Get Your Money’s Worth with HP DeskJet 5820

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With ever-increasing paperwork demands from school or business, having a reliable and superior-quality printing equipment can prove to be an indispensable and profitable business partner. With the HP DeskJet 5820 printer by your side, you get thousands of high quality pages printed at low cost.

In producing high volumes of college research and high school papers for students or sets of colorful presentation-quality documents for companies, the HP DeskJet 5820 saves on printing costs and grows your profit with its high-capacity ink tank system that enables you to simply add more ink whenever needed.


HP color ink bottles can produce more than 8,000 pages of visually stunning print outs while an HP black ink bottle can print up to 5,000 pages.

For more visually-impactful and creative posters, brochures, and portfolios, the HP DeskJet 5820 can effortlessly produce crisp, vivid, and full-color output—emphasized by its borderless printing function—for professional projects that can contribute to your business’ array of service offerings. For a game-changing feature, HP also produces water-resistant print outs that can last for decades.

A user-friendly companion, the HP DeskJet 5820 only requires minimal monitoring and maintenance—a tried and tested durable and efficient business tool. It is also equipped with a special spout design for a clean, spill-free refill anytime and a monitoring mechanism that avoids the hassle of excess ink outflow.

To roll with the landscape of innovation, HP’s advanced mobile printing technology allows printing through smartphones, laptops, and tablets through a wireless function that’s available in almost all operating systems. This gives way for efficient business management and multitasking opportunities crucial in any business that requires a fast-paced environment.

With the HP DeskJet 5820 printer, transforming your business into a low-cost, high-performing enterprise, while making sure customers are satisfied with exceptional print outs, is just a small investment away. Want to reinvent your business? Head on over to the closest HP printer reseller and get started on printing thousands of high quality pages that give more value to your money and provide output that can take your business to the next level.

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Get HP Original Ink for Your Everyday Printing Needs

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Our HP printer has been a lifesaver and that’s understating it! With two teens who have assignments and projects everyday most of which need to be printed, having a our HP printer and HP original ink has been convenient, cost efficient and reliable.

HP DeskJet 3635 Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer for school lifestyle mommy blogger 01

Whether for work reports and school projects, or important documents and photos, reliable and accurate printing is a must for me to preserve the quality of important documents.

hp all in one printer scan copy mobile printing lifestyle mommy blogger 02

HP Original Ink proves that every print matters in a series of YouTube videos called Reinventing Ink with Rob and Thom, starring HP Head of Marketing and Design Rob Le Bras-Brown and Chief Inkologist Thom Brown.

Both funny and informative, the series highlights how HP continuously innovates its products, making sure that they get the job done right the first time, every time.

The online videos showcase how HP Original Inks are designed to outperform, as it is more reliable and accurate than competing brands, especially compared with refill ink. HP original ink eases the worry of users and makes sure they will not have to deal with printing problems anymore.  Prints look as good as the day they were printed, even decades after (!), while special moments captured in photos last a lifetime for generations to treasure.

Proving its reliability further, HP Original Ink and Paper also resists water, making sure that prints and photos survive and are protected from accidental spills. It prints twice as many pages compared to refill ink.

For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, Rob and Thom explained that HP Original Ink cartridges are made of 50% recyclable materials. Materials such as old ink cartridges, water bottles and hangers, instead of being thrown in the trash, are recycled into HP Original Ink cartridges.

Catch more of Reinventing Ink with Rob and Thom on HP’s YouTube channel (

Know more about HP Original Inks by visiting the company’s website at (

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Convenience with Midea iAdd Washing Machine

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Home is a sanctuary and the moments spent there are precious. We take off our heels, play with our kids, and settle in to recharge which is why we seek to achieve ideal living conditions in our homes. Vital to keeping a home are the accomplishment of chores and tasks. This is where some of the tension lies; chores like washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and doing the laundry consume time and energy that would be better spent relaxing with our loved ones.

The good people from the world’s largest home appliance manufacturer, Midea, have long recognized this predicament. In their continuous effort to provide surprisingly friendly solutions for the ones who treasure tiny moments at home, comes their latest and greatest smart product to date: the iADD Washing Machine.

Media iAdd TOP a

On June 9, the iAdd Washing Machine was successfully launched in the Philippines. Media VIPS were in full attendance to the exclusive gathering at Abenson Global City to witness the unveiling of a definite upgrade for convenient living as we know it.

The iAdd Washing Machine revolutionizes the laundry workload by making it super easy and worry-free. The iAdd Auto-Dosing Technology, the first and one of its kind here in the country, ensures up to 44% savings on detergent and fabric softener. This technology has an intelligent weighing system, with a precision rate of +/- 300g. It weighs the laundry and based on this, releases the right amount of detergent and fabric softener. Aside from the savings, consumers don’t have to worry about putting too much or too little detergent and fabric softener.

The iAdd washing machine also has a Cleanliness Meter that detects dirt and soap for a better wash. The machine will automatically set an additional rinse cycle if there is still soap residue in the water. This feature also ensures that your clothes won’t have that funky smell from soap residue stuck to your clothes.

In terms of noise, the iAdd washing machines ensure that you enjoy peace and quiet with its silent and efficient inverter motor. It’s so quiet, you don’t even notice that it’s running.

Lastly, the iAdd front load has an Auto Dryer Sensor that runs the ideal drying setting for your clothes so you save on time, electricity plus you save your clothes from over drying and shrinking.

Add to that the sleek, modern, and durable design it comes in, this appliance is everything you need to say goodbye to your laundry woes. Midea is definitely set to make home living as convenient and comfortable as ever, one smart product at a time.

Chef Rob Pengson and his family also graced the event. Together with his wife, Sunshine Pengson, they shared their secrets to successfully being able to manage the busy lifestyle that comes with being professional chefs and parents to their two lovely kids. They, along with all the other invitees expressed their glee and excitement over the next level innovation Midea has brought into the Filipino Home.

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