Nouvelle Salon Sparty Packages for Bridal Showers and Intimate Parties

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My favorite salon also offers Sparty packages! Their salon is quaint, cute and relaxing. Everything you would need for a bridal shower or a birthday celebration. They’ve got salon sparty packages that would fit pax of 4 and six groups. A salon sparty is the best way to catch up with girlfriends yet taking time to pamper yourself.

The best thing about this salon is they allow you to bring in food and decor so you can make it an even more intimate event. Some suggestions for a salon sparty bridal shower or birthday:

  • Request mood music whether it’s upbeat or soothing and relaxing
  • Favors can be from the salon. Nouvelle Salon has a nice gift box of lotion and soaps.
  • Have a theme. Nouvelle Salon has a perfect French theme and Eiffel Towers, berets and wine would make perfect decor ideas.

Interiors of Nouvelle Salon for your next salon sparty:


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For booking & info:
☎️ Lagro Branch 7090315 📱 09205537427
☎️ Visayas Ave. branch 3732040 📱 09472780036

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Protein Treatment: Proper Care for Treated Hair at Nouvelle Salon

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Lately, I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t take my hair for granted. I can’t always think that my hair will be okay without making the extra effort of nourishing it and maintaining it’s healthy sheen.

After a hair care treatment that I had, I experienced excessive hair fall. It scared me so much that I didn’t get my hair treated. When I felt it was time, I went to Nouvelle Salon where I had my hair done previously and loved the result. I sought proper care for treated hair and will be following their advice!

Nouvelle Salon has 2 branches in Quezon City, one in Fairview and the other in Project 6. I’ve gone back to Nouvelle Salon as I was impressed with the care they took in treating my hair when I had a Brazilian Blowout done.

As you can see my hair had become quite unruly. I’d like to say my hair is naturally curly but it’s naturally kinky which is hard to maintain. I used to have a full thick head of hair but after over 20 years of getting my hair treated it has become curtain thin.

Despite the difficulty with my hair, Mark my stylist took on the challenge and started by rebonding my hair. It’s quite a tedious process and can take up to 4 hours. The process can cause damage to your hair if not done properly.

To get my hair back to good health Mark did a protein treatment. This kind of treatment is specifically done for damaged hair, hair that has been colored and is visibly breaking. Such is the case with my hair.

During my treatment Mark shared some excellent tips for proper care for treated hair. We’re influenced by TV commercials that tell us we need to shampoo and conditioner everyday but it turns out that every head of hair is different. You have to find your own routine. It can be that you shampoo everyday and conditioner every other day or you shampoo and conditioner every 2 days. Also commercial shampoos are very strong and should only be used moderately.

The good thing about Nouvelle Salon is they have their own line of hair and skin products. I took home a protein treatment that I can use to maintain my hair.

Their skin line, Maison Comielle has Calamansi Body lotion, Calamansi whitening soap, and Shea Butter whitening soap. I was instantly intrigued with their Calamansi lotion. In fact it does smell like calamansi in a sweet way and best thing is it’s non greasy. Summer is the worst time for lotion but no problems with this as it blends into your skin quickly.

Nouvelle Salon offers nail services and sparty packages as well.

Loving my hair! It can really do wonders for your look and also brings about confidence. I’ll need to work on my hair for sure but by partnering with Nouvelle Salon I know I’ll get it back to good health and keep it that way!

For booking & info:
☎️ Lagro Branch 7090315 📱 09205537427
☎️ Visayas Ave. branch 3732040 📱 09472780036

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Taking Mommy Fashion and Style with the OPPO F1s

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You could probably say I’m a late bloomer when it comes to fashion and style. As a mom of 3, my mommy fashion is bordering on conservative yet young. Why young? Nowadays, I like to dress up and wear short skirts or jeans and tank tops with cardigans. It took the end of a 17 year marriage for me to realize that I had been limiting myself when it came to fashion and beauty. I discovered that downplaying yourself doesn’t make you a better wife. It only limits you to the possibilities of feeling good about yourself.

My friends realized a major change in me because I started to take better care of myself. I started to dress better and wear makeup. I hardly wore makeup before and only remember wearing it when I was still training new recruits at a call center I used to work at and that was because it was required.

Important takeaway from all this is that a secure relationship doesn’t mean you should take lesser care of yourself and downplay any talents or assets you have. A strong and secure couple should be proud of their better half and know that even if they’re out in the world and might be the center of attention that love doesn’t wane.

I love who I am now. More confident, better dressed and better looking (make up helps a lot!). Being all this has made me feel more comfortable in front of a camera.

Here I am with my mini me or exact replica of a daughter. I love how her beauty is even more refined and takes the best qualities that I have. Despite my weight, I still feel great and let myself feel that I can take fashionable pictures. Ever since I got my hands on my OPPO F1s my confidence has been boosted exponentially. Encouragement from friends has also done wonders for my confidence.

I have 2 people that take the best pictures of me. They somehow are able to make it so I look thinner in pictures. Credits to my son Bastian for getting me to look good in pictures. I guess I have to work on my facial expressions though! Special mention to my friend Joy ( for always taking awesome pictures of me.

I think how you feel reflects in a picture but even then at the lowest point in my life I had friends telling me I look great. What does this mean? You should never let anyone or any situation take over your natural shine. My mistake all these years was believing that I was any lesser a wife or person. Here I am in my 30’s embracing who I am.

Side shot taken by Bastian. We literally scoured Fairview Terraces for awesome backdrops and I found the perfect place at their newly opened food choices.

A health and wellness event turned into a mini feature for a local morning show, Umagang Kay Ganda. Had I known I would have dressed better but looking at it now I think I looked alright! This is my usual everyday wear. Jean, tank top and cardigan.

When I feel low or sad you’ll probably see me dressing up. I take that opportunity to feel better about myself and put on my best clothes and face!

I am so comfortable wearing dresses now. I love getting fancied and dolled up for events.

Keeping it simple here but with a pop of pretty from this blouse I got from a friend.

If I have felt this way I’m sure there are other moms who are currently going through this. Let me be the one to tell you to dress up and get out. Show the world your best and the world will smile back at you. Don’t forget to capture those moments like I do with my handy OPPO F1s!

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