Preserve Mother’s Day Memories with Original HP Inks

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Gift-giving is most special when done for loved ones. For children, it’s when they give their parents heart-felt presents—not only on birthdays and Christmas, but on special occasions like Mother’s Day. However, finding the perfect token of appreciation can sometimes be difficult, especially when usual gift ideas become less exciting.

Of course, moms will surely appreciate any form of present. From everyday things to wonderful gestures like spending time with them, moms are mostly easy to please. But for those looking for fresh gift ideas—ones that are original, creatively personalized and can last for years—HP printers and Original HP ink cartridges can definitely help make Mother’s Day gifts even more memorable.

From simply printing out mom’s personal recipes into a DIY book, to designing and ironing-on pictures and decals onto her kitchen apron, HP printers and Original HP ink cartridges assure kids of visually-stunning personalized gifts. And with more than 500 years of combined experience, HP’s ink cartridges deliver 36,000 drops of ink per second to produce lasting prints that reinvent memories, especially when used on HP Photo Paper.

For special moments captured in digital images, creating a personalized photo album is made easy—photographs printed using Original HP ink cartridges remain accurate, vibrant, and fade-resistant, to let mom’s most memorable moments stand out even years after. Original HP inks fast-drying and anti-curling properties also make it the ideal tool in creating such personalized gifts that involve high volumes of printing.

So whether it’s crafting a simple graphic greeting card or a hardworking picture collage, gifts for Mother’s Day are always made extra special when printed using reliable HP printers and Original HP ink cartridges, as they are built to work the first time, every time. With equal or minimal effort, compared to searching for the perfect present in stores, using Original HP Ink also makes for low-cost, superior-quality prints for such important occasions.

Indeed, when it comes to a unique way of creating do-it-your-own, personalized gifts that will reinvent memories on Mother’s Day, the HP printer and Original HP Inks are truly the best tools to make each gift-giving moment an unforgettable feat.

Want to reinvent memories today? Head on over to the nearest HP printer reseller to get an HP DeskJet printer and Original HP Inks that can produce print-outs that will last a lifetime.

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The OPPO F1s: Your Travel Buddy

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Undoubtedly, the storage space on my OPPO F1s explodes when I travel because of all the pictures I take. I went to Club Balai Isabel to get away and have some me time. I know, such a cliche but I was badly in need of some time to myself. I was looking forward to the sights and experiences with my travel buddy, my phone that I knew would give me plenty of good shots to choose from.

Since I’m more of a point and shoot kind of girl the OPPO F1s works perfectly for me. To be honest, I used the auto function for the most part and just slightly adjusted in the evening. I guess it helps that the weather in Batangas was wonderful so all my shots were bright and crisp.

I still have a long ways to go when taking photos but I’ve been practicing. I’ve been working on capturing shots that “tell a story” as my fellow blogger, Joy Gurtiza of likes to say. For this shot I wanted to focus on the flower and all I had to do was tap on it.

This is a zoomed image but you can see that it’s still crisp and clear. It’s been a big help when I take videos and pictures of my kids on stage at school since it’s always quite a distance from the stage.

I love this shot and had my blogger friend Yvonne help me out. It was going on to dusk yet I still used automatic settings for this and it came out mysterious and a tad forlorn. I did a bit of reflecting on this trip and gleaned some insights and further inspiration.

My OPPO F1s was really put to the test with action shots that I took during a banana boat ride and jet ski adventure. I was pretty amazed that I took such a clear picture of us during the banana boat ride. With one hand holding on for dear life and the other grasping my OPPO F1s I just had to take this shot as a remembrance of the adventure I took.

I spanned my surroundings as we rode the banana boat and you can see we were going pretty fast.


Life feels like it’s starting for me now. If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll know that I’ve just begun to live for myself. Try new things and I’m pretty proud of this weekend away.

I wasn’t brave enough to steer the jet ski and I rode with Yvonne but it was still an adventure for me. Joy took this shot of us coming back to shore and I love the ripple of the waves.

Another zoomed image of a guy who was showing off his skills on a jet ski and rightfully so.

In the evenings, pictures can be harder to take. I still got good shots though. There was a lot of pressing on different parts of the screen to get the best clearest image but it was worth it. On my fellow blogger’s phone the shot was unclear and the lights were sprayed across the screen. I bet I can take an even better picture if I played with the manual settings.

Another adventure, more to come hopefully. I’ll have my OPPO F1s ready for the next!

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Photo Shoot Locations for any Occasion

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Virtually any place can be a photo shoot location as long as you have an excellent quality camera (I use OPPO F1s). I used to be really shy about taking pictures. Not just of myself but of surroundings and objects if I felt that I would be catching someone’s attention. I’ve been missing out on a lot. I only realized thankfully not too, late that I’m free to take pictures of almost anything most especially myself and people won’t be upset if I do. Here are a few photo shoot locations that I discovered where you can take pictures for any occasion.

University of Santo Tomas

I discovered the beauty and infinite possibilities for photo shoots at the University of Santo Tomas when Bastian took his entrance exam for Senior High. I waited for about 4 hours and really got to take in the beautiful campus and luscious greenery. I must have walked around the entire place 3 times at least. I’m more than thrilled that Bastian will get to spend his senior high years at place as refreshing as this.

Walkways are always a nice backdrop for taking photos. The path that gets narrower and trees that get closer to one another tell a story. I took a panoramic shot of the entrance to UST and here you can get some casual shots like standing underneath the arch.

Star City

Star City has many possibilities for backdrops for photo shoots. We found this lighted tree and as you can see it makes for an attractive background. The roller coaster rides taken at different angles can be a maze for the eyes.

Usually with phone cameras you’ll get a dark and blurry shot but with my OPPO F1s I didn’t have to do anything! If you do want toa djust your settings you still have that option by going into Expert Mode. Here you can adjust your ISO, White Balance and all that good stuff.

Fairview Terraces

The garden alone gives you unlimited picture opportunities. From the art installation to the Central Tree you have photo shoot spots right there. Go further though and visit there Food Choices on the 2nd level where there are spaces and corners that will give you Instagram worthy shots

La Mesa Ecopark

We were at the park recently and witnessed an actual photo shoot of a debutante. Already this tells you that La Mesa Ecopark is a popular photo shoot location. Going around the park you’ll see bridges, steps and fields where you can take all kinds of pictures. Pre-nups and fashion pictorials are often done here as well.

Do you have any photo shoot locations you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it and hopefully get to visit to take more pictures with my family.

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