My Little Spiderman’s Halloween Costume Mask

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One of the best times to get an excellent deal for a Halloween costume is right after Halloween! The prices take a nosedive and you have some pretty excellent choices. Now if your child likes to have the latest costume well then, probably your best bet is to get a good deal on a Halloween costume mask. Superhero masks in particular. These never go out of style.

This year Jael wanted to be Spiderman. His costume used to belong to his Kuya Bastian so you can imagine how long it’s been with us. Superhero costumes will always be a popular costume and a safe purchase.

ensogo philippines halloween costume mask superhero lifestyle mommy blogger 02

If you have superhero costumes but the masks are a little worse for wear you can select from these masks on Ensogo Philippines.

Excellently priced and you’ll really be getting a discount as it’s not made of paper or even hard plastic. These masks are made of non-toxic, without excitant odor, safe PVC material. It has a garterized belt for comfortable wear and that’s saying alot as Jael doesn’t like to wear masks but he had no complaints with this one.

ensogo philippines halloween costume mask superhero lifestyle mommy blogger 01

Halloween may be over but these masks are also good year round. Especially when a favorite super hero has a newly released movie.

ensogo philippines halloween costume mask superhero lifestyle mommy blogger 06

Did you know you can also pick up your orders if your item allows it? We asked Daddy to pick up his mask so we could have it in time for all the trick or treating we had planned. Their office is in BGC and if you’re near, work or live in the area then perfect!

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Fairview Terraces Halloween 2015

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Every year I look forward to Halloween with the kids. It used to be with all three but this year it was just Jael and I. I guess the other two are too big for it now. The Fairview Terraces Halloween program consists of a trick or treating activity, a mini food fair and a magic show. Kids also get a loot bag!

We were there right on time and there were so many people that were just as excited as we were, I imagine, to go trick or treating. It was a bit tough trying to keep up with Jael at first but with so may stores to trick or treat from he started to tire out about an hour and half into it.

fairview terraces halloween 2015 lifestyle mommy blogger 03

So many stores participated, much more than last year and so Jael got plenty of treats.

fairview terraces halloween 2015 lifestyle mommy blogger 04

Jael was Spiderman this year and he was so ecstatic with all the treats he got. The next activity wouldn’t be for a couple more hours so I brought him to Active Fun to play for a bit. It was also the perfect opportunity for me to sort through the candy. I always remove all the hard candies except the lollipops and anything too chewy or suspicious.

fairview terraces halloween 2015 lifestyle mommy blogger 07

Most of the candies are hard ones or ones that I don’t think are suitable for him just yet so it was nice to see that Fairview Terraces provided treats for Jael he could actually eat in the loot bag they handed out.

2015-10-30 13.01.11

 The afternoon activity had a magic show lined up and treats from IHOP, Krispy Kreme and Jamba Juice.

fairview terraces halloween 2015 lifestyle mommy blogger 06

There was also a spooky surprise at 6pm where they decorate the garden just for Halloween and unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay for it. We were pretty pooped so we headed home.

The Fairview Terraces Halloween didn’t disappoint! It was much fun for Jael as well as for me. Till next year!

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Bringing the Big Spooks Home this Halloween with Philips

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Halloween doesn’t have to be just for the kids. There’s tons of ideas for adults to enjoy Halloween with Philips. Now a word from Philips and how you can whip up a frightful fest for friends and family!

Even for adults, the spookiest time of the year still offers its fair share of playfulness and blood-curdling excitement.

Fries and SlushIE

“Halloween parties are definitely a great way for family and friends to get together and bond,” says Reah Ronsayro, Philips’ Business Development Manager for Kitchen Appliances. “Some people think Halloween is just for kids, but hey, don’t we all want to let loose every now and then? With a bit of creativity and the right kitchen tools, it’s easy to whip up a feast for your Halloween party.”

Now that you’re looking for some good old Halloween festivity, here are some quick and easy things to do when you’re not out trick-or-treating:

Holding a Great Haunted House Party

Get together with your ghosty friends and huddle up by the TV for a fright fest with ghoulishly delightful drinks and fried, toasty treats. All you need are a food processor, and an Airfryer to get the party started!

The Spooky Watermelon Slushie

To whip up some frighteningly delicious mango slushies, you need ½ cup of watermelon slices, 2/3 cup of skim or soymilk, and ½ teaspoon of sugar or honey (as much as you need, really). Now, throw the watermelon in first. Try giving them a whirl in our Philips Food Processor.


After blending the watermelon down into a nice consistency, add the milk, honey, and/or sugar. You could also choose to mix in a little crushed ice if you want more than just the chills in your spine.

Guilt-Free French Frights

For some French frights (that’s fries for you non-spooks), all you need is a bag of pre-cut fries since they’re easier to prepare. You will need a little bit of cooking oil, a brush, and a Philips Airfryer.


Lay the fries out on a flat surface and coat them with a thin, even amount of cooking oil on the surface. Do this for all of the fries. The brush should make short work of them in no time. Now, don’t crowd the Airfryer’s basket too much. Set the Airfryer to about 356 degrees and let it sit for 10 minutes. Check on the fries, flip them around a bit, and cook them for another 10 minutes.

“That’s all you need to start your séance, storytelling session, or horror movie marathon!” says RJ Buenaventura, Philips’ General Manager for Personal Health. “Having healthier treats like these are a welcome change of pace for the gang since they bring you closer together and are kinder to the body.”

Dressing up for the Scare of a Lifetime

Now, unless you’re looking to show up to your own Halloween party dressed as a werewolf, you’re going to want to put some effort into styling yourself with the right mix of sass and spook.


With Philips’ Airstyler, you can go from a straight and weepy Sadako to a wavy head of witches’ hair in no time! Have all the other witches and warlocks under your spell with a good 1000w of power and ionic conditioning that gives you full control your hair’s styling potential!


Need a little more body and detail? No problem. The SimplySalon Curler is a ceramic-surfaced little monster that packs more of that good ionic conditioning and gives you great curls and bobs without damaging hair strands. With its fast heating time and consistent 180c temperature, you can bolt out of your coffin right before your spooky guests arrive.

Now who said Halloween was a kids’ thing?

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