is a strong suit. When I was younger I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. That never came to fruition though. My eldest learned how to play the ukelele on his own but I’m sure he would have loved to attend classes.

Suggested venue: Uke Box Caffe

Mermaid Swimming 

Why not have your kids learn swimming with a twist? Mermaid swimming is slowly becoming popular and a trending activity especially this summer. This will be a hit with The Little Mermaid fans and I’m one of them!

Suggested venue: Philippine Mermaid Swim Academy

*NIDO 3+ is not suitable for infant feeding and is not a breast milk substitute.”
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