Get Cam Ready this Summer with Lazada Philippines Hottest Deals

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When the weather starts to feel humid and the rays of the sun seem to follow you wherever you go, that’s it – you know that summer is fast approaching and it’s about time to hit the beach!

You’ve got your beach bods ready, your out-of-town trips booked, your OOTDs planned, but have you thought about what to use to capture those social media worthy moments?

Lazada Philippines, your favorite one-stop online shopping and selling destination is giving you red-hot deals for as low as 83% off on camera and accessory brands such as GoPro, Canon, Samsung, Nikon, and many more:

  • Capture life in a whole new way with the GoPro Hero5 Black. It is the most powerful and easiest GoPro product to use so far, boasts of an advanced video stabilization where you can capture stunningly smooth videos, handheld or mounted on your gear; and is even rugged and waterproof up to 33ft (10m) without housing. Get yours at only P19,999.
  • You’d really be in for a treat with XiaoMi Yi’s 16MP Sports and Action Camera because it comes with a Kingma Waterproof Case, a Yi Monopod, and a Yi Remote Shutter. It definitely is a higher-end camera with an entry level price at only P5,549.
  • The S-40 Handheld Stabilizer for Steadicam has a magic carbon fiber stabilizer designed to reduce shake and stabilize videos and a bidirectional base plate which you can use to adjust your camera to any direction. The best part is, this can be widely used with any kind of professional camera or camcorder for only P2,767.
  • If you’ve only got your mobile phones with you, you can still take great pictures with the VODOOL 3-in-1 Clip which includes a 0.67X wide angle lens that can capture relatively large scenes in a small range, a 10x micro lens that can capture tiny particles clearly, and a 180° fish-eye lens that can expand the scope of the area and give you a good viewing experience. Get all three for only P365.

Birthday Blow-out!

March also marks Lazada Philippines’ anniversary month and the company is set to offer great deals on its Birthday Sale happening on March 21-23. Enjoy a birthday blowout of killer deals, massive discounts, unbeatable flash sales, and many more amazing surprises during this three-day shopping extravaganza. Celebrate with Lazada by visiting or downloading the Lazada mobile app for free today.

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What Every New Mom Needs from Panties to a Belly Band

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New moms receive many useful baby things. A baby shower gives you everything you need and then some. However, there are some things a new mom needs that she doesn’t receive. These are the practical and helpful items that you usually can’t and shouldn’t live without.

Fashionable diaper bag

Any time you go out with baby in tow you feel like you’re bringing the whole household so you invest in a baby bag that well, looks like a baby bag.

It may be simple and seem unnecessary but believe me you’ll feel much better and prettier if you choose a diaper bag that also looks like a purse.

Today there are many fashionable diaper bags that you wouldn’t think was carrying baby items.

new-moms-belly-band-Skip Hop Duet Diaper Tote - Taupe

A Belly Band

Nobody thinks to gift a belly band to a new mom. As unsexy as it sounds, after birth weight is hard to lose.  It seems like getting thin and fit would be the last thing on their mind but it’s NOT. The earlier a new mom starts wearing a belly band the better. This of course depends on the doctor’s advise.

A belly band can be used for aesthetic purposes and comfort. There are pull-ons that cover the abdomen and lower waist and ones that are corset like.

new-moms-belly-band-Belly Bandit Original - Free Shipping

Lotions and Creams

Dry hands and feet, chapped lips, an oily face are just some of the problems some new moms can encounter. It would be great to have lotions and creams to soothe their skin and make them feel womanly again. Hopefully they find the time to actually use it!

Shea butter is excellent for dry hands and will work wonders for tired feet. The simple use of coconut oil will soothe chapped lips and will last for hours as compared to chap stick which needs to be applied more often.

new-moms-belly-band-lotions and creams

The new mom stage won’t last long but it can be much easier and more comfortable. Easing simple discomforts gives a positive outlook day to day.

*“This post is a partnership with Nakturnal.”

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Household Supplies: Hanns Tape and Inno Scents Air Freshners

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It was a treat to receive these household supplies especially since I had been needing duct tape but hadn’t gotten around to buying any. It’s a fairly practical idea to stock up on household supplies so you’re prepared for anything. Hanns provides plenty of practical solutions for your home and they don’t just have tapes they also have air fresheners.

household supplies hanns tape duct tape inno scents air freshner home living lifestyle mommy blogger philippines 01

Here are some very helpful ways to use duct tape:

Patching up refrigerator shelves- believe it or not despite the cold and dampness, duct tape can hold those shelves that are about to fall apart.

Open jars- just get a lengthy amount of tape and stick it to the cover. Once you pull the cover comes off!

Bandages- in emergency situations duct tape cut into thin strips can be act as butterfly strips for wide cuts. At least until you can properly clean and dress your wound.

Water bottle and pitcher repair- duct tape can patch up those bottles and pitchers that have cracked. It holds so well that water doesn’t at all seep through.

household supplies hanns tape duct tape inno scents air freshner home living lifestyle mommy blogger philippines 02

Another pleasant surprise was the Inno Scents air freshner. I find many air fresheners to be too strong smelling. I love the fresh scent that emanates from this nicely made card. It’s nice to look at and smells good! At only Php35 it’s worth it.

household supplies hanns tape duct tape inno scents air freshner home living lifestyle mommy blogger philippines 03

Other scents available: Cherry, Marine, Lemon Mint (smells interesting!), Sweet Pea Shower, XO

#AutoGard #MilesAndLevels

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