JOHNSON’S® Research on Baby Sleep Leads to Launch of New App

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When it comes to raising a baby, a mother’s priority has always been about ensuring their health and development. For working moms especially, the ultimate challenge is getting the right amount of sleep for both her and her baby.

What with busy schedules and always being on-the-go, pioneer in the science of baby development, JOHNSON’S®, has developed a new mobile application perfect for all working parents. Featuring a set of proprietary and customized tools, the app is designed to be the ultimate sleep expert-partner for parents.

Tonight We Sleep™ App. Key Features:

Sleep Log: Parents are able to log-in a baby’s sleep schedules–- this includes the times and number of hours that baby sleeps and wakes—for close monitoring of a baby’s sleep patterns. This feature even produces a sleep analysis score that comes with recommendations from JOHNSON’S® sleep experts!

JB Baby Sleep App 2

Sleep Analysis: This feature provides parents with an analysis on a baby’s sleeping habits and provides answers to some of the most pressing questions parents may have. The results will come in according to the following sub-categories: General, Falling Asleep, Sleep Routine, Sleep Duration, Night Wakings, and Family and will likewise generate customized recommendations.

Ambient Sounds:  Research has shown that ambient sounds can help induce sleep (for adults, just as well, as babies). With this feature, parents can play DJ and mix up to four ambient sounds at one time; just the way your baby likes for bedtime.

Lullaby Playlist:  JOHNSON’S® Bedtime™ also boasts of a wide variety of lullabies that parents can pick from!  You can even set a playlist of up to four songs with no interruptions or advertisements. And the best part? The new lullabies have “all the science of sound embedded” so there will be no more second-guessing.

JB Baby Sleep App 6

Ask an Expert:  Parents also have direct access to JOHNSON’S® sleep experts who can answer all other sleep-related questions (not already addressed by the Sleep Analysis feature).

JB Baby Sleep App 14

“Sleep is very critical to a baby’s growth and development. That is why we created the first clinically proven routine together with an app backed by science, to lead to better nights for both moms and their babies,” shares Bessie Campillo, JOHNSON’S® Franchise Marketing Manager.

Sleep Medicine and Surgery Specialist Dr. Agnes Tirona-Remulla also shares, “One of the best ways you can get your baby to sleep is through a bedtime routine. When you commit to a bedtime routine, like the three simple steps of a bath, massage, and quiet time, you will see progress in your baby’s sleeping patterns and overall demeanor.”

She also emphasized that with better sleep, babies can enjoy a stronger immune system, improved social skills, and increased abilities in learning and memory.

Alongside the release of the Baby Sleep App, JOHNSON’S® also launched the first scientifically-proven bedtime routine, guaranteed to help you and your baby to sleep for an additional one hour in just seven days. More details about the routine can be found in the new app’s features.

The JOHNSON’S® Bedtime™ Baby Sleep App is now available to download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store for FREE.  You can also download it via the QR code here for easier access:


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More Savings Less Energy with the ASEAN SHINE Cost Savings Calculator

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The hot tropical climate is driving air-conditioning sales in Metro Manila, with one out of five households having purchased an AC unit in the last two years according to German-based market research firm *GfK.


Similar trends are seen in neighboring countries. A **joint 2015 study by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the ASEAN Standard Harmonization Initiative for Energy Efficiency (ASEAN SHINE) revealed that air-conditioning accounted for almost half of the total residential and commercial power demand in Southeast Asia.

“Increased energy consumption translates to higher carbon emissions,” said Engr. Arthur A. Lopez, ASEAN SHINE Country Coordinator for the Philippines. “While air-conditioning has become indispensible to our comfort and productivity in the Philippines, we need better ways to meet our needs so we can reduce our environmental impact.”

As part of its efforts to aid governments in building a regional policy roadmap on energy performance standards for air conditioners, ASEAN SHINE has developed a Cost Savings Calculator that can assist consumers in choosing the best energy-saving AC unit for their needs.

More savings at less energy

The Cost Savings Calculator is a mobile app that enables retail salespersons to compare two AC models by calculating total ownership costs including purchase price and yearly electricity costs. The results demonstrate how more energy-efficient air conditioners can provide consumers with greater economic benefits.

“A five-star air conditioner might seem more expensive at first, but the long-term savings compared with that of a three-star unit only show that higher efficiency models help you cut down your expenses over several years,” Engr. Lopez said.

“Air conditioner manufacturers can see this as an opportunity to innovate more efficient units, ultimately helping the country reduce its carbon footprint,” he added.

Through the UNEP and the International Copper Association (ICA), ASEAN SHINE has also received a grant from the European Union (EU) to promote higher efficiency AC units by harmonizing test methods and energy efficiency standards across the ASEAN region. Many member states have already agreed to a uniform testing method based on ISO 5151-2010, which is the standard applied to non-ducted air conditioners and heat pumps.

The ASEAN SHINE Cost Savings Calculator is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

*GfK (

**joint 2015 study (

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Download MApp: The Smart Mommy App

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What a treat I got at Posh Nails a couple of weeks back. I received an invite to get some pampering and learn more about the smartest mommy app around: MApp. You would think there would already be an app such as this but not so. This all around mommy app has almost everything a mom could possibly need.


MApp founder and celebrity LJ Reyes, saw the opportunity to provide a helpful and complete mobile application and online community for mommies. As a mommy on the go and one who has mostly gone digital, this smart mommy app can be helpful in all areas of my life.


The app has 6 main uses. It can locate establishments, give you great deals with provided coupons, help you determine an illness, provide a complete listing of all establishments, give you some great articles and a forum to communicate with other mommies.

Particularly helpful, are the emergency numbers. If you need a specific hospital you can locate through the locator and it can give you options that are in your area. Just make sure to have your GPS on.


Changing areas and nursing rooms are now available at a press of a button. Even dining can be determined by choosing your preferences in the app. How ideal is this!


Easily select your category to find what you need. It’s great fun to play around with. MApp equips mothers with the perfect tool whether for emergencies or just for creating a memorable time with family.


Download MApp:

App Store


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