Jenan’s Hunger Games Bridal Shower at Gandiva Cafe

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My friend, Jenan who loves The Hunger Games is getting married in a month’s time. As Matron of Honor, I wanted to be able to give her something to remember so what better way than a Hunger Games Bridal Shower!

With the help of one of Jenan’s bridesmaids, Reja we planned for a Hunger Games themed party.

After some research, Reja and I found that there were only 5 archery ranges in Metro Manila. One of which was by membership only. Another which was being renovated. We were left with 3 options.

We finally chose Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range for it’s location and food. It’s conveniently located in Ortigas and about 2 blocks away from SM Megamall. Jenan is vegetarian and Gandiva Cafe’s offerings were perfect.

DSC09545 rs

DSC09547 rs

I’m big on decorations and enjoy making them when I can. I made Jael’s first birthday decorations and love it when I’m able to create what I envision.

With Jenan’s shower I combed the internet and Pinterest where I’m always sure to get great ideas.

I was limited to what I could make for decorations and had to mostly keep it to what I could put on the table.

DSC09541 rs

I chose simple and easy designs but ones that were unique and would give color.

I found this cute picture of a bag and arrows made of those cardboard tubes from toilet paper. See original design here: Marigold Mom

I saw a beautiful design with origami birds hanging from string but since we weren’t allowed to hang decorations I decided to just make origami birds to put on the table. Tutorial here: Origami Crane

I found these cute printables of famous Hunger Games quotes and such. They make for great decorations and photo props. Straw flags & tags

Balloons are an easy way to create a festive feel. I chose red and orange balloons and just taped the Mockingjay bird I printed out onto the balloons.

Hunger Games decors

Gandiva Cafe

Before trying the archery range, we had a late lunch.

As I mentioned earlier, Gandiva Cafe is known for it’s healthy food. They encourage a vegetarian diet and green living.

All your favorites such as pizza, pasta and sandwiches are on their menu.

10291257_774784269219257_1120091929892986784_n rs

 Photo Credit: Ana Afortunado

DSC09565 rs

Spaghetti Meatballs (Php205) & Oatmeal Cookies (Php40/each)

DSC09564 rs

Tofu Chocolate Cookies and Oatmeal Cookies (Php40/each)

DSC09566 rs

Hawaiian Pizza (Php230)

Archery Range

The archery range is an air conditioned standard Archery gym. It has 9 lanes with an 18 meter distance.

With their one hour sessions they give a short introduction to archery and show you how to stand and hold your bow. They also give tips for a better aim.

DSC09607 rs

DSC09606 rs

DSC09577 rs

Jenan trying out her bow

DSC09622 rs

At the end of your session you get to keep your target sheet as a remembrance.

DSC09627 rs

We wanted everyone to have something to take home and we chose these cupcake towels.

I discovered ICraftin Towels, an online seller at the Manila Workshops: Make Your Own Kiddie Party workshop.  They had a beautiful display and I asked them about making a Hunger Games themed favor. We weren’t disappointed. They turned out great.

DSC09568 rs

All the items used were reusable and as you can see their’s even a cute clip.


DSC09618 rs

With my “BFF” Jenan 🙂

I’m so happy for you and that you’re starting a new journey. I’ll always be there for you as you have been for me. There’s so much to be excited for and I can’t wait to see your little ones running around!

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Beat the Heat with Summer Activities

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The heat can be a terrible day spoiler. You wake up refreshed and ready for a day of fun in the sun but then you realize it’s too hot to enjoy anything. You could turn up the air-conditioning but that would be a murderous electric bill!

If you’re looking for fun summer activities here are some of my suggestions.

Take an Online Course

You could take a fun course online and not have to leave the comfort of your own home meaning your air-conditioning or electric fan!

Have you tried a martial arts course online? Get some exercise and learn self defense all at the same time.


Catch Up on Your Reading

If you’re a certified bookworm like me then reading would definitely appeal to you.

I have a list of books I’m trying to catch up on and since I have more hours in the summer with the kids on vacation I try to read books from Oprah’s Book Club list.

Dystopian novels are all the rage these days, try reading these dystopian books. Your middle-schoolers can get a head start on reading with these best book series for boys and girls.


Cultural Trips Indoors

It would be great to travel because that’s one sure-fire way to beat the heat but if you’re like me and need a budget friendly solution why not try virtual museums?

These are accessible online and totally free. You could be walking through The Smithsonian or The Louvre. How about a look into the Vatican or our very own National Museum?



Try challenging yourself with a rubik’s cube or what about games for the entire family?


Arts and Crafts

This is an enjoyable activity that children and the whole family will like. There are so many arts and crafts projects to do.

We recently made origami birds for my friend’s bridal shower and had a lot of fun creating decorations. A few years back we created decorations for our youngest son’s birthday. It was a family effort and was a great way to spend time together.

DSC09520 rs

One summer the kids had a photo shoot courtesy of our youngest’s godmother whose husband is a photographer.

It was fun for the kids as they did various poses. It’s also fun coming up with the props and set ups.

phot shoot


If you want to enjoy the summer outdoors why not visit the zoo, a theme park or go swimming?

DSC09178 rs

Whether you find something to do indoors or outdoors there’s no better way to feel refreshed than with a splash of Pure N Fresh Cologne.

With scents like Tangerine Delight, Blush Berry and Tropical Splash you’ll get a fruity scent that’ll help ease the summer heat.

DSC00067 rs

A trusted Unilab product that’s also endorsed by Julia Barretto, Pure N Fresh is guaranteed safe, mild and hypoallergenic products dermatologically and clinically tested.

*This is a sponsored post. Please read my disclosure policy.

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Good Housekeeping and 3M Command Brand: “Get Hooked on DIY” Event

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It was another wonderful Sunday afternoon attending the Get Hooked on DIY event courtesy of Good Housekeeping and 3M Command Brand Philippines at SM Megamall. I was excited to attend the event which was hosted by Angel Jacob and included a workshop, activities, games and a personal appearance by Team Kramer.

I’ve been a big believer and committed user of 3M products from their post it notes to their tapes and even to their band aids. We were introduced to their product line Command Brand which has solutions for every part of your home. Their line consists of a full range of products:

  • General Hooks
  • Decorative and Metal Hooks
  • Picture and Frame Hangers
  • Organization Products
  • Bath Products
  • Cord Organization

hooks rs

In place of drilling and hammering we have a much easier and simpler solution for hanging pictures, clothing and basically most anything that needs hanging!

The workshop by blogger Connie Tejada gave some great tips and ideas to use your Command Brand hooks. From party decors to bathroom caddies, it’s easier and safer to use these 3M products.

DSC09011 rs

They also had booths where you could test out the products and a board where you could leave a special message.

good-housekeeping-3m rs

We recently started beautifying our home and this was a timely event and product for us. I got a wonderful tip for my son’s basketball board. Right now it’s hanging on a regular hook and isn’t straight against the door. With the Command Brand hooks and tip I got from the event I’ll be able to hang the board straight against the door while keeping the hook out of sight.

Living in a condo we have to maximize our space by hanging things on the wall and I’ve been very weary to do that because our walls were recently painted (by us!).

Watching a video of how to put up and remove the 3M Command hooks I’m now happy to put up picture frames and my memo board! This is my next project which truth be told has been on the back burner for about 4 months. My dilemma was how I was going to put it up without destroying my wall and now I can! Watch out for that post soon!

Team Kramer graced the event and as brand ambassadors and faithful users of the 3M Command Brand products, they shared their experiences, some tips and even gave us a look into their personal life. Doug and Cheska Kramer brought their adorable daughter, Kendra who immediately stole the show. She was so cute applying make up, jumping into the conversation and dancing.

DSC09020 rs

DSC09026 rs

I’m really happy that Good Housekeeping has started workshops such as this and hope they continue with more ideas that we can apply for our homes.

*This is a sponsored post. Please read my disclosure policy.

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